Roxy Lopez interviews Kevin Smith of The Kevin Smith


Radio Talk Show Host KEVIN SMITH


Date: December 16th 2011


This week’s discussion:Is there a base on Mars?
Have we ever been to the Moon??
Why alternative media is important???
…and the stupidest question that Kevin has ever been asked!

Kevin Smith has spent most of his adult career in law enforcement.  He served as a Deputy Sheriff, a city police officer, and an International Police Officer.  As an International Police Officer, he has served in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and East Timor.  He has also served as a Diplomatic Observer for the United States Department of State in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.  While serving as an International Police Officer in Kosovo, he began the Kevin Smith Show in 2000.  Nightly delving into the world of the strange and unexplained for the past 11 years, the show has become one of the largest on the planet in its genre.

The Kevin Smith Show is an international talk radio show broadcast via internet radio, AM/FM/Shortwave, cell phones, and internet tv. It is the leader in its genre.


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