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Arizona spraying "Gorilla-Snot Chemical" to keep dust storms down
Earth Shifting with 20 Earthquakes in 2016; Talk of Pole Shift and connection to chemtrails
Book 'Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale " released on Amazon gets attacked
FREE SPEECH ZONES used to target peaceful protesters under the terrorist act
FBI Holding 4 Americans hostage at Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon
Agenda 21 covertly pushed into local US cities
Arizona's Missile program turns to Space Tourism in 2016
The FACTS surrounding the Oregon Militia Protest; Bundy & Hammond
Climate Change Conference 2015 Did not address Geoengineering
Home Depot to phase out Neonicotinoid Clothianidin responsible for 80% of U.S. Bee decline



WHO is conducting the Chemtrail Operation?


How to Remove an RFID IMPLANT


What is the New Manhattan Project?



hidden in plain site around the sun! - with Bob Evans



LIST of Geoengineering Experiments & who funds them

Geoengineering : Are they responsible for the droughts? Is this Climate Engineering at it's worst? -Arizona 2014







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