October 11, 2011

What the heck is a chem web? These are the questions that many in the USA are asking Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied Team. Emails are pouring in asking the team about a sticky spider web- like substance that is falling from the sky, some say from “ chemtrails”. Why are they emailing Roxy?
October of 2010, Roxy received many reports and photos from Mr. Jerry Niemen regarding “fluffy white webs falling from the sky” in McCook, NE. Not knowing a whole lot of the substance, Lopez wrote Morgellons specialist and healer Caroline Carter to ask if she would test it in her lab. Ms. Carter accepted the invitation, and the web was now on its way. All evidence was documented then, and a few viral videos later, here we are again, exactly a year later.
Could this be a coincidence? We think not!

This photo was taken in Northern California, and our teams are waiting for it’s arrival, well at least part of it.

Califonia Chem Web

See, a year ago, the web tested positive for GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), as well, Ms. Carter broke out in a morgellons rash that nearly killed her. Needless to say, we didn’t want to ever get near a chem web again, that is until now.

Reports coming in that  are simply just  too hard to ignore, and though they were bombarded with photos of these webs and no labs to test them in, they were still willing to reach out to others for some help.   Within a week of conversations between Roxy  Lopez and Caroline Carter, she  said she is willing to test webs  as well.

So this time around, we will be testing the webs for more than Morgellons Disease and GMO. We have some ideas, and we will share them with you as soon as we have the evidence.

Please see the video, and please watch for breaking news stories here at http://www.thetruthdenied.com/

So far, we have a few people in a scientific think tank running with ideas. We will begin writing articles as to what these conversations are about as well and fill you in on all chem web data.

We do however need your help.
Watch the video and contact us if you see a web, as well, help us out by contributing comments to this article. If you can photograph webs, please do and send them in, we are preparing a countrywide data base.

You can help us just by emailing in your reports with your photos.

Aerosol Spraying is inhumane.
Chemtrails Kill all living things.

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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied www.thetruthdenied.com and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

23 thoughts on “Chem Webs USA : Public is freaking out about chemwebs falling in many states . Why?”
  1. it is obvious that no one is testing this and getting back to you. That leaves two possible answers – 1 they have been shut up. 2 they are collecting your evidence to destroy it so there is no proof. have your samples tested privately and be vague about your sample and what you think it is. have copies of proof made and send it to the media and universities. do not post on this site it is not to help you so do not use this site any more so they do not come to steal your evidence.

  2. I see these web like structures after I shower near the drain along with what looks to be a black piece of carbon matter.

  3. The planes are getting crafty now, by leaving space in between the chem trails. Enough to make the average person on the fence, convinced that it’s only contrails.

  4. so whats happening with this research ? this is form 2011 and its 2013? anything new? if those webs were lab tested where are the results?

  5. In Thibodaux, LA I see 20 to 30 chem trails a day, but never have I dared venture close enough to see their contents. I try to avoid being mutated. Help us…

  6. this IS NANORECK GNA is DNA cousin , but nanotecks base, ever heard of a quite forst our sky IS SUPPOSED TO BE BALANCED THE TREES AND PLANTS ARE TRYING TO FIGHT IT, LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE NOT THE SAME, TAKE a black light outside at night when there`s no wind it`s in the air we breath, and it reacts to blue light, not white, but blue .Blue light makes it grow, there are people who now know what the chemtrails are knowone wants to beleave, how can I beleave in god and have never seen him, YET WE ALL HAVE SEEN CHEMTRALS!, WE MUST START, JOINING TOGTHER, THIS IS NOT A GAME!WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EUKARYA, THE CHEMTRAILS ARE MAKEING US ARCHAEA, AND EUKARYA,WAKE UP THIS IS THE BEGINING OF THE END, FIGHTING IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK, ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT!Iwillnot fight it so that I can use it, not them

  7. gna nanoteck fibers is the beginings of real human type borgs[star treck]so we willbe isimmalated, and then all things aswell, man wishes it be GOD!we will act like fish swimming in a hurd, many as one!, but controlled by puppet masters, look up the Piezo effect it`s all there, and is what is happening to us !! sopia smallstorm will tell you the rest , may the real god be withyou, you can fight it with your third eye most are unknowing, unawear

  8. MY wife and I have seen these Webs for the last few years mostly after chemtrail spraying here in Australia. We have taken some photos tho they are not the best. We are in the process to get some better footage on video as well as pictures soon. I have had reports from friends over the border seeing the same. Also we will collect samples of this to be tested here in Australia, once the results have been made we will let everyone know the outcome.

  9. cyberknight-
    its all a vast conspiracy, but their weakpoint is their banking and secret society network.
    break up the international banks, (we are talking individual people here, running nameless corporations, ) and limit the rights of secret societies.
    that is the vatican’s choke point. as superstition, and fear doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    and the pharmaceuticals aren’t fully implemented.

  10. Ok, have to tread carefully here. after all we are looking for the truth.
    spiders get weird and do weird things sometimes -(like web falls).
    and face it, these are strange times.
    one has to rule out spider webs, and also look to see they are falling from some new manufacturing process such as fracking.
    should be easily enough to rule in, or rule out both possibilities, and maybe even look for a few more.

  11. Read an article on sott about possible e.t. materal entering our atmostphere from meteor showers might sound a little far out there but i wonder if there some corelation

  12. there are no conspiracys, this is a word made up by goverments to cover their own tracks
    research on youtube, occupy, rothchild, new world order, chemtrails, HAARP, geoengineering, HHO, perpetual magnetic engines, aids cure, DCA cancer cure, freemasons, illuminati,

    1. LIBERALS ARE MURDERING US ALL THE GREEN ENERGY PEOPLE AND CONS PEOPLE ARE GETTING CANCER FROM THIS LOST DR> HEATH CARE…web: Toxic Chem trails…Chem trails to depopulate…Government admits to spraying Americians…see it on Utube

  13. This May not be the correct. Answer people want to hear but here it is these people are killing us. they should be made aware that they are not above being brown bagged.

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