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Polar Shift & Military Preparation. Howard Stein puts PROOF FORWARD.

Howard Stein speaks on the possibility of a Coming Polar Shift, FEMA, Changes in Military Training for Martial Law and "public round-ups". 

Howard Stein says "I have always been a skeptic regarding end of the world scenarios such as Polar Shifts....until.."

"One day the evidence became insurmountable, and connecting the dots painted a much larger picture than I ever imagined."

Howard Stein asks that you do your own home work.

He asks that you start Here: (Monitoring Data) (Magnetic Pole Shift)

Look up evidence presented regarding 'magnetic Pole Shift'

Look into the 5 several story buildings at the Denver Airport and ask yourselves "How and why did they do this?"Then ask your selves "WHO did it?"Compare the construction of LAX, OHARE, and DENVER Airports....are astounded and amazed by what you find in the differences.

Please contact The Truth Denied any time with your photo evidence.
Look around you, because these FEMA Camps are everywhere.

Howard Stein
Born Chicago Ill , moved to "City of the Angels" Los Angeles in 1971.He enlisted in the Army in 1973, and by 1980 he took a job in Law Enforcement in Southern California for three years. He found his true calling when he became a bodyguard and served in this capacity for the next 18 years!

Howard has done a tremendous amount of research and will share with the listeners what he believes is coming and what is already here! Discussion will be open to the callers as well!

Howard is currently an "on air personality" listen to him nightly at 
Howard is the VP of "Totally Commercial FREE and only the hits on"
You can monitor movement around the world here in real time.

Live Internet Seismic Server
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Howard Stein
They are gearing up for an event............but once again, do your own Homework.........I just give a place to start.........never be told what is going on, find out always for yourself.

FEMA Camps and REX 84 ( Orders and Locations by State) 
A complete list of the orders for Rex 84 and Fema Camps. This Natural Solutions Report gives the orders for Civilian Concentration Camps and the locations by stste for the enslavement of the citize... by Xkaliber in FEMA, endgame, and ConcentrationCamp

Chemtrails NEW Information with Michael Murphy

Guest: Michael J. Murphy co-producer of Chemtrail documentary "What in the World are they Spraying"?

Michael J. Murphy CONTACT:
Michael is also looking for donations to be able to attend the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR AEROSOL RESEARCH CONFERENCE being held in Orlando, Fl. On October 4, 2011

Michael discusses on the show:
Barium, Aluminum and strontium components and what aluminum is used for in the application.
He discusses Blue Sky Ordinance progress in Maui, Hawaii
Research Date from the entire world proving the science behind the high levels of BST in the soils and rain water do indeed not only exist, but are highly toxic and going up at an alarming rate every year.
Michael J. Murphy is a
Journalist, filmmaker and political activist from the Los Angeles area
whose work focuses on issues that go beyond the interest of the Corporate
mainstream media. Michael's work includes Co-Producing documentary "What in the
World are They Spraying? "and several other short films that address
controversial political issues. Interviews include; G. Edward Griffin,
Chelene Nightingale (California Governor
candidate), Jim King (California lieutenant Governor candidate), Mark Reed
(California congressional candidate), Bill Hunt (Orange
County Sheriff candidate), Jenny Worman
(California congressional candidate), Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers, Founder),
Actress Mariel Hemingway and Ed Asner (Actor "Mary Tyler Moore", "Lou
Grant" and "UP"). Many of his interviews and videos can be
seen on his website at:


Caroline Carter speaks out about Morgellons Disease & and how to heal it

Morgellons Page with Caroline Carter's work is at:

Caroline Carter speaks up about Morgellons Disease, otherwise known as GMOD (Genetically Modified Organism Disease)

Contact Caroline Carter
Facebook Group : Ozone Therapy Cyprus
Email Caroline Carter at:

Caroline Carter speaks up about Morgellons Disease, otherwise known as GMOD (Genetically Modified Organism Disease)

Caroline Carter
Caroline Carter is a qualified CAM Practitioner and experienced Alternative Health Therapist dedicated to empowering the individual with information and personal knowledge necessary to obtain optimal health and well-being. 
Caroline is what you might describe as a poacher having turned gamekeeper, in that she started her working life as a biologist in the pharmaceutical industry. Caroline soon realized that profits rather than a true concern for health were the driving forces behind medicine and decided early on in her career to seek further afield for work satisfaction.
Before coming to Cyprus Caroline worked for four years alongside doctors in India learning new and inexpensive natural healing techniques which included ozone therapy. These techniques which include pulsed pain relief and deep cell cleansing have now been incorporated into the services offered by Healthy Healing. 
Caroline explains:
"It was during a trip to India in 1996 when I first discovered ozone therapy that I truly become interested in the holistic approach to treating illness and disease. Ozone therapy was something that truly fascinated me, it was a therapy that immediately seemed to tick all the right boxes, intellectually, emotionally, scientifically, and importantly was a therapy which adhered to 'doing no harm to patients'. Apart from Healthy Healing, I have worked in two ozone clinics and never cease to be amazed by the many and varied health benefits achieved when using ozone.
I do not expect people who are new to ozone therapy to immediately understand the ins and outs of what I can only describe as a truly remarkable healing tool, hence this web site has been created to try and give a simple, correct, and professional overview of the therapy. Ozone therapy has aided many thousands of men and women to return to a state of 'wellness' many had thought impossible, due to their weakened physical condition".
Caroline plans to travel to Malaysia in the near future where she will undergo rigorous training in the new and exciting field of Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation. Once fully qualified, Caroline intends to introduce this excellent and rapidly expanding technology to Cyprus.

Contact Caroline Carter
Facebook Group : Ozone Therapy Cyprus
Email Caroline Carter at:

Disclaimer: This show although educational is not intended to diagnose anyone of any illness, including Morgellons Disease. PLEASE contact Caroline Carter if you have symptoms for further evaluation for your present condition.

MILITARY MEN EXPOSE UFO DISCLOSURE at Fort Benning The Truth Denied Talk Radio

MILITARY MEN UFO DISCLOSURE at Fort Benning The Truth Denied Talk Radio

Host Roxy Lopez & Co-host Dr. Bernard Alvarez from the GIC

John Vasquez and Command Sergeant Major Norton are for the first time in touch with one another and together on the same radio show! 
Army former Command Sergeant Major James Norton describes his experience at Fort Benning, GA Sept. 14, 1977. We also play a gripping transcript/audio clip from his Hypnosis session regarding his abduction that is so compelling and horrifying that our Host Roxy Lopez choked up on the air. 
Later joined by former US Army's Military Intelligence Paul Dale Roberts.
Together, the three of these men share their proof of Extraterrestrial Life, their past and present investigations &, experiences with UFO abductions.
Background and contact information:

Commander Sergeant Major James Norton 
Contact :
Website :
o Email:

Command Sergeant Major James Norton had an experience he will never forget. In fact he claims to have a piece of a UFO craft buried in his back yard! If you have any questions or more evidence please contact the commander.

Paul Dale Roberts
Paul is currently the General Manager of H.P.I. and an accomplished Ghostwriter.
He has been on shows such as History Channel's Monster 
Quest, Conversations With A Serial Killer, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Off The Hook TV's 
Pay Per View Special, Sky 1 Network UK's Michael Jackson: In Search of His Spirit and a 
documentary about Angels & Demons.

H.P.I. International has a group of select core investigators for our private investigations, 
and a large group of members (or Ghosties as we call them) that we take to haunted 
locations for fun events and overnighters called Scouting Missions.
Military Career: 
Roberts from 1973 to 1976 served with the US Army's D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Germany, working undercover narcotics. From 1979 to 1986 Roberts served in the US Army's Military Intelligence. Working at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center in Korea). Roberts held a Top Secret S.B.I. (Special Background Investigation) clearance as an Intelligence Analyst, later receiving an H-Identifier with OPFOR (Opposing Forces), where Roberts wore a Soviet uniform, ski mask and trained elite troops like US Army's Special Forces, 101st Airborne, Air Force Special Operations, Delta Force, 82nd Airborne, Marine Recon the Soviet Threat and W.E.F.T. (Wings, Engine, Fuselage, Tail section) in identifying Soviet aircraft.

John Vasquez:
In September 1977, during the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test (JAWS) at Fort Benning, Georgia, the entire base witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and "missing time" gaps. John Vasquez was courageous enough to undergo counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis. After 15 years of personal research, John and co-author, Bruce Stephen Holms present the story along with plenty of government documentation. Readers are asked to enter this experience with an open mind. After reviewing the official documents and scrutinizing the appendix make up your own mind regarding the Incident at Fort Benning.

Where to purchase book:
Contact John Vasquez 619-292-2218 with any information regarding Ft. Benning and the 1300 troops involved.


MILITARY SOLDIER John Vasquez RE-LIVES The Ft. Benning UFO abduction Incident

In September 1977, during the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test (JAWS) at Fort Benning, Georgia, the entire base witnessed a UFO invasion. As many as 1300 troops were involved in the event. Most were left with severe psychological trauma and "missing time" gaps. John Vasquez was courageous enough to undergo counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis. After 15 years of personal research, John and co-author, Bruce Stephen Holms present the story along with plenty of government documentation. Readers are asked to enter this experience with an open mind. After reviewing the official documents and scrutinizing the appendix make up your own mind regarding the Incident At Fort Benning.

We interviewed John Vasquez September 2, 2011, and during the interview we let John know that we at The Truth Denied have made contact with the men he mentioned, one Commander Sgt. Major James Norton who was stationed at Ft. Benning in 1977. The other , government employee Paul Dale Roberts. 

Next Friday, we will have all three of them on the show for the first time, all together in one place! This is a first for all of them, and it will prove once and for all that they are witnesses to this event !!!

John Vasquez has also given us permission to advertise his cell number: 619-755-2597

PLEASE contact John if you have past or current information on Ft. Benning!


RUSS TANNER/chemtrails @toxicity Truth Denied Talk Radio

Russ Tanner is President of Herb Allure, Inc.; Publisher of scientific herbal references. He is founder of the chemtrail website and the online community called (circle of life in Latin). Russ has studied mercury toxicity for 10 years after successfully detoxing from mercury poisoning in 2000. He runs one of the largest mercury detox forums on the OrbisVitae website. Russ has a background in embedded systems (computer) design, computer programming, music production and technical theater production.

Russ discusses his own experience with toxicity, causing depression and a number of other symptoms, & he later learned that it was mercury poisoning. Between 1995-2000 he was gaining weight and experienced a lot of fatigue, and sleepless nights...he decided to change to look into herbs.

Please listen to his story and contact Russ if you are experiencing any symptoms like those that he discusses in this interview.



The Truth Denied Talk Radio Mark McCandlish Tells all on Chemtrails/Geoengineering

Interview Friday August 19, 2011

Mark McCandlish revisits Geoengineering in this one hour interview. Mark describes current conditions in the air, hazards and side effects in the soil, such as aluminum oxide and the likes. Mark also touches on subject matters such as "terraforming" the planet Mars, and bases on the moon.

Contact for Mark McCandlish

Mark is also on Facebook: Having grown up as a military dependent, Mark McCandlish manifested an interest in aircraft and other modes of transportation from an early age. This interest was augmented by an artistic and mechanical ability that initially grew out of an interest in dinosaurs, fossils and science. As a teenager, this interest 'shifted' to cars, (no pun intended) and Mark decided that he wanted to become a designer for General Motors. He soon discovered that attending one of the premier automotive design curriculums offered at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California was not going to be possible on the minimum wage of the early 1970's. So, he headed off to join the U.S. Air Force, and take advantage of the G.I. Bill, eventually passing through electronics school at Lowery AFB in Denver, Colorado. Then on to his permanent duty station, McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington. While at McChord AFB, he performed repairs on and bore-sighted the infrared and radar-based MA-1 and ASQ-25 weapons control systems of the F-106 Delta Dart with the 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.



Jeff Willes has been researching UFOs and related phenomena for over 25 years. His initial interest in aliens didn't start with a simple UFO sighting. He has been having sightings of ufos and other odd experiences since 1975! In 1987, at the age of 17, he moved to Phoenix from Seattle with his family. Sky watching became his full time activity after getting his video camera in 1995. Jeff has been able to get about 250 hours of solid UFO video. His footage has been featured in many programs including History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Disney's Race to Witch Mountain.


Jeff Willes discusses current UFO sightings, including sightings reported associated with the Huge Dust Storm that hit Arizona on July 5, 2011.

He discusses his 3 for 1 CD deal SPECIAL OFFER if you order now.

Go to to order NOW 3 for one low price!



TRUTH DENIED Talk Radio: Guest James Gilliland speaks on UFO's

July 29, 2011 Roxy Lopez Hosts another riveting interview with guest James Gilliland from ESCETI, a ranch in Washington State that is known for ET activity and ET craft. James speaks on the ever changing world that we live in, as well as some of the UFO sightings as of late.

James Gilliland Contact Information


172 Little Mountain Rd.
Trout Lake, WA 98650
Join James Gilliland on facebook:

Join the ECETI yahoo group:, search for ECETI; get regular updates and links from James and the ECETI crew.


WAR on GMO!!! JEFF DUNCAN from Armored Saint talks about...
Embedding disabled by request

GMO & Food contamination, Government Corruption, Chemtrails,Activism, what you CAN DO to change how you see the world!
Jeff Duncan states: "The Truth is UGLY, so the public at large is in a state of DENIAL" WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP WORLD!

About Jeff Duncan:
As co-founder and lead singer/guitarist of DC4, Jeff Duncan balances writing and recording. DC4 is composed of Rowan Robertson(guitars), Jeff Duncan (guitars/lead vox), and his brothers; Matt Duncan (bass, backing vox), and Shawn Duncan (drums). Duncan's prowess as a performer continues to be seen and heard on stages across North America and Europe. With over 1000 live shows to his credit, the guitarist and singer has shared the stage with Dio, Scorpions, Slayer, Saxon, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, W.A.S.P., Motorhead and Queensryche, among numerous others. As an artist he appears on more than 10 discs combined; and his fretwork can also be heard on tribute records to Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iron Maiden.

Contact Jeff Duncan :


The Truth Denied Talk Radio Guest : Author, Pamela Glasner (EMPATHS)

Author of the book FINDING EMMAUS

A mini-synopsis of Finding Emmaus:

Other than the very young and the very old, the most vulnerable people in our society are the mentally ill - or those who are deemed to be. After all, with a documented history of mental illness, even in face of the most deplorable abuse, who's going to listen? 
*And in our world, like it or not, if you have no voice, you have no power.* 
Finding Emmaus is a dark, fictional but historically, factually and medically accurate story which is experienced through the lives of two people who discover in adulthood that they are not mentally ill, but are in reality extraordinarily gifted. 
And because of that, and because of the appalling things that happen to each of them during the time they believe themselves to be ill, they each embark on personal journeys - Frank in the 1600's and Katherine in present day - find a way to transcend time and death, actually meet each other, and then work together to save millions of others who've been ostracized from society and are being victimized because they, too, are considered to be mentally ill. 
And in the process, Frank and Katherine find themselves embroiled in a real-life, multi-billion-dollar conspiracy.*
Ms. Glasner is a published author, social advocate, historian and film maker. She has a popular blog on the Huffington Post and has also written several short stories. To date, two of her works (Finding Emmaus and The Calicoon) are being produced as feature-length films. Originally from New York City, born in 1953, Ms. Glasner moved to Connecticut with her family at eighteen. A Dean's List student, she graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in English and secondary education, with concentrations in psychology and sociology. Her novel, Finding Emmaus, book one of The Lodestarre Series, is a docu-drama which focuses on the treatment and mistreatment of the mentally ill over a period of 350 years. Because her work requires a considerable amount of historical research in both the US and the UK, in addition to being a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, Ms. Glasner is also a Registered Reader at both the Royal Society of London and the British Library. Additionally, she is a member of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. She attributes her love of architecture and antique restoration - two aspects of her life which are woven into the fabric of Finding Emmaus - to her grandfather who, after immigrating to the US from Austria in the 1920's, became an iron worker and joined the ranks of those who left their legacy in the form of New York City's incomparable skyline. But her real hero, though gone nearly forty years, is still her grandmother, whose strength, courage and unfailing faith taught her that "nothing and no one can keep you from your heart's desire without your permission and your cooperation."
Ms. Glasner lives in rural Connecticut and is presently working on the balance of The Lodestarre Series, as well as several other new projects. 

Pamela Glasner Contact: 
ATTENTION: If you order your book through this website, Pamela Glasner will be happy to mail you a signed copy of the book FINDING EMMAUS***

Truth Denied Radio Interviews Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy from "What in the World are they Spraying?" is interviewed by Roxy Lopez on The current Events surrounding Geoengineering, including his trip to Maui, sample results that alarmed his team because increased levels of Barium, Strantium, and Aluminum in the soil. They have also performed testing of rain samples and Michael addresses all of these issues in this interview.
He speaks about the BLUE SKY ORDINANCE that they are trying to pass in Maui. 

Michael Murphy can be contacted at:

Attorney Joe Marman can be reached at
8421 Auburn Blvd. Suite 145
Citrus Heights, CA 95610


CHEMTRAILS & Aviation Expert Mark McCandlish DELIVERS the FACTS

Mark McCandlish ,is an aerospace illustrator who has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States .In this exclusive interview, Mark shares his insight to alien reproduction vehicles,( or ARVs),that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for over the past fifty years. Mark shares his views on the technology of reversed engineering, chemtrails, what they are, and possibilities of WHO is doing the spraying.. Most of Mark's clients are in the defense industry.and he occasionally has worked directly for the military, but most the time he has worked for civilian corporations that are defense contractors and build weapons systems for the military. He has worked for all the major defense contractors: General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Allied Signet Corporation. In this remarkable two hour interview, Mark McCandlish shares all that he knows and the possibilities of who may be behind all the secrets of Geoengineering as well as other worldly craft, how to spot them, and some methods of recording your data as well as tracking. He was also a part of the DISCLOSURE PROJECT. 

About Mark McCandlish:

... Mark McCandlish Contact Information:





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