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Arizona is using GORILLA SNOT to supress dust storms in AZ (C)2016TTD

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Explosion heard In Arizona. Authorities have no clue yet.

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      Explosion in Arizona, heard throughout the entire state & local authorities have no clue as to what is taking place.


***Update, Arizona had a 4th explosion in Arizona on March 28th at 3:00 AM in the morning. Read further on report down below.

********UPPDATE December 6th a series of booms, see new report here :



It began in February 2012, at  midnight. I was on the phone with a friend in California when I suddenly heard a loud explosion, enough to rattle my home. It sounded like a bomb went off right in my own back yard. Moments later, (12:02 PM) my neighbor called and asked if I had heard the noise, and then described what she had heard, similar to my description, we both agreed it sounded like some type of explosion, maybe from under the house?


On February 26, 2012, I was wakened at 5:30 AM from yet another explosion that sounded eerily familiar to the explosion 10 days earlier. Again my neighbors called and asked if I heard it, and my reply was “How could I not? It sounds like a bomb going off underneath the house!”

At that time, I called a friend at the local police department to ask if they had any reports of this explosion, and she said she would get back to me, but she did not. I became more and more suspicious. No police reports, nothing on the local news, nothing in the local tabloids, nothing on the internet blogs.

THIRD Explosion in 4 weeks, TTD decides to do an investigation.

On March 9th, 11:58PM, another explosion, undeniable as my husband and I sat up in bed and said “What the hell was that?” Same sound, low, under the ground, walls shook, and then silence. We called my neighbor who happened to be outside walking her dog at the time of this now third explosion, and indeed she heard it. She relayed to me that it sounded louder outside, but she could not identify location of the sound, only that it did sound like it was coming from the West. She confirmed once again that it did not sound like it was coming from the sky, but rather from underneath the ground.

At 12:11 AM, I called the local police department, and I explained the time of the explosion and that this had been the third explosion in 4 weeks, and they asked if they could put me on hold. When the woman returned to the phone, she asked for my location, and then was surprised.

She was getting reports of the explosion occurring at the same time we had heard it (11:58 a.m.), but the reports were coming from over 25 miles away from my location. She asked if she could call me back, and of course I answered “Yes. Please call me back if you hear anything or get more reports.” However, I never did hear back from her again.

March 10th, 2012. Casa Grande Police Department

9:30 a.m. I called the Casa Grande Police Department (CGPD) and reported the explosion again.

Here is how the conversation went:

Roxy Lopez:  Hello officer. I am following up on a report that I made regarding an explosion that occurred in Casa Grande last night at 11:58 p.m.

CGPD: I am sorry; we were not able to identify location of the explosion.

Roxy Lopez:  You know, this is the third explosion we have heard in a month, don’t you find it   interesting? Have you done anything to follow-up with these reports, and why haven’t you heard the explosions at the CGPD, you are less than a mile from where I live?

CGPD:  We did have several reports from the community as well as  police officers who did hear the explosion last night; we just can’t seem to find the source. Why don’t you follow up with the City on Monday?

Roxy Lopez: Well could  I do that, who should I contact at the city though?

CGPD:  That’s a good question, ummmm, maybe try Code Enforcement?

Roxy Lopez:  But wouldn’t you have been notified already, warned prior to an actual explosion?

CGPD:  Well of course, and we weren’t, so these reports are not being followed up on, we have nowhere to report them to.


****We will follow up with the Code Enforcement on Monday and report our findings .****

Also, please see all of the comments here on the post, very interesting ideas and observations.


******UPDATE:  A fourth explosion occurred  on

March 28th at 3:00 AM in the morning, this one seemed to be the loudest thus far, according to several residents of Casa Grande, Arizona. One resident reported to us that there dogs were alarmed by the boom, though this is the fourth time that my kitty did not really react one way or the other.

We are working with Casa Grande residents to record the boom and we will report further when we get this recording.

What did the explosion sound like?

It was low, as if it were coming from beneath our home, shook the house and this sound will wake you up out of a sound sleep.It really does sound like an M-80 type of sound, but the sound is being heard throughout the entire state, Phoenix, Tuscon and Casa Grande, (which are 100 of miles away from each other)  and reports coming into the Police Stations are coming in at the same time, which would also rule out Utility substations and meth labs. After speaking to the Casa Grande Municipal Airport, we have officially ruled out sonic booms as well.


Flash in the sky?

Fox News reports.

Phoenix’s FOX 10 reporter Andrea Robinson was in the middle of an on-air report when an unexplained, bright white explosion appeared in the distance behind her.

The strange blast was caught on tape and aired live during Robinson’s report. At first, news station employees thought the explosion was a transformer. But when FOX 10 checked with local utility providers APS and Salt River Project, they were told no transformers had blown in the area

Read further, because there is a great news video that shows the FLASH that goes along with this sound, click here: ATTENTION FOX news removed their own video.

We are also unclear if this report is related, but it is the closet to our report that we can find, perhaps there is a connection? http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/morning_show/mysterious-light-flashes-during-traffic-on-fox-10-03082012


If you or anyone one you know heard this explosion in Arizona,

can you please contact our news department at info@thetruthdenied.com.

Or contact us through our website http://www.thetruthdenied.com/

Or on Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/roxy.lopez1

Written by Roxy Lopez

The Truth Denied

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112 Responses “Explosion heard In Arizona. Authorities have no clue yet.”

  1. Euhill
    at 11:26 AM

    Could these booms have been a precusor to last night small earthquake?

    • at 11:57 AM

      Thanks for your question EUHILL: The thought had crossed my mind certainly, but I really don’t think the 2 are connected. I have spoken to residents as far south as Tuscon who felt the quake, and this is the part that is not making sense. The quake was only a 4.1, and it was centered 20 miles NORTH of Phoenix, and Tuscon residents should NOT have been able to feel it because that is roughly 120 miles SOUTH of the center of the quake. More information on the quake ::::The quakes were centered along the Agua Fria River a few miles north of Black Canyon City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
      Black Canyon City is located about 20 miles north of Phoenix, a community bisected by the I-17 with a population of about 2,600 people. Before the highway opened, it formerly was a settlement along the scenic main route from Phoenix to Prescott. Now, Black Canyon City is perhaps best known to Valley residents as just another name on a road sign on the drive up to Flagstaff – along with Bumble Bee, Cordes Junction and the like – as well as the home of Rock Springs Cafe.

  2. Euhill
    at 12:06 PM

    As for the the explosion on 8/26/2014, reported by Melissa, I might not have been home at the time. However I don’t remember any explosion on that day or hearing about any.

  3. Euhill
    at 11:52 AM

    I live in the same general area of North Mesa that Melissa does. Yes there is a shooting range that is run by the Mesa PD. It is located on Center St. where Center dead ends at the edge of town. Sometimes the sounds coming from the shooting range sounds like fire crackers. Everyone in this household knows to ignore those sounds coming from the shooting range since we know what it is. This part of Mesa is located in a flood plain of the Salt River bed and is 20 feet lower than the rest of Mesa. Now on to the explosions. I didn’t feel or hear the explosion on July 22, 2014. Nobody in this household would have been awake at 3 am and it didn’t wake us up. However there have been three explosions in the daytime in this area of which I was home for only one of them. The other two I only heard about it when I got home. I don’t have exact dates or times for any of them including the one I experienced as don’t remember. The first one would have been in 2013 in either November or December. The second one happened in February 2015 and I was in the vicinity of Lindsey and University Dr at the time. Nothing was felt or heard in that part of Mesa. The third one happened sometime in May 2015. I was home for this one and it happened around 11 am. It sounded like it came from the southeast and it did shake the place. We didn’t bother the Mesa PD with these explosions as no emergency was created by them. The only plausible explanation I could think of for the 2015 explosions was that perhaps ADOT was possibly behind them. The Loop 202 runs to the north of here and ADOT is in the process of widening it. So perhaps ADOT set off some explosive to the northeast of here and the sound then reflected of some nearby buildings, providing the illusion that the explosion came from the southeast. As for the 2013 explosion, I don’t know of anything going on in this area that could account for it.

    • at 1:04 PM

      Thanks Euhill for your report. It appears that the Booms have run from Southern AZ up further North …The booms originally began in 2013 in Tuscon…………then have worked there way up the state, possibly to your area. Was there anything on the news about the boom in August. I covered AZ News and found absolutely nothing. Are you near any mines? Keep in mind that I was woken up in the middle of the night from the BOOM, so was my husband, and all of my neighbors.

      • Euhill
        at 12:36 AM

        I don’t watch the news, so I really don’t know. Someone else here does and I know they would have mentioned it if there was something about the boom on the news. I did overlook one possible source of the boom that does exist in this area. Although I seriously doubt it was the cause. There are some land fills in this area that do produce methane. They do have methane burn off torches which run on a regular basis. The closest one to us in right next to the police shooting range. It’s burn off torch is about 50 to 100 feet from the shooting range perimeter fence. The rest of the land fills are on the Salt River Indian Reservation on the other side of the Beeline Hwy (SR87). They to have burn off torches that run often. Also the nearest fire station is one mile to the east of us. We would have heard sirens if there had been a methane explosion. After the August boom, there were no sirens, so the fire station didn’t react to the boom.

      • Euhill
        at 12:49 AM

        There are no mines in operation in this area. There are plenty of old mine shafts in the Goldfield and Superstition mountains however which is too far east of here for any explosions to be audible here. The closest known operating mines to this area would be the ones in the Globe-Miami area.

  4. Christine
    at 9:05 PM

    Yep, and in Wisconsin last week 15th to the 20th. Forgot the day.

  5. Christine
    at 8:54 PM

    I heard those too – just recently too. Cloud cover and nightfall didn’t let me see what was out there. A UFO being chased? Military chasing a foreign Countries jet? A test being done of some sort with stolen Tesla papers? So odd for it happened at 9:00PM. Frightening when you hear all about Jets being stolen by our Enemies and how good they are flying them. People in this Country can prepare, but prepare for what?

    • at 9:01 PM

      Thanks for the report Christine. So the sound-boom occurred exactly at 9:00 PM?

  6. Melissa
    at 11:19 PM

    as stated in a reply above. We had another solo loud but low sounding boom this morning(8/26/2014) around 10am.

    • at 8:08 PM

      Thank you for your report, we are staying on top of the situation. If you hear them again, we are glad to have your report, thanks again for your dillegence.

  7. Angela
    at 9:53 PM

    At 8:57 pm…august 16, 2014…I was sitting outside looking at stars hoping to see a few meteors. All of a sudden there were loud explosions..multiple like heavy artillery or say, mortars..similar to large fireworks. The sky was flashing blue in distance towards west. I live on 69 acres in a very rural area of Mississippi..about 50 miles to Memphis, TN. There are no military bases nearby..no reasonable explanation for this. My brother and my parents all witnessed it..so it was just my imagination. Brother called the sheriff and they had no idea what we were talking about. Nothing on the news. The explosions and flashes went on for a period of 20 minutes or so. There was even a portion towards the middle that sounded like machine guns going off. I have been searching the web ever since to see if anyone has reported anything or any breaking news. 2 hours later..nothing. All I can say is it was terrifying. Lasted too long to be meteors or fireballs..and not sonic booms. Something was going on. Someone knows something. I mean the ground was shaking with the explosions. It was like a battle..or how military practice sounds…but like I said there are no bases nearby. Do not know who to ask or how to explain. But it was unreal.

    • at 1:42 PM

      Your story is interesting Angela, just read through your accounts of the evening/night. Did any of the explosions feel like they were coming from deep under the ground or was it more like a war above ground?

      • Angela
        at 10:46 PM

        It shook the ground, like a loud roll of thunder would….but the first boom was definitely overhead…1st thought was a big meteor…then some of the following booms were muffled like further distanced, possibly the ground. The machine gun sound was above ground. I had just assumed they were airborne because sky was flashing blue. Only thoughts in my head at time it took place was attack on Memphis. Still haven’t seen or heard explanation. Sheriff department never returned our call. No news stories. Still frightened by it.

        • at 9:37 AM

          This is also interesting Angela, because when we had the explosions in Arizona, which were several of them in a years time, we had reports from residents in the area similar to yours, “flashing lights in the sky”. We also had the deep underground as you have explained. We too thought a “bomb ” dropped, and indeed it shook the house from the impact, similar to an earthquake, but it did not last long. It was an instant boom, a violent shaking, but once the impact was felt, the house did not continue to tremble. We too never got an answer for the happenings.

          • Angela
            at 11:10 AM

            I am truly at a loss for what this was. If it had been just one or even a few isolated “explosions” , we could just dismiss it as rednecks playing with tannerite in the woods..lol. It’s not completely unheard of for someone to blow a beaver dam up on a creek..but this was multiple explosions, “machine gun sounds” silence for 2-3 minutes, then more explosions, flashes etc. lasted a good 25 minutes. My brother even took off in his truck trying to find what was going on. Be nice if the authorities would just be truthful and let people know..instead of live in worry. And of course…sheriff has yet to return out call on what happened

            • at 9:16 AM

              Even your reference to rednecks shooting off guns wouldn’t explain the underground BOOM. I want to thank you for the reports……..very helpful!

          • Angela
            at 12:58 PM

            And unbelievably…heard 3 big booms around 1:50 pm. Witnessed also by my 2 brothers who were working on a tractor. There is something going on in Marshall county.

  8. Doug
    at 6:56 PM

    Last night in between midnight and 1am, I heard six or seven very low frequency grumbles, the first one lasted about ten seconds and shook the ground slightly. Have never heard anything like it. The rest of the noises were spaced out by about two minutes or so. Could not tell which direction they were coming from. Some friends and I heard them in downtown Phx, was a very creepy noise. Anyone else hear them?

  9. Melissa
    at 8:50 PM

    Oh and I also hear them off and on during the day too. I do know I live by a shooting range as I can hear the pop pop pops in the mornings. But these come in afternoon but the 3am one was really eerie because never really hear them at night.

    • AzRavenOwl
      at 11:39 PM

      I live in N. Mesa and have been hearing these enormous deep booming sounds off and on for past year or two now. And just this Sunday an earthquake off all things. I used to live in bay area for 13yrs. And from experience thus felt closer to 4.7 than 4.2 where I am. Very strange things here, also had weird cloud formations and odd steady lights at night that seem to be too bright/close to be planets/stars and def. Not planes. One new talk show host on Independant 1100 AM. Briefly mentioned suspicious underground activity rather than earthquakes but I did not catch his name or full story.

      • at 1:05 PM

        Do you remember if this was on an AM channel that you heard the news about the earthquake in AZ?

  10. Melissa
    at 8:48 PM

    I live in North Mesa and heard a low boom sounded like something hitting ground or underground very erie. Could also be explosion I guess. It as on July 22 2014 around 3am.

    • at 9:00 PM

      This is strange because we have not had the explosions since these reports were written. How often are you hearing them in Measa ?

  11. at 2:26 PM

    On April 14, 2014 at 1:30 AM I was lying awake in bed when it sounded like a pipe bomb went off in the street outside. I look outside. Nobody is around. Everybody slept through it. But it scared the crap out of me and I wound up calling Mesa police. The policeman who came was down the street from me at the time and says he heard nothing.

    • at 9:01 PM

      How often are you hearing the underground explosions and do they shake your home, wake you up out of a sound sleep please? Thanks!

      • Melissa
        at 11:15 PM

        A couple times a month at least. I’m about to start making a log of them. Another this morning at 10am. So loud. Just the one quick boom and nothing else.

        • at 1:02 PM

          Thanks Melissa, it appears that the Booms have run from Southern AZ up further North …The booms originally began in 2013 in Tuscon…………We appreciate the report! Keep up the good work!

  12. ND2nomore
    at 10:12 AM

    Anyone else in southern cali that has heard these recent explosions? Exactly 1 week ago at about 2pm there was a double propeller military helicopter flying overhead Burbank and Glendale in a 10mile radius just circling around. The following day, Sunday, at 10am we experienced a loud explosion with a vibration. I went outside and looked around and there was no smoke or residual smell. Thursday into Friday right after midnight it happened again, then at 515am,545am and the final explosion a little after 6. No sirens were heard which indicates to me no one was hurt or cared to dial911, like myself. I really hope someone can get an answer on who or what is causing this.

    • at 1:26 PM

      I would like to discuss this recent event in California with you please, and no I did not hear about it either. Please write to us at info@thetruthdenied.com when you get some time and thank you for your report.

    • at 9:02 PM

      ave you ever heard from anyone regarding the explosions that you heard earlier this year?

      • at 9:56 AM

        We have not heard an explanation for the EXPLOSIONS/

  13. title=''
    at 1:30 PM

    Mysterious Booms, the US Army is constructing its giant network of underground tunnels.

  14. title=''
    at 1:20 PM

    Google ; ‘ underground tunnels US Government ‘ … it’s all about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) , or the Reptoids, but I doubt it.

  15. Tara
    at 12:52 PM

    Large explosion a little before 10:00PM on November 17, 2013. My daughter was in bed, but not yet asleep and reported a bright flash of light coming through her window at the time of the explosion. Nothing on the news or internet. I called the police the next morning and was told perhaps it was a blown transformer in our area and that I should call the fire department. We had no interruption of electrical services. I called the fire department and was told there were calls in my area of Phoenix, but not about what I was describing and they couldn’t give me any more information.

  16. Sarah
    at 2:33 PM

    Several large explosions that rattled windows in north houston area this past month. Also happened in our area (southwest houston) about a month ago which is why i googled unexplained explosions. It appears to be happening all over….

  17. mel
    at 3:15 PM

    Large boom today at about 2:15, Peoria AZ. Did not see any jets from Luke Air Force Base or anything- not sonic boom. Shook house, knocked a picture off of wall.

  18. east tn
    at 1:13 PM

    Hi, I live in east TN. Between 9:00-9:30 on 1/5/13 there was a loud boom that shook windows in my house. This boom was heard within about a 50 mi radius of my home, that I know of. On the news they say it was not an earthquake, or military planes. They have no idea what it was either. The boom only lasted for about 1-2 seconds but was very loud. I would really like to know what it was.

  19. dude
    at 10:22 PM

    I’m guessing it’s kids setting off pipe bombs or something…

  20. at 10:53 PM

    The sound was similar to explosions underground. It sounded like a train was running through my house. I heard 3 very loud popping sounds and then the windows started to shake. People from all over the verde valley experienced this widespread event. From flagstaff, sedona, cottonwood, page springs & cornville to jerome. We have an aquifer below our region, my guess is that the sound we all heard was the void below us collapsing.

  21. at 10:44 PM


    December 4 2012 @ 5:15pm.
    Sedona Arizona

    The sound was similar to explosions underground. It sounded like a train was running through my house. I heard 3 very loud popping sounds and then the windows started to shake.

    People from all over the verde valley experienced this widespread event. From flagstaff, sedona, cottonwood, page springs & cornville to jerome.

    We have an aquifer below our region, my guess is that the sound we all heard was the void below us collapsing.

  22. jutie
    at 11:28 AM

    Any update on this? It happened in Barrington RI the other night with a large boom and flash.

  23. rudy
    at 11:37 PM

    Was in my friends backyard with 4 other friends when a loud explosion ocured sending one of my friends to the ground it shook everything , I felt it in my chest it was so loud and a very bright flash. We all had different viewing angles covering about 180 degrees plus and all said it was as far as we could see… there was no smoke, smell, residue anywhere I jumped the wall to check the near by alleys … I am very familiar with aviation and can tell you that was not a fly by. I can’t explain it but it was huge… there has to be hundreds of people that have seen it, just haven’tresearched it like I’m finally doing a year later.

    • Travis
      at 10:57 AM

      I heard a loud boom then my buddy and I felt the compression from it. We couldn’t see nothing and couldn’t see no one around us for at least a mile. Very strange

  24. Nn
    at 3:35 AM

    I just heard three explosion like sounds in Tucson right now! This is weird!!

  25. alain R
    at 3:38 AM

    I just heard 3 very like explosions about a half hour apart in Tempe Arizona on October 31st in the early morning.

  26. catiana
    at 2:26 AM

    I’ve been hearing these “booms” which sound like dynamite for many months here in Houston, Tx. They are frightening, and we have no clue what they really are. The house shakes. Usually there are 2 -4 in a row.

  27. Cruz Colon
    at 4:07 AM

    It was july 6 2012 at 10pm and it was cloudy that night in Ithica Ny. I Thought There was a war going on because it sounded like multiple explosions in the skies.No it was not fireworks because it didnt sound like fireworks it was more like explosions after explosions going off everywhere but in the skies and all i could see was flashes nothing else.Like lighting striking but the sound came right after the flash there was no pause it had no echo effect it was weird.So im Thinking we are getting invaded by another country so i panic and went in my house and turn on the tv for the news and nothing so i freaked out.I Told My Girl And She Said she herd the same thing and she thought it was explosions too weird. So now i look to the skies more and i think we are being watched because i saw stars appearing out of nowhere move a little then the light get dim and bam disappear…I think there is something going on with this Universe and we are not being told the real truth. I think when they drew a man with wings it met beings that where capable of flight and had a massage from god to give to us.We Are Not alone and i think You Will Soon Find Out For Your Self

    • Angela
      at 10:01 PM

      This just happened to me and my family in rural Mississippi. Nothing on news and sheriff had no idea what we were talking about. I know exactly how you felt. I thought it was an attack.

      • at 1:39 PM

        I am just as curious as anyone else as to why this is happening around the country, and as far as I know, I keep coming back to the explosions are deep under the ground, and it is either the military doing some kind of bomb blast or the earth itself is actually shifting beneath the surface a few miles down. Very difficult to determine, because law enforcement agencies lie about all of it, they even lied to me while I was on the phone with them, when yet another explosion occurred, finally they had to admit that they heard it.

  28. Dominic
    at 10:49 AM

    I actually heard a very loud explosion here in phoenix az saturday night around 11 pm 4/21/12 i came out to smoke lite up and all the sudden i see a very bright flash and then just half a second later a deffaning boom i looked around there was no smoke anywhere so not fireworks there was no crackling sound before or after and no power out anywhere so not a transformer im still puzzled the light was bright it drowned out the street lights.

    • at 12:49 PM

      Exactly what part of phoenix? The Flash you described is unusual though…could you tell us a little more about that as well?

  29. Eye-Zack
    at 1:11 PM
    • at 10:33 PM

      We really appreciate your link, thanks for sharing it!

  30. DeviledEggs
    at 11:25 AM

    Was thinking….not sure if anyone can make this happen, but if somehow a general location could be made of as many of these explosions as possible, then make a comparison of fault lines (big or small) running through the areas. In Southern California, I hear that Universities are putting explosives in fault lines which have actually caused minor earthquakes. (‘earthquake study groups’) So my theory, and really taking a shot in the dark based on any real evidence and lack of knowledge is. Are they trying to create a chain reaction mega earthquake or even earthquakes, by blasting and weakening fault lines.

    • at 10:33 PM

      That’s a great idea. The explosions that are happening in Arizona are not near any fault lines though, what do you make of that?

  31. Blondie
    at 2:50 PM

    Wisconsin residents experience loud booms, rumbling

    • Blondie
      at 2:54 PM

      Sorry, the correct link is,

  32. at 9:33 AM

    Wondering now if this is the Aurora Project, and I do have a few folks that I could ask, Like Sean David Morton…he is the expert in this field, he turned me on to Area-51 in the late 80’s. We also went there, and it is a trip!

    Thanks Iam.

  33. at 6:29 AM

    Hmm, wonder if old HAARP testing has come to your neighborhood there in Phoenix. Glad I missed all that stuff, I just moved to south Texas two weeks ago! http://www.viewzone.com/haarp00.html

  34. at 10:06 PM

    These “Mystery BOOM’s have been happening for decades. The main theory is: It’s the Aurora “secret aircraft”. Roxy, are you in the flight path of Area 51???

    An aircraft flew at an estimated 8,000 MPH (approx. Mach 11.8). Was it the Aurora? Or something from another planet?
    Black Projects:

  35. at 9:42 PM

    More “Mystery BOOM’s” through the years:

  36. at 11:07 PM

    Today at 6:50 AM PDT I heard a “wooosh-boom” I was just looking for more information to see what it might be, of course Roxy has it covered on TheTruthDenied.com. I can’t find any other Southern California reports. I’ll keep looking.

  37. Blondie
    at 4:37 PM

    I live in Central Minnesota. We experienced a strange explosion sound here on Sunday March 11, 2012. I talked to law enforcement, and they said they had not had any calls about it and had not heard it themselves. Although they are only 2 miles from my house. The explosion was heard by people that I know in a 15 mile radius of me. We also have a military base within approx. 45 miles. This is the first explosion we heard. I live near the fire department and they did not go out after the explosion, so I know it was not a gas line or any such thing like that. I also experienced sonic booms in the ’60’s, and this did not sound like what I remember them to be. I found this website as I was searching for others that might have heard unexplained explosions.

    • at 5:32 PM

      I am glad you write us “Blondie”. Thanks for the report as well, we are still checking in with local officials here, and thus far have not received any explanations, but when we do we will be updating this article.

      Perhaps share this article on your FB wall for other “locals ” to see, just maybe we can get a report from them as well?

    • Shelly
      at 12:29 PM

      Today in Central MN my husband and I heard a loud boom just minutes ago! The first one was very loud as my husband thought ‘dynamite’ but there is no such activity around here for mining! Then about 10 minutes later, a second boom was heard which was a little softer than the first one which caused my two dogs to stand up and bark! This is definitely something to notice on a nice sunny day in the 80’s without a cloud in the sky!

  38. at 9:19 AM

    HI from the Netherlands! We’ve had the exact same thing here in the Netherlands! Amazing! Two months in a row, twice each month, these underground booooms rattling everything. After the first boom and half hour later another boom. And then a week or so later again one to two booms. I live in Tilburg, the southern half of the Netherlands. We also have a military base close by. Hmmmmmm.

    • at 5:34 PM

      Hello Netherlands!
      Thanks so much for writing us here at The Truth Denied. Is it possible for you to share this story on you FB wall (as we have suggested to others) to see if we can get more reports from your area? These EXPLOSION reports are coming in now more frequently, and we are doing our best, first at a local government level to find the SOURCE of the explosion.

      Again, we do thank you for your report.

      ~The Truth Denied

  39. GboxerPHX
    at 12:02 AM

    iDeFF Heard two explosions on Feb 23 around 1PM @South mountain.

  40. Cindy
    at 9:45 AM

    We also have heard these sounds have been experienced by friends in TN. Also, there are loud booming sounds being heard on the coast of NC, getting louder and more frequent. Again, no one knows what it is or whoever knows isn’t talking.

    • at 10:33 AM

      Do you ever call the police Cindy when you hear the sounds and when do the sounds occur, for instance, when was the last sound you have heard in TN please?

  41. Cindy
    at 9:43 AM

    I’m sorry these are NOT sonic booms. We live near many bases, including an AFB about 8 miles away as the crow flies. I grew up hearing sonic booms…they MIGHT rattle old, loose windows but NEVER shook the ground or buildings.

  42. Cindy
    at 9:41 AM

    We had a couple here in eastern NC back in Jan….same m.o. as you describe plus no media for the first one and minimal for the second one…AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT WAS/IS or no one who knows is talking…But loud explosion sound and ground and buildings shaking…and it was felt over a 25-30 mile radius…WEIRD.

  43. at 9:28 AM

    It occured to me that as a result of the “Shannon’s Law” legislation established to prevent firing guns into the air and preventing injury due to falling spent shells, that microphones have been set up across Maricopa County to track gun fire and triangulate the GPS locations for purposes of prosecution. As such it should be easy to locate these explosions using the same technology already set up and working!

    • at 10:31 AM

      Rottijohn, you bring up a good point. I am curious what wudl happen if more of youfrom Arizona called in to police stations and said just that, what would they say?

  44. barbara sandlin
    at 8:02 AM

    I think its’ ET’s destroying underground military bases at area 51….hope so anyway…they did this last year in Virginia and Colorado…thats what we were told were”earthquakes”…not… they use a force that doesn’t kill people…

  45. at 8:55 PM

    Jeanice BarceloL::: Are they fracking in your area? Or could they be blowing things up to create underground tunnels. We are dealing with very insane people, causing insane things to happen to our planet.

  46. at 8:54 PM

    Roxy, one point really stuck in my mind, and that was the Casa Grande PD receiving similar reports from 25 miles away. Now there is one relatively rare phenomenon that can do this and that is a military aircraft doing faster than Mach 1 at a higher altitude, where you won’t hear the aircraft itself; just the “sonic boom”. This super-sonic shock wave fans out BEHIND the aircraft like a cone and it’s footprint on the ground (if you could visualize it) is shaped like a parabola. Kind of what you would get if you sliced vertically through a cone, standing on its big end. Now this booming sound, in the case of a high-flying aircraft (depending on its size and altitude) may be the only thing you hear. Think of all the sound produced by the aircraft as piling up into this
    Roxy Lopez we have ruled out “sonic boom” because the airports and PD have been asking for 3 weeks, military would most likley admit this.My husband claims this is NOT a sonic boom….


    Mark McCandlish cone shaped wake, and so, unless the aircraft is very close to the ground, you won’t hear anything else. Below several hundreds of feet, a passing supersonic aircraft right at Mach will produce a high-pitched squealing sound right before you hear the boom.


    Roxy Lopez this is coming from under the ground, that much HAS been verified.

    Mark McCandlish Call the Public Affairs Officers at MCAS Yuma and Luke AFB and ask them if any of their aircraft were flying sorties that included flight above Mach one. Also call the FAA office at Phoenix International Airport and ask them. If this has been happening in the way I imagine (say a hot-shot fighter pilot on a training mission) there should be a record of this. The only reason they would NOT tell you, and that there WAS a sonic boom, was if the military had a classified intercept, say a real-live Russian, Chinese or North Korean aircraft coming into U.S. airspace. Or a UFO… I had three sightings last night just before 11PM.

    Roxy Lopez The PD covered this already, it has been going on 4 weeks now…there have been 3 of the explosions on 3 different nights. I am going to the city in the morning on Monday, see if I can get some answers…

    Mark McCandlish Then how about any shaking as in earth quakes? What about the local seismology lab? Back in the early 1960’s, the Russians were experimenting with some advanced weapons concepts. Retired Army Col. Thomas Bearden called these weapons “Psychotronic” weapons, using scalar potential. The design called for producing two signals, emitted from two different sources, both pumped by a nuclear reactor. Chernoble. The signals were transmitted using scalar potential, and are thought to have moved at near instantaneous velocity to a predetermined release point, where the two signals come into phase, releasing all the energy they were pumped with. Basically a nuclear explosion. There have been a number of occasions where these mysterious explosions have appeared off the eastern coast of the United States. And because these weapons exploit a little known technology that the military has kept classified for many years, few people know about the cause. One of the earmarks of this weapon’s use is that when it’s energy is unleashed, it will peg the needle on a Geiger Counter anywhere in the vicinity. You might consider buying one and having a video recorder that monitors it 24-7. It was said that in the 1980’s the Israelis also developed scalar weapons and that they traced the mysterious explosions off our coast to the vicinity of Chernoble, along with the output frequency of the scalar pulses.

    Mark McCandlish Then they loaded that frequency with their own input that was 180 degrees out of phase with the (then) Soviet weapon, causing the overload that blew up the reactors at Chernoble.

    Jeanice Barcelo You might want to connect with DutchSinse. He’s been posting stuff like this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zge5CIHm3k
    3/5/2012 ENTIRE SOUTH and MIDWEST ! Steaming Plume event = be alert and aware (Mirrored)
    Uploaded by dutchsinse on Mar 5, 2012 Check the charts for the region.. THERE IT…See More

    Jeanice Barcelo Are they fracking in your area? Or could they be blowing things up to create underground tunnels. We are dealing with very insane people, causing insane things to happen to our planet.

  47. Investigator
    at 6:42 PM

    Recent acknowledgment of a bomb being readied for Iran if called upon that will bust through 200 feet of concrete before exploding underground. Suggest you take a bearing on site where the reporter was to explosion and couple with another witness in same fashion using an adequate baseline and triangulate the postion of the blast. Then we will be beyond guessing as to location.

    • at 8:27 PM

      thanks for this report INVESTIGATOR. Perhaps we could connect with those who had a similar experience?

  48. at 4:56 PM

    Interesting that this article had reported over 138 shares on FB and twitter, as well as LinkedIn. Soon after it was loaded to the internet, Google “moved” this article. It is the only one of it’s type, so as soon as it was shared on the internet, it went viral. Look at the share button now? The count states “0” shares. Check out GOOGLE search engines, it does not come up.

    Some folks are writing in prvately from Arizona suggesting this is the military, hence the clam up from the POLICE and on the UTILITY companies.

    Military bases are not returning our calls at the moment either.


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