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October 23, 2018

State Director Investigator Christine Dickey speaks on UFO’s in the USA!


Guest:  Christine Dickey Senior Director of Investigation for E.P.I.C Voyagers

Christine discusses quite a few UFO investigations as well as personal experiences with being taken up on a craft in 1981 in Wyoming along with Rancher  Pat Maguire and her son Dustin. She describes there “face to face “ encounter with the beings.

She also describes a very strange encounter with an entire family of ET’s whilst getting gasoline in 1966 at a station in Catalina, AZ.



Radio Show Interview & video includes UFO photos taken by Christine, please check it out!



More about Christine Dickey:

Christine is a benefactor member of MUFON and was chosen as investigator of

the year in 2010 at the MUFON  Symposium in Denver.  Since then she has moved

on and is now State Director/Senior Investigator for Epic Voyagers out of

Dallas Texas. Epic investigates all paranormal activity including

poltergeist, big foot as well as UFOs.  Epics founder is Ken Cherry formerly

State Director for MUFON  as well.  Please go to  www.epicvoyagers.com  for more  information.

Epic can be heard on Inception Radio Monday nights with Jim Marrs, Chase Kloetzke and Ken Cherry.

Additional information:

Christine  Dickey has been friends with Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. for over 30 years.  Leo

is well known in the UFO arena and was formerly the head of the Counseling

and Testing Office of the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

If you have a sighting or a report to file:


PHONE: .  520-858-2722

WEBSITE:  www.epicvoyagers.com

EMAIL:  Christine@epicvoyagers.com



CONTACT for Roxy Lopez

EMAIL:        info@thetruthdenied.com

WEBSITE:   http://www.thetruthdenied.com/

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