Dear Readers and Activists,

Below are some statements that Rosalind Peterson has asked me to release to the public.  She has also left the door open to answer any questions  from the  public  pertaining to Geoengineering or concerns regarding this debate.


From Rosalind’s website:


“In the United States anyone may modify or mitigate your weather or climate without your consent.  Any government agency, the military, state, county, city, private corporation, weather modification company or individual can modify your weather at any time. No public notification is required other than to report these programs to NOAA if they are ongoing.  However, it has been learned that many programs are not reported to NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), or they are not made public when they are just experimental programs.”

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UPDATE: The Great Culling

On another note, Ms. Peterson has a response to the Producers of  a promo for a future documentary  called The Great Culling. Chris Maple’s and Paul Wittenberger  were recently interviewed on a radio show and have made some untrue statements. Below the radio show  interview is a description or ‘transcript’ written by Paul and Chris.  What you see below in BOLD is Rosalind Peterson’s response to that transcript, unless otherwise stated.


Hopefully this will clear the air so that we can all move forward, we have a lot of work to do on this planet, and we commend those activists who have integrity and truth to offer to  the general public.


We thank all of you!

The Truth Denied Team




Letter from Rosalind Peterson.


*Readers,, the bold font is Rosalind Peterson’s responses to Chris Maple’s statement (s). *Unless otherwise stated.


Dear Roxy:

The first response that I have is that I have nothing against this production and only object to the title and use my name and segments in advertising, trailers, and their production. I have formally requested long ago that, as honorable men, they should remove my name and segments from this production. They have not taken this action to date.

I have responded in bold to the text below from Chris Maple:

Hello Everyone —There are a number of different conclusions that one could come to when analyzing the phenomena that is taken place above our heads. “Yes, this is true.” RP Most experts will agree that what we are experiencing on the ground is coming from above, that the aerosols we are witnessing are responsible for the contamination. “Barium, Aluminum, Strontium, and aluminum oxide have various sources from smelting, industrial waste, toxic waste sites, and other sources. We do know and have known for some time that aluminum oxide, trimethylaluminum, barium, lithium, strontium, calcium, and other metals and contaminants are used in upper atmospheric testing (using rockets) by NASA, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force. I have backed up this statement on the barium and aluminum sections of my website. Also information can be found on the NASA website, many university studies are conducted on this experiments which are online, etc.” RP
What separates THE GREAT CULLING from the rest of the pack is we feel that there is something more to this puzzle. We feel it is time someone focused not only on the effects these campaigns are having on our environment but more importantly how are they impacting us. There is a great deal of misinformation about this subject and I don’t wish to promote any of it by being part of the theory that there is some “Great Culling” conspiracy going on in the skies which has unnecessarily frightened some people. Thus, my request to have my name removed, months ago, from the wide variety of opinions and beliefs associated with their production. RPWe understand that THE GREAT CULLING is a hot potato, yet we still feel compelled to tell this story. “They can easily tell their story or give their opinions without the use of my name, clips or image.” RP The AIR segment alone is but one third of our project and we still have two more topics to discuss WATER – FOOD/ VACCINATIONS. There is now a massive global audience in place just for the AIR segment alone. “I don’t know if this is true or not-claims are easy to make.” RP
With fluoride being banned in dozens of communities throughout the US in 2011 and the audacity of Forced Vaccinations on the drawing boards what better time than now to connect these metallic dots. “I don’t usually discuss Fluoride or Vaccinations much on my website other than to state the our water district does not have Fluoridated water due to the actions of my mom and other citizens years ago in our area when fluoridation was proposed. And vaccinations are not covered in any depth on my website and I am not an expert in these fields. And I state again for the record that I am not taking issue with any part of their production with the exception of their use of my name and segments in their advertising, production, and trailers.” RP We understand the title of our project is a potent choice. Rosalind Peterson and Framing The World Productions are in the process of ironing out some legal issues that stem around the title. “We are not in the process of ironing out any legal issues at this time. I have contacted an attorney and will be following his advice on this issue.” RP Unfortunately we are not at liberty to discuss any further, however once it is all settled we will be issuing a formal statement on the matter. “It should be noted that Mr. Maple and Mr. Wittenberger are free to speak out on this issue because no formal lawsuit has been initiated. I have only asked them formally, so far, as gentlemen to kindly remove my name and segments from their production. They have so far declined to do so as of January 8, 2012.” RP
One thing we will say and clear up immediately is this – THE GREAT CULLING has never claimed or ever intended to be a sequel to WITWATS. Our mission statement has been clear from the beginning and like our title will not waver. (No Comment)I never thought in a million years I would have the courage to stand up and speak out. I knew it would be a tough road and I knew there would be resistance. The saddest part to us is that we never expected it would come from within our very own community. “The only resistance is from me, Rosalind Peterson, is my request that my name and segments not be used in this production. I have absolutely no comments on other parts of this production or the opinions or views expressed by Mr. Maple and Mr. Wittenberger or anyone else interviewed for this production.” RP

*”We need stay together if we are going to succeed in this fight.”

~Chris Maples


If Mr. Maple had removed my segments months ago I would not have spoken out about issue or had any comments about their production.  Our goal is to broaden the audience and spread awareness even further into the masses. “I believe, more and more, that Mr. Maple and Mr. Wittenberger like the controversy this is stirring up because it raises money for, and promotes their production.”

~Rosalind Peterson

*”You can help us by forwarding our trailers to everyone you know…”  ~ Chris Maples 

….and when you forward them (trailers),  please advise everyone that I have requested not to be associated with this production and have formally asked for the voluntary removal of my name and segments to be removed and not used in this production, advertising or in any trailers.”

~ Rosalind Peterson

Sincerely, Rosalind Peterson
January 8, 2012


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The Truth Denied Team

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5 thoughts on “A message from Rosalind Peterson”
  1. I don’t understand what the fight’s about. The title is attention grabbing and leads into a thought of what will happen if what’s ALREADY happening KEEPS happening! It’s not a conspiracy!! It’s reality! I would advise those who are judging the film based on a title to give these guys a chance to explain themselves. They already tried to explain, but it seems for some the explanation falls on deaf ears. They are not saying, by any means, they know what motives are behind all of this exactly. All they are saying is by the evidence… THE EVIDENCE leads them to the conclusion that masses of people will be harmed or killed if not now, by end-of-life diseases that are to come BY these chemicals! To judge an entire film based on the title is absurd, and to take a quote out of context and focus on it (even though they have cleared that up ad nauseum) and still be so adamant is ignorant. For those who would like to know how to chemicals that are NOW in our soil, water, and air are going to affect us in the future… ALL OF US, then watch this film… be informed on the health risks the contamination poses… and pass it on to another. Let’s fight together!

    1. Maybe because the title suggested that this the problem for only some of us, not all of us. Culling is selective killing. It indicate chemtrails only kill some race?

      If it affect us all, then the title is better be GREAT KILLING?

  2. per your request, here is a conversation we were having about this topic….

    Roxy Lopez The weather modification the comment refers to has nothing to do with chemtrails. These laws are for the companies that are doing the well konwn cloud seeding.
    about an hour ago • Like

    M-yeah, i took a look at those, and one of them dates back to 1971. they look like interesting documents, but even though i think geoengineering is related to weather mod, i think that they get around it by using public law 105-85 and NOT having to notify the public for certain “tests.”
    about an hour ago • Like

    Y-We know how Weather Modification is done by cloud seeding. How is it done by chetrails? What sort of WM chetrails achieve?
    59 minutes ago • Like

    M-chemtrails seem to dry up the clouds. many have seen in tx how storm clouds would come, and when they started spraying, the storm clouds just vanished.
    55 minutes ago • Like • 1

    Y-I am sorry I didn’t really get it. You are saying they dry the clouds? They are not producing rain?
    53 minutes ago • Like

    M-they can do either or, but i have seen it myself how it would be cloudy, and once they start chemming, the sky suddenly gets clear within minutes.
    45 minutes ago • Like • 1

    Y-So now it gets more compliacated here. If we suppose chemtrails are the secret project of the Geoengineers to block the sun for global warming and they finally dissolve the clouds what kind of Geonegineering is that? And why some others say that after chemtrails there are more clouds no matter if they produce rain or not?
    41 minutes ago • Like

    Roxy Lopez You both have some very good points, would you might putting those comments on the Article too? We have millions of visitors to our website,and it would be very educational for otherr readers there as well. I would do it myself but am not able to thanks much.
    35 minutes ago • Like

    1. I see. Chemtrails illegal when it is no longer an experiment?

      to “Y”. Clouds that produce rain usually low altitude clouds. Chemtrails produce high altitude couds.

  3. About law, is Rosalind Peterson up to date? Joel Carlinsky mention that Texas has law for it.

    More :
    “No person may engage, or attempt to engage, in any weather modification activity in the United States unless he submits to the Secretary such reports with respect thereto, in such form and containing such information, as the Secretary may by rule prescribe. The Secretary may require that such reports be submitted to him before, during, and after any such activity or attempt.”
    “(at 1971) A total of twenty-nine states have legislated in one way or another concerning the subject of weather modification. Some states have claimed sovereign rights in the moisture in the clouds and others have established licensing requirements for weather modifiers. Thus, it seems that several states have acquired a degree of experience with weather modification problems not yet matched on the federal level……It is possible, therefore, that a state-federal conflict over authority to regulate weather modification would reflect a more fundamental conflict betweem the weather modifiers and those who would oppose such activities.”

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