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Morgellons! The ugly truth! We interview (2) Morgellons Sufferers & we are still in shock.

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 What is Morgellons Disease and do you have it?

Morgellons Disease is like no other disease under the sun that I know of.  Please listen to the show, and ask yourselves one question, “Do I have Morgellons Disease? And if so, what can I do about it”? Please put yourselves in Marie and Melani’s shoes. Their story is right out of a Science Fiction Movie, with one huge exception,  their story is true!

The Truth Denied has been educated and reports on Caroline Carter’s work, she too is a Morgellons sufferer, former biologist, and an Alternative Health Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist.

FACT: Caroline Carter, Practitioner in Paphos, Cyprus has tested the population via hair samples. She is getting alarming results, 8 out of 10 tested are testing positive for Morgellons. Please see Caroline Carter’s work here Morgellons Disease Studies.


In this radio Interview

Marie Palac of Sweden and Melani Vritschan who  lives in Brussels

Dr. Wil Spencer of the USA  opens the show regarding Morgellons and GMOS’s, the relationship between chemtrails  and Disease.


               Photos of our guests:

                    Melani Vritschan and her son.

                                                  Marie Palac of Sweden BEFORE Morgellons (2008)

                                                                      Marie in 2012


                                          Dr. Will Spencer

About Dr. Wil Spencer
“Vibrant Health is the Remedy for ALL Disease”
Revealing the corporate interests in the current state of health, health care, food and environment by following the trail of created wealth in these areas allows us a far greater flexibility in our willingness and ability to recognize the severity of betrayal. Wil Spencer, a self created Naturopath, has gained an eclectic education and a deep understanding in all areas of life and is guiding the exodus of return to Vibrant Health by all life forms via re-creating balance in nature’s original design.
Contact Info : http://bodyelectrician.com/

We commend our guests for having the courage to come forward to discuss one of the most corrupt cover-ups know as Morgellons Disease

If you have questions for Marie or Melani , please write us at info@thetruthdenied.com subject Line Show April 6th, 2012

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71 Responses “Morgellons! The ugly truth! We interview (2) Morgellons Sufferers & we are still in shock.”

  1. at 5:34 PM

    I have resent part 4 again. People need to know what proteins are and that they are used as nano protein robotics. That liquid crystal choloesterol is being used in these agents called fatty acids like stearate, oleic acid, palmitate, caprylic etc. Hoffman and LaROche even use nematodes, ecoli etc. in developing liquid crystal. The fruit fly drosphila is being used in these retinoid products and Ron Evans of Salk Institute has many patents out their and his own publications on the internet. Salk is still using the sv40 virus in their patents. The people that we trusted have deceived and betrayed us. When people start looking into patents and what ingredients are in our products they will wise up and stop going to doctors, stop taking medications that are poisions and stop vaccinating their children with toxic bio hazard agents and microorganisms. When the general poplulation start holding the CDC, FDA and CEOs of these pharmaceutical corp etc accountable for criminal acts and force these agencies to reverse the transcription codes then these man made diseaes will stop. Cancer is being caused to us and they are profiting on their treatments of chemo, radiation, photon therapy all of which cause cancer to come back radical. There is no cure for cancer and the treatment is worse than the disease.

    • at 8:59 PM

      We still have not received part 4, even though you have resent it. I don’t know what to say or what to think. We are however getting emails from other readers. What should we do about this Lily?

    • Billie
      at 11:11 AM

      Hi, please read my answer after your statement september 13, 2013. You will find the first explanations you expected. Till soon…Billie

      • at 12:14 PM

        Thanks Billie for your time, will take a look!

  2. at 7:35 AM

    Roxy and Laura,
    I was able to send part 4 today successfully. It has vital information on vaccine patents, fatty acids of oleic, palmitate etc. and what animals and human body parts they are taken from. Remember that these are known as cholesterol liquid crystals that are able to change their forms from liquids to solids to gases etc. These are the fatty acids that clogged your arteries and are being used in LED’s (light emitting diodes that Hoffman and LaRoche patented in the 1970’s and where Kent Univer and Hoffman and LaRoche had suits for patent rights) used in surveillance and optical recording devices. They wanted to create an organic carbon computer. The bacteriorhodopsin in the carbon computer that keeps replicating and self assembling. It has an internal cathode and anode and motor it is an ecoli bacteria and fungus. Please include the document I sent on the bacteriorhodopsin diagram that shows a pencil sketch of what appears to be a head and neck and shows the worm like structure at the top of the head and coming down the hairline of the side of the head. Show the document of what rhodopsin heads look like. These documents have been deleted from the internet after I found them. Please show the ProAssay document showing that the RXR is the human recombinant ecoli. They are using human microorganisms and what is known as “nano getters” (vaccuum tubes) to transport these molecules. All must research molecules of “scissor molecule”, “zipper molecule”, sonic hedghog ligand, claw ligands, TIE ligands, “elevator molecule”, etc. that are being used in drugs. Research polypeptide polmyers that crisscross. We as the public must educate ourselves in biology and chemistry of geometric, stereoisomers and terpenes. We must be the “watchdogs of medicines” as we can not trust anyone.

    • at 12:07 PM

      This is getting weirder by the minute Lily. TTD has NOT received part 4 today. We will be checking in with our webmaster as to why we have not received your email. Thank you for letting us know. TTD

  3. at 8:06 AM

    Roxy and Laura, I sent all documents proving research over a month ago. It took alot of time and energy to do this. When will you post the documents. I am unable to email you. They are not allowing me to send emails. The public must know that biochips are being put in drugs like the 13-cis isomer of the bacteriorhodopsin crystal protein. They have been using nanotechnology in our drugs via carbon atoms used as bucky balls and bucky tube fullerenes. Isotretinoin and tretinoin are such agents using C20 the smallest fullerene being used in nanotechnology. Drugs that are banned by the FDA are still being used in patents. Accutane is being used in drugs and cosmetics without the public being warned. These are known skin cancer causing agents per Dr. Mura Goyal stated in the NDA 19963. All of the public can requests NDA’s on their drugs being prescribed via FOIA.

    • at 12:16 PM

      Thanks again Lily for your correspondence, and we here at TTD have also had problems with the email system and are working diligently as we have written in email form to you many times explaining the dilemma. We will gather up what you have sent and add it to our pages………we do the best we can, and our short staffed as you well know. Thank you again for your time…….this happens to us all.

  4. at 1:20 PM

    I have done what you asked. Everything has been attached with proof. I hope it helps all unknowing victims and prevents future victims. All need to know what is in our hair coloring products as DUPONT patent 7276088 states they are putting carbon nano tubes in hair coloring and cosmetics, our drugs and the misuse of GMO’s in vitamins and foods we eat. The misuse of these agents on crops in pesticides will seep into the fruits and vegetables we eat. The animals will graze in the fields and eat the sprayed grass and when they are slaughtered for human consumption we will be infected with those poisons. Nothing is safe and everything contaminated. Proteins are poisons that secrete endotoxins, mycotoxins and contain metals. These proteins of various species and stem cells are poisonous to the human body. Mesh and swiss protein banks will prove that. Proteins are being programmed as well as carbon nanotubes and they can cause a misfold and one misfold will cause cancer, alzeheimers and other health issues and diseases.

  5. at 11:53 AM

    You may if any of you care to, is copy and paste all the blogs I put on Kandy
    Griffin’s website. There are over a hundred and all refer to patents and publications so you can refer to and see the “truth” in their own words and know who the inventors and manufacturers and funders of these toxic agents poisoning society. You will find Salk Institute and Johnson and Johnson and others used banned agents like sv40 simian virus and the drug Etretinate. Apparantly, banned doesn’t mean to stop using known harmful agents to these institutions. Life is very short and we all have the right to have quality of life and that is what these manufacturers are taking from us. Their CEOS are making bank off of developing these poisons and those who are endorsing these poisons are making bank while you suffer the rest of your life. It is your decision to chose to take a drug, but only after you have been informed of the total truth and given all biological tests before, during and after taking these agents. You should be informed of every ingredient active and inactive and all allergens. Quarterninum-15 is a known allergen and causes dermatitis and severe itching and it releases formeldehyde and known cancer causing agent. You should be informed if the ecoli, yeast and fungus and anyother bacteria or microorganism is being used in your drug and given biological tests during and after therapy. Yet, not one physician is carry out this vital task. Laws of 21 cfr 201.57 and 314.8 are being violated and drugws are not being labeled with this information that is vital to your life.

  6. at 8:16 AM

    If I was able to write for you website, I would be glad to. Unfortunately, I lost everything in a hurricane and really don’t live anywhere after a second tradegy occurred. I stay here and there. My vision is severely blurred do to these nano structures, keratitis, burnt corneas and the 13-cis isomer and other retinoids are known to cause this. So, I am not able to write without errors and critics like to pick on grammar mistakes rather than getting the drift of the meaning of what I am writing about. My vision is very blurred and I have to take breaks away from the computer as it hurts my eyes. I at this time do not have a computer and borrow others when I can. It was a sense of urgency to get much of the material out there to the public for the sake of the innocent children who are being injected with toxic metals that are neuro toxins and are the same metals used in electronics for sending and receiving signals. These metals like aluminum cause rage and we are seeing a young generation showing making acts of rage and violence. The media keeps the stories short lived and we forget about all the victims involved including the person acting in violence. They do not want to do the things they are doing and are being driven out of their minds. Old people are being forced to give up all they worked and hand it over to the nursing homes that tend to them or a family member. You tell me who is prospering from these sadness of these nanotechnology, a technology that can’t be seen with human naked eye. A technology built on purpose for the intent of you not being able to prove what they did. Wasn’t that the purpose of AM Kligman to create non-detecting mind altering drugs. Nanotechnology was created so it could not be seen. It was created to maniupulate atoms and particles and grow larger structures. Are you not concerned on what these structures are that they are growing and how big do they grow and what stops them from growing through your organs and body? Kligman was hired to cause blisters and lesions and then use skin hardening chemicals. Are Morgellons people not suffering lesions and blisters. Silicone, butadiene, and cyclohexane are rubber agents that can be made to be light weight light gel and lighter like foam or they can form plastic films (matrixes) or they can be hard like tupperware. Cancer has never been cures for decades and decades and how much money has been donated to this research? Who gets the majority of the money but the researchers? March of Dimes is an organization for children born with deformities, missing limbs, spinal cord problems etc., yet this organizations and other allowed retinoids to be used in products prescribed and over the counter and known to cause birth defects. No one is to donate blood who is using these products, yet the product is not labeled to inform the user. What has to the recipient receiving that blood and who will trace it back via blood transfusion? Many prospers from people having health issues, just the victim suffers and become financially destroyed, because he will never be given the true answer to what caused his/her health issue. It is a vicious a cruel game being played with innocent lives. I don’t like what was done to me and after getting into researching the drug, I was forced to learn about nanotechnology, vaccines, vitamins and patents. It was people with Morgellons who contacted me when I saw their symptoms were the same as the prisoners of Holmesburg and retinoid poisoning. Nursing are trained in adverse drug reactions and should be very aware of what these lesions are as it is stated in the NDA on Renova that vitamin A causes lesions and many health issues that the same as Morgellon sufferers. Vitamin A is in hair coloring, hair conditioner, milk, suntan lotion and many products we are have used in common. Vitamin A is a supplement being put in dairy products and food products. I stated above and showed you patents to research that vitamins are toxic and are only to be taken via your food groups such as vegetables and fruits. You are not suppose to take the biological agent out of something and put it in a bottle. These agents can’t be seen with the naked eye. so God knows what they are putting in these drugs, foods and products.

    • at 10:44 AM

      Lily, We here at TTD would be willing to aid you in article writing, we are happy to add photos for you, name the articles, and of course correct any of the grammatical and spelling errors as we do for our foreign writers.

  7. Christopher Love Sunshine
    at 8:07 AM

    you are like the key, and our brains are like the padlock.
    & you’ve unlocked my brain. thank you…
    personally I can read for a specific amount of time, before my eyes start to give out…..can you recommend any documentaries on the subject? I’m trying to fully understand what humanity’s evil-minded, are doing.

    More and more, this present time we live in, is starting to look like the worst time throughout all of recorded history.

    sending love….

    • at 3:27 PM

      Yes Lily has filled in so many blanks! We should take ALL of her information and compile it for our readers, though readers do read the threads. Yes thank you LILY !!! And thank you Christopher for acknowledging our sweet Lily as well!

  8. at 12:02 PM

    RD Chamberlain, retired nurse, have you found any new information about this? Has anoyone done any foresensic biological testing? Foresenic testing is able to identify everything and used in biowarfare and attacks done by the enemy. It can identify altered viruses and proteins and microorganisms. No one wants the to be known and that is pretty clear. As it was clear physicians wanted to hide the side effects of this drug prescribed to me and where research shows side effects can can 24 weeks later or years later. No one want to admit that billion dollar market on retinoids and their nanotechnology are destroying people’s health. These agents work at nano level and use force fields at nano level that are stronger than macrolevel. These agents live in toxic gases and were developed so they couldn’t be seen by the naked human eye. These agents use geometric chemistry of toxic gases that push and pull these agents in and out of our bodies and unfold the hair follicles and fold the hair follicles at nano seconds to contain these agents. A strand of hair can hold 4,000 nano agents. These agents used the human bodies electromagnetic fields and static electricity. They use the triangles, circles and squares of engineered hepatitis B virus ttnp that is toxic at nano level and used in protein docking. These retinoids belong to the super family of hormones and using retinoids from other species will alter your genetic expression and makeup and that of your offsprings.

  9. at 9:25 PM

    Patent 6461594 Sunblocks-Oxide Metals, Syracuse Univer, Robert Birge admits in this patent that the 13-cis isomer has been being used in sunblock agents, hair conditioners and other products. Dr. Mura Goyal stated to the FDA that retinoids and the product Renova 0.05% should not be proved and that her research and biopsies prove they cause skin cancer. Dr. Murray Lumpkin, Director of the FDA ignored her warnings and approved a drug that should not have been approved and that was not properly labeled with warnings of the true known harm these agents cause. The risks were not informed and the risks outweighed the benefits. The 13-cis isomer is a crystal protein from bacteria and a fungus that was synthetically altered by Hoffman and LaRoche and was programmed. Robert Birge and many other patents I have given you will inform you that it is a biochip with the ability to receive and send signals. It causes hallucinations and other mind altering effects from depression to suicide to migraines and fluid in the cranial known as pseudo tumors as well as creating pseudo skin from the biofilms it creates. This patent will inform you that these agents are naked to the human eye. ETC states that nanotechnology was developed with the purpose that if you couldn’t see it it couldn’t hurt you. How wrong they were on that. What their deepest and heartless act was deceit. They knew the patients and consumers being dispensed these agents were suffering and being tortured from the strangling sensation of these these nano wires and biofilm matrixes to the stinging and burning agents of phosphorous and other toxic agents, to the movement of structures moving under the skin as geometric chemistry and DMSO used to partition the skin to allow these microorganisms and protein structures and metals that create long chain reactions. The metals alone are neurotoxins and effect the brain and are able to pick up signals from radio waves at nano level. People are not imagining to hear things they are hearing signals being sent to them via airwaves and soundwaves at nano level. The game was cruel and those responsible from the inventors to the manufacturers to those who funded the projects to those who sold and dispense the agents all have to be exposed and punished. All the billions of dollars made off this agents must be taken from them and given to those who have suffered.

  10. at 10:00 AM

    R D Chamberlain we have been waiting for you to give us information you promised. There has been no response since your last post. None of you are understanding that biochips are being used not only in drugs but in cosmetics and hair conditioners and hair products that alter gene expression and create a “matrix” of nano wires and biofilms. When the patent on Accutane the 13-cis retinoic acid expired it gave the right to all to develop patents using the gerneric synthetic isomer in their inventions. Patents on line will prove this to you. David Banks of the FDA stated this very clearly. No one is labeling their products to state this they will call it vitamin A in the labeling. The 13-cis isomer is toxic vitamin A derivative taken from the halobacterium known as bacteriorhodopsin a crystal protein that involves the DNA and RNA of bacteria and fungus that is programmed by biologists and chemists. It is a cancer causing agent and toxic to the neurorecptors that cause hallucinations or are the victims really seeing the microorganisms involved in thiese photoreceptors as they bind to the opsin of the eye which causes keratitis a microorganism that causes vision problems.

  11. Per Nerlund
    at 9:58 AM

    Has anyone with morgellons tried Bob Beck protocol?

  12. at 2:38 PM

    Dear R D Chamberlain I have been watching for your response on what you stated you would inform us on what this is. What have you found out as it has been a few months since you left that email. Another young man is dead and is father seriously wounded. When will the govt stop allowing the metals to be put in drugs that are known neurotoxins. When will the govt, who hired Dr. Robert Nash to do his report on “Metals IN Medicines, stop the pharmaceutical corps from putting these metals in the drugs that are electrical conductive agents. These metals are used in electronics so of course they can send and receive signals. Of course arsenic and mercury (called aryl and akryl in patents on drugs) would cause a person to hear voices. Why are they being allowed to drive people insane? Why is no one stopping this? The mainstream media will talk about it for a few days and then stop until the next violent act occurs. No one is addressing what is causing mental illness as they will then be exposing the billion dolloar industry of pharmaceuticals and the FDA and CDC for allowing these poisons to be put in drugs called medicines.

  13. at 6:59 AM

    Laura I apologize you didn’t state who is doing this you stated why. One reason is the world is overpopulated and there is not enough resources to feed the billions of people on Earth. Another is to control the population mentally,emotionally and fianncially. Those who are infected will have the
    desire to seek help from the medical population and they will prosper and the patient never gets well. The medical population keeps statistics on their patieints to let theose who have created this know how it effects the human body. If you don’t get better and keep complaining to the physicians he will have you declared DOP and you can be put in an institutuion against your will and with this diagnosis your reputation and credibility are taken from you and no one will listen to you. Retinoids are toxic and they all knew this for many decades. They are signally proteins that secrete and bind to glands that control moods, appetitie, sleep and hallucinations. They have been misused by many corps and individuals seeking to prosper. They lured mainly women into using them as an antiaging invention. How does something that sloughs your skin, causes dermatitis, blisters and many health issues give you younger skin? One it is a pseudo skin replacing real skin. Using bacteria, gases and toxic chemicals. It is about bioengineering and there are many patents out there on this and you will see that retinal, retinol known as vitamin A is used.

  14. at 6:35 PM

    Laura Croft, you make a statement who on Earth is doing this–the patents inform you who are doing this. Go to free patents on line. In the search field
    for free patents website type in vaccines, retinoids or vitamins or anything you want and you will find the patents, the people who invented them, their assignees such as drug corps. and you will see in many cases that patents for drugs, optical recording mediums are funded by the DOE. and other govt agencies. Had you read everything written you would not have written who on earth is doing this. Visit Canicom Institute for Humanity and you see that he did a report on chemicals he has found in Morgellon patients. Chemicals that effect the neurotransmitters, cause hemolytic anemia (where the person is bleeding internally), gastrointestinal problems, bacteria in the blood stream, hair loss and altered hair, blood abnormalities and other health issues. The chemicals he has exposed were carboxylic acids, aromatics, amines, alkyl halides (aryl and alkryl are mercury compounds, esters, sulfuryl, phosphorous and phenols. All of these chemicals were used in a retinoid drug called Renova 0.05% and Renova 0.02% sold and prescribed to millions of people around the world. An NDA 19963 states that microorganisms of pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph aureus were put into the formula. That one retinoid drug was developed by a dermatologist named Prof AM Kligman and sold to Johnson and Johnson who sells this product under Orth McNeill. This product was approved in 1995 under one formula and was revised in 1998 to contain a toxic patent by Kligman which is patent 4877805. This is a professor and dermatologist who was allowed to invent many retinoid patents even knowning they contained toxic poisons and bacterias. He is just one of thousands who are doing this. Patent 4804839 will inform you of them using bacteriorhodopsin as an optical recording devise and how these optical films are developed. bacteriorhodopsin is derived from a bacteria archae and you will see that in this patent they refer to it a Vitamin A retinal. How they remove the purple membrane and its proteins to make these BR films. It is what isotretinoin is and made of. It is what Hoffman and LaRoche used in making Accutane the synthetic tretinoin that was used in patent 4877805 but not labeled. A chemical that cause birth defects and many health issues was not labeled to contain this toxic chemical, yet no one held Johnson and Johnson responsible for violating the laws of drug labeling nor anyone else who is using this toxic chemical in their products, None of us know what we have been exposed to because labeling ethics are not followed and no one in the US justice dept would bring charges against Johnson and Johnson, Drugs are to be labeled with active and inactive ingredients and allergens. They are to be labeled with side effects that would alter genetics, cause birth defects, cause blood abnormalities, lipid abnormalities, kidney and liver damage. 201.57 is the law on drug labeling as well as other laws under federal law. Vitamins are toxic and now suddenly it is being admitted to the public after years of selling them on the market and people would take them like they were candy, Retinal, retina, retinol all are vitamin A and it is very toxic to the human body. Vitamins come in natural form like an orange, or vegetables picked from a vine or tree. Natural is not mixed with other chemicals and put in a pill or gel tablet in a bottle. A chemical that is used to produce film for recording is not something that should be put on skin and the toxic mist and vapors of the methylene and ethylene and dichloro compounds being inhaled by the respiratory system. These agents cause memory loss, brain cancers, fluid on the brain known as pseudo tumors, vision problems, gastrointestinal problems, migraines, respiratory infections and asbestosis, cause high lipid counts, hair loss, liver damage and many health issues. They bind to the thyroid gland, pineal gland and other organs.

  15. at 8:03 AM

    Look up chiral anomaly and you will see the definition. Remember in retinoid chemistry they use geometric, stereoisomers and liquid crystals (cholesterol, fatty acids and various other names). you will find terms of chiral being used. You will see nematic, smetic and other terminology. It is very important to look up all terms and definitions of the words and if it involves biology or chemistry such as in ligands.

  16. at 7:53 AM

    Dear Laura,

    Everywhere you look are cameras watching all of us. The agents used in photography, optical recording mediums, Lasik surgery even using the bacteriorhopdopsin listed in patents on this as bacteriorhopdopsin in a retinal that binds to the opsin of the eye when used. These agents belong
    to the super family of hormones and send signals to the brain. Anything that sends signals can receive signals, especially with all the semi conductors and electrical smart chemistry used in these drugs. Satellites can pick these agents up that are altering your genetics. Rutgers called the photgraphs anomalies. Look up anomaly and one definition involved satellites.

  17. at 7:41 AM

    Patent 8067534 is another patent proving that the scientific community is using microorganisms and their carbon makeup to build nano carbon tubes that are electrical conducive structures in our drugs and products that will build carbon nano tube structures in our bodies

    • at 10:56 AM

      This is astounding, why on earth would they be doing this?

  18. at 4:01 AM

    Dear R D: I am amazed with what biologists and chemists are putting in these patents and calling them drugs. Patent 7985564, Expression system with sec-system secretion will inform you of them using pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph and other bacteria to make proteins used in our drugs. The very DNA of these bacterias will start growing and colonizing and creating biofilms in and on a patient along with the neurotoxin metal used that these bacterias bind to. Where did MRSA come from but these agents used in our drugs. These bacteria proteins are liquid crystal and what retinoids are. Liquid crystals produce threads and build walls. They string themselves. Who allowed this to happen without the public knowing?

  19. at 6:20 AM

    Dear R D, why do we have to wait? Time is running out for the majority of us. The biofilms that these microorganisms used are blocking airways and the fumes and vapors of these toxic agents are choking us. The horrific pushing and pulling of these geometric structures are strangling our organs and neck. They are pinching nerves and breaking our bones. They are causing neurological and physical problems. The fact that laws were violated on mislabeling products like Renova 0.05% and other retinoid products is frightening and that no one seems to care about this. That fact acryl and acyl compounds are mercury and the harm that mercury and metals caused to the neurological system is terrifying. No one can afford to hold back vital information anymore. The vaccines use these compounds and ecoli, yeast and fungus in them as drug delivery carriers known as benzonase. Our children are is serious danger and why there is so much violence in this generation. Those who poisoned them must be held responsible as our country wants to hold Syria responsible for chemical attacks on its people. These drugs that are so toxic and are chemo drugs and biowarfare chemicals were deliberately and with knowledge of their harm released into the innocent unknown public.

    • Billie
      at 10:56 AM

      -Hi Madame, here is the retired nurse (84yo)who wrote you in 2013, telling she succeeded to grow cross domain bacteria with a mobile filament and smart dust soaked into water,salt and sugar. Nothing scientific but with what I had in hand and without any lab’s tools. Everything worked. Let me tell you why I do not systematically search for a cure of my affliction. There are a number of persons who are better qualified for that research than I. I studied biology, chemistry and physic but even if I have always continued along my life, I am not an expert. When I red the declassified Nasa document: ” the weather as a force multiplier, I was very attracted by the phrase…they posses a certain degré of intelligence, as bees… So I tried to imagine how they use that capability, and to what extend. What their Creator expects with that possibility? It was an unexpected gift appearing when they searched possibly for something else not exactly good for humanity. So, if I come back to my essay, Morg. appeared and a lot of organites around it,,, as a living but inert battery, very small beings that extends filaments and others that assemble the major insect, others that I do not know the use of, I discovered 3 ways they make and find energy and the stat effect that energy is visible to eyes. There’s a lot following that episode or accompany it. I have seen too the proof that O2 and Iron are essential to their living and their agressivity ti catch them. I told you enough to know if it interesred you. I wrote a few times about this and nobody search toward these facts. everyone is impatient to cure his disease and I underswtand well being myself afflicted by a third infestation with different bearer of different DNA Do not look too close at my English, it is not my first language. Hope you can read me…yours…Billie (A lot of knowledge is possible, they communicate, cooperate,answer a lot of ?, show loyalty or revenge when necessary, act as human into many situations…I am still shocked.)

  20. at 5:40 AM

    Investigating the RXR and the formula ##str1## that is used in retinoid patents I found on the UniProt Bank P19793 that when highlight brought me
    to a document that had patent 6906057. That patent will explain the RXR. While searching formula ##str1## patent 4212762 came up. This patent will
    explain the formulas on ##str1## and this are liquid crystals. Retinoid are this formual and retinoids are benzoate cholesterol liquid crystal. Liquid crystal creates threads (fibers) when defected, builds walls, makes hinges. You will see the terms smectic and nemactic and acryl and acyl. Look up every term read the patent a few times to comprehend. Look up patents on
    your drugs at home. Put the pieces together. This patent states this agents are optical mediums. A great tool for use in surveillance in watching over the world from satellites. As Hoffman and La Roche wanted to put a new look on Earth from outer space.

  21. R. de Champlain
    at 11:34 PM

    Hi, a million thanks for the enormous rechearch you have done and shared with all sufferers of Morg. Syndrome.If you desire, I will inform you, later, of the results of my work aiming to know the degree of intelligence Nasa said they have. It is a lot more than they let us know. Your numerous texts helped me to clarify a lot of situations I live. Salutations…Billie R.N. retired but still studying even being a g g mother

  22. at 7:22 PM

    The patent for Richard Smalley, Rice University is 7390477. I typed in error. Please excuse typo errors as I do not see well and the lights of the computer burn my eyes. I have left blogs on Kandy Griffin’s Morgellon Research website. Upto two days ago the blogs were being posted. The last several ones for the past two days only show up when you click on the reply to leave a new comment. She has prevented new blogs from being seen, as I questioned why she and Randy Wymore are not using the equipment at universites such as Oklahoma State University that has the NMS electron microscopy donate by the NSF that can identify nanotechnology, fungus, proteins, and viruses. It cost the taxpayers $750,000.00 as was donated by the NSF. The NSF is funded patents like Richard Smalley’s carbon bucky balls, so it is reasonable to believe they can identify nanotechnology particles, viruses that are engineered and proteins used in all patents of drugs and pesticides and that are effecting people’s bodies and their hair especially. Why is the cruel game being played by all? In the cruel game being played they are causing contempt and mistrust. If there are reasons to believe we can not trust certain govt agencies do to corrupt people workng for these agencies, then it is time to expose them and tell the entire truth. Nanotechnology has been being used for decades and now the devastation and adverse reactions are now showing in humans and animals and the environment. A technology that was suppose to be in the future and the technology was perfected was used before its time. It takes 30 years for true drug reactions to occur, yet drugs are released before their time do to cost and profits wanting to be made. The Royal Academy of Medicine knew for decades that asbestosis caused cancer, yet the ships were more important than humans. Once again man has made another mistakes in using carbon at nano level that is now causing asbestosis as these agents are growing to larger structures. The profit was more imortant than the lives of humans. People are pretending they are researching and asking for donatios from the victims and getting grant money of the govt and in reality will never inform the victim of any results pertaining to their adverse reactions and to what caused it.

  23. at 4:58 AM

    Patent 739047, Richard Smalley, Rice Univer, Nano carbon bucky balls will inform you how they are made. They are soot, carbon black carcingen agents. Patent 2000272332 will inform you on chemicals that create heat. In patent 739047 you will see that the US Navy and the NSF funded grants in developing nano carbon tubes and wires. You can view photos of these and decides whether you think they belong in your food, drugs and environment. It will state how they are referred to as chicken wire and arm chair because that is what they resemble. I have letters to physicians asking precisely why do I see structures that look like chicken wire and chairs. As I stated the bacteriorhodopsin illuminates when excited and the victim can at a nano second see these structures in daylight and because they glow via phosphorous compounds can see them in the dark as they adhere to the eyes. You will see the term ropes and vanderWaals forces and triangular lattices and geometric chemistry. All of these chemicals and terms are in retinoid drugs like Renova 0.05% and Accutane which the structure is C20 the smallest fullerene. They use hazardous hydrocarbons to produce these nano carbon wires and hydrocardons are methane, propane, toulene, ethane, butane and propylene. Patent 5084365 will inform you on photo cells. Patent 20100254914 will inform you on nanoworms (micelles) used in tumor targeting. Patent 5359046 will inform you of chromophores which the bacteriorhodopsin 13-cis is retinal. You will see nanoropes and quatum dots. It will inform you of what nano particles are. Educate yourself it is vital.

  24. at 11:40 AM

    To find more information on what is in patents I have researched and how carbons and proteins are being used at nanolevel in our drugs put Moregllons and Kligman in the search field and Morgellons Research Kandy Griffin website will appear. Click on and scroll down to the blogs and you will see all research on drug and pesticide patents. You will see that carbon atoms being used in dugs are mthethyl, ethyl, butyl, butyl-tert and other chemicals that are of petroleum base (gasoline/oil that contain benzene a cancer causing agent. You will know that these agents are travel around you by electromagnetic fields and thin biofilms and paramagnetic iron oxides. You will see under geometric chemistry and stereoisomers how these petroleum agents self assemble and self replicate along with the liquid choleserol crystals of fatty acids and proteins that also self replicate, create walls and threads, hinges, reservoris and wells. How these agents are used in photography and that the biofiilms they spin are used in optical recording mediums to create pixels just like in LED TV’s and computers. The use of electrolytes (sodium chloride and salts) are used to induce the growth of nanowroms (micelles used in drugs). The medical profession calls micelles nanoworms or worms. So, your physicians may state you have worms and he is not being clear and specific on what worms he is speaking about to protect the pharmaceutical profession and those who fund these programs. It is very clear that many have gone out of their way to deny tests to the majority of sufferers, as it is a deliberate scheme to prevent the public from knowning the truth. The same with drug injury cases that only a few get attorneys to help them and all others are left to suffer. All to protect the evil that is occurring in pharmaceuticals and those in govt that are funding these programs. The laws of the US congress are great laws that were to protect the public from injury and what the FDA was devised to do. It is those who have taken positions within these agencies that are doing wrongful and criminal acts violating the rights of the people. If no one investigates to the fullest degree of the laws and no one does the tests needed to be done and known to be done then the system has failed the people. No one should pretend to be an advocate of people’s rights if they knew the truth such as stated in NDA’s (new drug applications used to have drugs approved and what attroneys such as Seeger and Weiss used to bring drug injury cases against Hoffman and LaRoche in Accutane civil suits). All patients have the right to redress in drug injury cases involving any injury and all injuries. Attorneys are denying that right to many as are evading the truth and laws by stating they are only concern with Crohns and knowning a patient is suffering from Crohns, they stated they want a written certification of a physician stating this. Who are these physicians that will do the proper tests and make a written certification. Many drug injury attorneys state they have physicians and chemists working for them, so then why would they deny me help? Why am I left to suffer severe migraines, fluids in the skull and face, severe vision disorders of Keratitis, staph neg coagulase, burnt corneas, film covering the eye itself visibly seen by people, blepharitis, severe abdominal pain and bloating, Epstein Barr virus not treated and many other health issues?

  25. at 1:02 PM

    Patent 5252719 Process for preparing protein – oriented membrane will inform you on what biochips are, how they are used and what they are made
    from. You will see that the bacteriorhodopsin (the purple membrane glob, retinal, which is a pigment of bacteria and known as smart dust and a large memory capacity) is used as a biochip in medicine and electronics. This is the 13-cis retinoic acid used in Accutane and retinoid products such as patent 4877805 and others of AM Kligman’s patents. You will find many patents using this photorecetor protein retinal as biochips. You will see that universities around the world develop them and are funded by their govts. The protein bank RCSB will show you diagrams of this bacteria and it seven ligands. The ASP ligand is used in substituted sugar aspartame, which known to cause brain tumors. These agents bind to the neuro receptors and the opsin of the eye. These agents send and receive signals via nano sound waves. Cindy Casey was given my inform from Gwen Simmons, Hildegarde Staninger has my documents and samples, Randy Wymore has my samples and documents and all could have had least help me. Instead left to research chemicals, patents and protein banks and put the pieces together while struggling to see through these toxic gases and crystals and phosphorous that illuminate and blind my vision and burn my corneas. Many journalist were given information and many attorneys. I never gave up and I never stopped in giving information I found to help others and prevent others from suffering by using such toxic chemicals. Anyone who goes to the Kligman dermatology office of Lorraine and Douglas at the Univer of Penn must research any drugs they prescribed. Lorraine Douglas states in her publication that retinoids don’t cause cancer, she is totally misinforming all as they do and Dr. Mura Goyal knew this and stated it to the FDA. She was warned to stop her research and her biopsies were confiscated. Chapell Hills Univer tried to warn the FDA to label Renova a category X as they stated it causes birth defects and that was ignored. All in the public must understand that when these drugs were approved and their patent expired it allowed all to use these agents in their products and they are not being labeled. Lives are being cut short and lives are being permanently disabled but physicians won’t inform you the truth and will state you are delusional if it means a drug reaction is involved.

  26. at 10:30 AM

    Edward Snowden stated that the NSA and other govt agencies know more
    than we think about surveillance techniques. One such technique is biochip. Biochips are used in our drugs and we were not informed. They are able to
    be located by NMRs and cat scans, yet radiologists don’t inform us the patients in their reports. One such biochip is the bacteriorhodopsin the 13-cis isomer used in Accutane, lasik surgery and other drugs of choice. Prof AM Kligman worked on MKULTRA and MKNAOMI products for CIA and US Army. He developed retinoids and the use of liquid metals of mercury called aryl in patents like 13-cis retinoic acid. These retinoids send and receive signals at nano wave lengths. Free patent on line will show you all patents using bacteriorhodopsin as a biochip from the US Navy to Lockheed Martin to Robert Birge of Univer of Syracuse. Look on line as the work “FRINGE” 5th episode MKULTRA biochips. You will see their 5th episode did a show on this where a doctor used biochips to steal patient’s dreams. They referred to the MKULTRA Project in this show. Hollywood is sold stories by chemists and biologists I am sure to develop shows like this. They use them to entertain and warn the public. You are must be aware of what is being done to all and what their capabilities and agenda really are about. Surveilliance and biochips are not just away of seeing what you are doing and who you contact. They have the ability to send signals to make you do things you would never think to do. It is about controlling the population. Controlling when you die and from what you will die of to controlling your actions. All must educate themselves on drug patents and the chemicals used. Anyone who might be a threat to their agenda will be punished and lose all they worked for.

  27. at 8:19 PM

    In retinoid drugs and other drugs micelles are used. Micelles are wormlike structures created by using lecithin, electrolytes, cyclohexane, hexene, propyl palmitate (all which was used in Renova 0.050%). University of Maryland has a publication on pdf and you can see the diagrams of these structures. The publication states they self assemble, they create inverted cyclidrical chains and that they are referred to wormlike because of their flexibility. They are referred to as threadlike (hence another agent used in drugs that create threadlike structures and polymer like structures. Photos given to so many showed these structures growing from the lips and creating picture like structures. Cyclohexane creates boat like and chair like structures. A patient describes what they see and feel and these men and women whom we are supposed to trust tried to make us feel delusional, when these people are the ones who prescribed such agents and knew these agents would cause this reaction to happen. How dare these people who are suppose to be health care providers betray the trust of their patients. How dare biochemists think it was okay to put such structures into the human body. America wake up and see who your enemies really are.

  28. at 8:57 PM

    Patent 5888791 Methods of producing Bacteriorhodopsin and caretnoids by electrostatic treatment of halobacterium halobium. This patent wil prove that the pharmaceutical corps. are putting staph aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ecoli, brpyrogenes L-15 and bacilus ubtilis MX-1 in topical creams of retinoid drugs used for skin disorders such as psoriasis. The patent will inform you of gene expression. It will inform you of the bacteriorhodopsin being 13 cis retinoic acid. Pyrogenes used are to create electrical explosions that use bridgewires. Renova 0.05% means repeating small atomic explosions and it is at nano level. You will see in this patent they are using seeds and retinoid seeds are being used. The hair is electrostatic and why they use the hair to make these proteinase metallic matrixes. They are able to fit 4000 nano particles on a single hair strand. Hair follicles are stem cell and Kligman was an expert on stem cell of hair follicles and altering hair. Patent 6391625 will inform you of Robert Birge, Syracuse Univer using bacteriorhodopsin as a biochip to deliver drug molecules at nano level. Now you have the proof of them using nano crystal robotics in yur drugs and using microorganisms, toxic gases and metals that these agents attach to and travel across the hair strands known as cis and tran chemistry. One speck of bacteria will grow and multiply. These nano particles will continue to self replicate and self asseble. Somone out there please help me. Please, to whoever is trying to sop me from blogging the truth stop hindering me.

  29. at 8:55 PM

    Patent 5888791 Methods of producing Bacteriorhodopsin and caretnoids by electrostatic treatment of halobacterium halobium. This patent wil prove that the pharmaceutical corps. are putting staph aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ecoli, brpyrogenes L-15 and bacilus ubtilis MX-1 in topical creams of retinoid drugs used for skin disorders such as psoriasis. The patent will inform you of gene expression. It will inform you of the bacteriorhodopsin being 13 cis retinoic acid. Pyrogenes used are to create electrical explosions that use bridgewires. Renova 0.05% means repeating small atomic explosions and it is at nano level. You will see in this patent they are using seeds and retinoid seeds are being used. The hair is electrostatic and why they use the hair to make these proteinase metallic matrixes. They are able to fit 4000 nano particles on a single hair strand. Hair follicles are stem cell and Kligman was an expert on stem cell of hair follicles and altering hair. Patent 6391625 will inform you of Robert Birge, Syracuse Univer using bacteriorhodopsin as a biochip to deliver drug molecules at nano level. Now you have the proof of them using nano crystal robotics in yur drugs and using microorganisms, toxic gases and metals that these agents attach to and travel across the hair strands known as cis and tran chemistry. One speck of bacteria will grow and multiply. These nano particles will continue to self replicate and self asseble. Somone out there please help me.

  30. at 8:16 PM

    Today, the heavens shined down on me and I found the patent to prove to all what is causing the new skin dermopathy Morgellons. The patent proves all of what I have been trying to state for a decade. The patent proofs the use of microorganisms, yeast, fungi and bacteriorhodopsin (fungus/bacteria) retina the 13-cis isomer being used in topical products. Patent 5888791, Method of Producing bacteriorhodopsin and carenteoids by electrostati treatment ofHalobacterium halobium, IPR Institute for Pharmaceutical Research. Read the paent under “free patent on-lin”. The patent informs the use mcroorganisms in our dugs. You will find they used staph aureus, ecoli, pseudomonas, bacilus sub and others used to create a false webbing over the face being dropped down via hair follicles. You will see terms electostatic and our human hair was used for Renova -5%. Every physician involved in my case must be held accountable. They allowed innocent studnts to be used as bio terrorist.

  31. at 10:19 AM

    Retinoids are signally molecular protein nano machines that work at nano level. They send signals to the brain and can receive signals at nano level sound waves. They are biosensors and therefore whoevere creates these half biological and half electronical systems are able to send signals to these
    crystal protein nano robots. They are not a conspiracy theory they are a reality. They being the creators of these agents can in reality conrol a person and make a person do whatever they want by just sending signals. By researching chemicals of every ingredient you will find the trail that leads to controlling population. Research liquid crystsals and you will find that Hoffman and LaRoche wanted to put a new look on Earth from outerspace, Creating nano crystal protein robots, which retinoids are, and combining smart liquid electronics (liquid metals) that self replicate and self assemble, Not a futuristic idea, it is happening and has been happening for decades. Congress Santon (NJ), new nanotechnology was already here and publicshed his own report “Nanotecnology Coming Sonner Than You Think”. Why would he write such a report,– to alleveiate his conscience. Warning the public after the technology was already in “play”. Nanotechnology is jut another form of human slavery and controlling people and their thoughts and behavior. Preventing them from rebelling.

  32. at 5:48 AM

    Any person who wants t know the truth about drugs and what ingredients of poison they are made of can find the patent on their patient insert and go to free patent on lne. In the search all you do is key in the patent number. You can find out what is in vaccines and vitamins by just putting vaccines in the search or vitamins. Xanthum gum is used in many emulsion creams and in chewing gum. Xanthum gum is derived from the xanthomonas pestis, it is the sticky white webbing of fungus on tomotoes and other fruits and vegetables when they become rotten, If per all who state GMOs cause Morgellons here is one such example of GMOs. Aspartame used as a sugar substitiuteis derived from the bcteriorhodopsin. It is bcteria and fungus that makes the sandwich fold. Proteins fold and it is known that an incorrect fold will cause cancer, autism and other health issues. Aspartame is known to cause brain cancer and other serious health issues. Yet, it remains on the market being used in many products. The bacteriorhodopsin is known as the 13 cis retinoic acid retinal, It is used to treat psychosis, acne, eye disorders, cancer, skin disorders, Crohns and all knew that this 13 cis isomer causes these health issues. Octatrinoic acid is used in many patents and it is aphids derived from the galls of insects making it a GMO. Gastric acid is used in drugs and it comes from the stomach used in digesting and unfolding proteins, It containsmicroorganisms used in digeting and that makes it a GMO., All trans retinoic acid, retinoic acid, palmitic acid, caprylic acid, 9-cis retinoic acid and many others are chemicals taken from various animals, palnts, bacteria, yeast, humans, insects and it is a GMO. TTNPB is the hepatitis B virus engineered and contains cancer cells taken from a crcingenichuman flank of a kidney. All of the above were used in many patents that make drugs such as Renova 0.05% and Accutane isotretinoin and generic drugs of such. What hapens when you combine many proteins from many species of life that all fold and unfold in different manner> What happens when you add toxic gases that contain microorganisms and you bind them to toxic metals? Metals are neurotoxins and microorganisms are endotoxins and mycotonixs. Combining phosphorous that is explosive and self ignites and glows in the dark, along with palmitic aicd and napthalene that are explosive, tetrazoleis explosive and the gases uses are explosive–you get a walking time bomb. Napthalene alone is derive from petroleum and it is a pesticide and causes many health issues in itself. Yet, Renova 0.05% contains all of these agents and no one thought to warn the patient and consumer, A woman was awarded $800,00.00 for bed gugs in her apartment, do to the landlord knowning about the infestation before renting to her. The physicians, pharmaceutical corps and the FDA all knew the serious side effects of Renova 0.0%% and that it was not labeled, yet I can no get an attorney or judge to help me. I suffer Keratitis caused by psuedomonas aerugosa used in the cream, I suffer neg staph aurues from the antibodies fighting the pseudomonas, I suffer burnt corneas from the phosphorous and other toxic agents used in the cream, I suffer the migraines and pressure i in the skull from toxic gases and metals and poison of the 13 cis retinoic acid, I suffer severe abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome known to be caused by these agents. I suffer fractured bones caused by these agents, I suffered severe skin burns and impetigo (yet no one did a culture), severe sarring, severe pain from the burns and chemical sores of phosphorous used in this drug. I suffer chappe lips and brittle nails to four nails beings so hard that they break a nail clipper and two are severely deformed. I suffer perivacular mononuclear infiltrates that psuedomonas is known to cause. I suffer lestions and colorful fibers of iron oxides that are growing. I suffer silicosis of the lungs and the severe cough that all agents cause in this drug. I suffer abnormal blood counts of high easinophils (allergens and parasites), high glucose, high lipid counts, low monocrits, high neutrophil count, high wbc and have Epstein Barr virus from the ttnpb used in this drug. Yet, I cannot get an attorney for the damages I suffered and all knew these drugs would cause. Why because I know too much. I pray everyday that someone will come and help me. I sork hard and every free minute I spend researching and blgging to help others know the truth. Free patents will inform you of nanotechnolog in over 68,000 patents. You will find out that this technology has been going on for decades as the patents date back. You will find terminology of “whiskers” and solar cells being used going back to 1974. Look up geometric chemistry and read all publications on this and stereoisomers. We were betrayed as a society.

  33. at 9:35 PM

    Can a person who is hired by govt agencies, such as the defense dept to make non detecting mind altering drugs, test prisoners with dioxin and other harmful poisons, cause severe skin burns, dermatitis, severe itching be able to create drugs that to heal people? Can such a person be trusted? If such person can think so little of human life; then no he can’t be trusted. If such a person betrays his employer and selfs patents to a pharmaceutical corp. behind his employers back–then no he can not be trusted. A M Kligman was such a man who betrayed the general population wit poisonous retinoids. Not one chemical in the products he developed are safe and are listed as poisons. Combinng so many poisons toether he created a horrific toxic nightmare for the user.

  34. at 7:41 PM

    I can supply the NDA19963 for anyone who wants to know the truth. Leave your email address and I will send it to you. These are cancer causing agents and the public and patients have been deceived. Ask these supposed health care providers and those who state they are researching Morgellons, why they did not do the tests that should have been done on the onset of adverse reactions. Why those who are researching and stating fibers and nanotechnology are involve refuse to give me the results of the samples they asked for. Retinoids are at nano level. They involve ttnpb that at nanomolar is more toxic than all trans retinoid acid per Dr. Fred Kauffman at Rutgers toxicology dept. They use transitional metals and per Staninger transitional metals create nano batteries. They work under skin using geometric chemistry that pushes and pulls and hence you have the creepy crawly feeling of bugs under your skin, in essence it the biological agens of retinoids being pulled by microorganisms of pseudomonas, ecoli and staph aureus. Rutgers a joint institution with Johnson and Johnson uses mi croorganisms in their nanotechnology projects for their internal motors as they have not been able to create their own nano robot. Proteins are nano machines and used in nanotechnology. Retinoids are proteins. For those who feel chem trails is causing this, then why is no one holding the DOE responsible for spraying chemtrails? Under G1 Research project DOE has been spraying and testing nano particles in the atmosphere. Oklahomas was one of the states spraying them. Randy Wymore works at OSU and has all the equipment available to him at the univer. OSU has the NMR and other nanotechnology testing equipment. There is no mystery here except the mystery all are creating.

    • Sue
      at 8:01 AM

      Good comment! I would like the NDA report if you would be so kind to send.

      Thank you for the good input above!

  35. at 5:49 AM

    Parents of Accutane and isotretinoin users, you must research every chemical in these drugs before, during and after use. These agents effect your entire body and quality of life. They effect stem cells and alter your gene expression forever. They can will effect bones, brain, heart, kidney, liver and other organs forever. The risks are not worth the benefits. FDA Director, Murray Lumpkin knew that Renova and Accutane should not have been approved. He knew alot of money was made in research projects and investing in getting the drugs approved. Write to he FOIA FDA and get NDA 19963 and you will see that he knew they were controversal and the FDA would have to answer in the future. Yet, all are ignoring the pleas of those who wrote to them with complaints of severe reactions. They even forged ahead and approved Renova 0.02%. They ignored vital warnings and did not care about anyone’s health. Do not have your physician prescribed these drugs to your children.

  36. at 10:40 AM

    Terminology that all citizens in the world need to research mechanosynthesis, biosynthesis, photosynthesis, lipids, bilayers, protein robotics, protein nano machines, liposomes, ribosomes, bacteriorhodopsin, light harvesting antennaes, ligands (synthetically and natural ligands, RXR receptors and the human recombinant ecoli rxr, gene expression, retioids, vitamins (go to the swiss protein bank and you will see proteins can poison the body and must be taken in small quantities via food group and there are no vitamin diffeciency in the US and that was another farce by vitamin corps. who are subsidies of pharmaceutical corps.), transfection using engineered viruses, viruses used in nanotechnology to create wires and drug delivery agents, protein scaffolding, protein foldin and unfolding, DNA raveling and unraveling, DNA letters and how they are used to program proteins and bacteria, fungus and yeast (zipper molecul) used in drugs and vaccines, micelles (wormlike structures of cones, rods and spheres and retinoids that are photoreceptors involve rods, cones and spheres and how we see), catalysts, cathodes and anodes which the bacteriorhodopsin and other ecoli have internal nano motors, flagelar, organelles, benzonase (used in vaccines that refer to the use of ecoli, bacteria, fungus and yeast in vaccines and why the Pharmacopeia has this report and why microsusceptibility tests should be done on all who are injected or use biological drug, Eric Drexler and Richard Smalley and the nanotechnology they developed, Rutgers under the “Candidate” on the internet will nform you of their research in nanotechnology and bioengineered tissue and they are partners with Johnson and Johnson, UMDJ and NASA, Dr. Robert Nas “Metals in Medicines”, Dr. James ODonnell report to Congress on Accutane and its harm, liquid crystal and liquid crystal cholesterol (builds walls, hinges, threads, light emitting LED), green monkey cells, sv40 simian virus, pesticide patents, transgenic nematode (created at Rutgers and released into society), carbon nano tubes, phosphorous ligands that were not to be released ino society as they had not created bugs to eat the carbons and green gases these agents emit, iron oxides of yellow, blue, red and black used in drugs like Accutane and cosmetics and many drug products, carbon black, micelles, gas vesicles, “picket fence” seen under Univ of Penn nano community website and Univer of Penn receives royalty rights on vitamin A retinoid patents, polymers and Advanced Polymers made their own microsphere tretinoin patent after REnova was approved and their stock rose when it was approved in 1995, they were partners with Kligman in alpha hydroxy products and a subsidy of Johnson and Johnso. It is all one big happy family connected into making huge profits off of your loss. Look up what is biowarfare and phosphorous, napthlalene and palmitic acid make the NAPALM bomb, phosphorous self ignites making it an explosive, xanthum gum used in these products are used in making TNT and used in chewing gum. Learn what and where aspartame comes from and causes PKU. Aspartame is derived from the bacteriorhodopsin. Aspartame causes serius health issues. DMSO not only penetrates the skin it makes dipoles. Find out about sol gel and how it can suspend in midair. Terpene chemistry and its 4 enjoined heads and tails. Ligands of sonic hedghog, troll insect receptors, TIE, scorpion and hundreds of others. Using metals that create the skeleton structure of these agents and using their toxic secretions. Educate yourself as you are your only advocate.

  37. at 9:51 AM

    I have listed what chemicals are doing in your body via drugs, vaccines, vitamins and cosmetics. You need to learn about geometric chemistry and how these agents work in gases of ethylene, butyl, methylene, DMSO and other gases. These agents use geometric structures of circles, squares and triangles (ttnpb per protein bank is comprised of squeares, circles and triangles) and geometric chemistry. They are able to create propellars, wings, feathers, steering wheels that push and pull via these gases and electric smart chemicals. Many of these chemicals are used in photography and developing film, CRTS and computers. Why are optical recording agents being used in our drugs? The 13-cis isomer of the bacteriorhodopsin in used in many optical recording patents for the US Navy, Army, NASA and others. It is known as a bio chip. It has a memory that holds alot of information and it is an ecoli that is programmed to splice and slice genetics, hence is why Renova pamphlet states can effect gene expression. They state they don’t know how the mechanism works, yet they used agents on humans not knowning how they work. They are tetrahedral chemistry. Look on the internet for publications on this chemistry. One website shows you a diagram of two triangles meeting at the points and spinning. This is how this chemistry works in and on the body. These agents use biological adhesives that are very sticky and where nanotechnology was dubbed “sticky fingers” as these agents will stick to the occupational worker’s fingers and those who use these agents in topical cream, gels and foams. These agents contain fasteners and hooks and other metal wires that fasten into the skin and fold around the tissue and tighten the skin. Why Kligman states in his patent 4877805 you may feel tightening. These agents push and pull giving a false pretense that the skin appears and feels tighter. That is what retinoid therapy is about. Using nano wires, carbons, toxic gases, microorganisms to create a false biofilm that holds toxic gases and microorganisms under these biofilms putting a false pseudo skin over your skin. Using cloaking agents of benzyl alcohol and mineral oil and lightwaves to make these crystal structures invisible to the naked eye. The victim is covered in biofilms and carbon nanotubes and phosphorous compounds that glow in the dark. The victim is trapped is a false masks that to others appear to make the victim’s skin appear younger and tighter. To the victims whose bodies are allergic to these agents and fighting the nano invaders with antigens beings released. The victim being allergic to the compounds, their skin will itch (arsenic, quarternium-15, mercury aryl groups), will get blisters, rashes, dermatitis). The fumes, vapors and mist and neurotoxins, exotoxins and endotoxins from the metals, gases and micrroorganisms will cause memory problems, brain fog, behavior disorders, suicide tendencies, mood swings, depression, eating disorders as these agents effect seratonin and melatonin levels. These agents bind to the neuro receptors, thyroid gland, pineal gland, thalmus gland and other organs. The liquid crystal protein robotic structures will produce threads when defects occur in the walls (biofilms) they build, they produces hinges (just like a hinge on a door), the ecoli (bacteriorhodopsin and human recombinant ecoli rxr) will release toxins and create microtubules, cyclinder structures , and whatever structure they are programming them to create. The ecoli makes the loop to loop kissing reactions. The heads meeting together looping around each other and meeting at the mouth appearing to be kissing. As they pull apart releasing new ones to create walls. Read bioengineers patents on tissue engineering and you will see they are using gases, oriphices, gas vesicles, and retinoids knwon as all trans retinoic acid and isotretinoin. They are using polymers and metals. Cyclohexane makes the boat and chair configurations. The cyclohexane ring opens and shuts. The fatty acids used such as stearates and other alcohol fatty acids make long chain branched structures. I ask that EGW, ITC, ICTA and other advocate groups help in educating the public and helping me to bring a suit against Johnson and Johnson and Hoffman and LaRoche who supplied the retinoids and engineer virus for developing Renova 0.02% and Renova 0.05%. Once you research the chemicals on the drug pamphlet you will see that these agents were used a nano level and where I learned about nanotechnology. You will see liquid silicone being used and the platinum catalyst used in this chemical produces pseudomonas to grow and the NDA 19963 clearly states it was used. Silicone is used to entrap retinoids per DOW’s ow publication on liquid silicone and actually shows a photo shoing the retinoids entrapped. Silicone is used to make nano silicone electrodes. Using the internet for research use protein nano machines and you will see that these proteins are molecular motors used to grip, pull, push, clamp and other uses in manipulating molecules at nano level. You will find that Richard Smalley and Eric Drexler created bucky balls and Rice Univer. patented the nano carbon car. A delivery vehicle used to transport drug molecules to the nucleus. Eric Drexler wrote what he called a sci fiction book on nano robots gone amok. This is what has occurred in reality and these agents are self replicating and self aseembling onto innocent victims. You need to look up Univer of Penn Nano community as you will see what they are producing and have been producing at nano level. The “picket fence” is a
    term that scares me to death. These blogs are being left to educate all citizens around the world who may have used these type products. It is to teach all what is in vaccines, vitamins, and how these drugs are causing severe health issues. It is to prepare you on how your trusting physician will turn on you. How judges will side with the physicians in any matter where a physician will bring false mental issue cases against you, when you get tired of the physician lying to you and prescribing various treatments that make you worse. It starts at that top and infiltrates down on who funded these poisonous drugs, who developed them and profit from the sales, to the one who prescribes that and gets perks from the pharmaceutical corps. Watch the movie “Changling” with Angelina Jolie and you see how corrupt the system can be when it comes to political favors and the money that is exchanged in pharmaceutical and govt funding of the research. The govt gets royalty rights on all drugs they fund and approve. The pharmaceutical coprs profit and stock rises for them and all their subsidies involved, the researchers are given unlimited money for the research and to pay themselves generously for their time, sales people profit for selling the product to physicians and pharmacies. Attorneys will profit for the handful of cases they are allowed to take on, but will leave out the majority of sufferers. If you see an advertisement “Have you suffered an injury from a drug” call us now and we will help prove your case. Is that not an invitation to take your case to them and expect help? All side effects fall under a drug injury, yet they will deny you help. How and what has happen to people? What did researchers like Staninger and Wymore ask for samples and make a false commitment they were going to help me? Why are journalists not telling the entire truth?

  38. at 7:32 AM

    The biologists and chemists around the world are using aryl compounds in
    their drugs and cosetic products that we use. These are mercury coumpounds
    that cause severe health issues. Using them in nanotechnology at levels that
    can not be seen is still toxic to the human body and the brain. Patents 4654354 and 4556518 are will show you how 13-cis retinoic acid Accutane isotretinoin is prepared and the other will show you how it is used in treating psychosis under US of America patent rights. Aryl compounds are ablet to penetrate into the blood and cross the blood brain barrier. They cause hallucinations, slurred speech, chest pain, coughing, hemoptysis, ulcerative gastrointeritis, acute tubular necrosis, amuria, psychotic reactions, suicidal tendency, proteinuria, kidney failure. Nanotechnology is about moving moleculars at a level that can’t be seen and used to grow larger structures. Nowhere is stated how it stops growing, stops relplicating, stops self aseembling. The above chemical compound of aryl is why Accutane patients suffer suicide tendencies, hallucinations, Crohns and irritable bowel syndrome that not one professional from physcians, FDA personnel, nor attorneys have stated to the public. These chemicals cause dermatitis as well as quaternium-15 used, burns as well as the phosphorous compounds that deplete the calcium in the bones and turn it to phosphorous. It will cause injury to the jaw burns and why patients have cheilitis of the lips and gingerivitis of the teeth. It will loosen the teeth. Christopher DeRosa, PhD, Director of ATSDR Div of Toxicology has a report on the internet. This was known since 1984, yet these compounds were still used in our drugs and cosmetics. 13-cis retinal is derived from the bacteriorhodopsin, a fungus/bacteria structure compound of c20 the smallest fullerene carbon used in nanotechnology and hyrdogen and oxygen. It is a protein that makes the sandwich fold and known as the purple glob. Using these proteins that contain DNA of bacteria and fungus will alter the human genetics. They are using ttnpb an engineered hepatitis B virus to create nano wires. They are using pseudomoas aeruginosa and per the patent the pseudomonas makes hollow tubes. Using hollow tubes to create nano tubes. Per James ODonnell another side effect of Accutane is fissures which are deep creases in the skin. These deep creases are the hollow tubes binding to the skin and in the skin to make nano getters to push and pull these agents to create biofilms as they are spin. Furanoid is used to create birdlike cage and half cage, and do they need and agent to create cages in the human body? Furanoid is derived from fusarium and that makes its a GMO (genetically modified organisms as is all agents used in retinoids). Aryl is known to cause Keratitis and Accutane is known to cause Keratitis as well as pseudomonas. A physician wrote in his notes I have Keratitis. So it would be reasonable to state that Renova 0.05% caused me to have Keratitis. Every person using retinoids Vitamin A must known the dangers of these chemicals and that all chemicals used with them are poisons. Someone out there must help all of us that have suffered. Young people given these drugs are committing suicide and violent acts. Thee agents are contagious and infectious and someone needs to start caring. No one knows who they are standing next to or sitting next to that might have been contaminated with such horrific acts of bioweapons being done by the pharmaceutical corps and approvd by corrupts officials in the FDA. It is my duty and responsibility to help all I can reach in knowning who is causing health issues to people. We are now forced to carry health insurance, yet we are not able to state to a physician what tests we want in proving a drug caused injury, as they will label you delusional. Well doesn’t that inforce more reason to have tests done as these drugs cause neurotoxins to reach the brain and proves why we are having neurological problems? Under the Constitution we are entitiled to participate in our health issue. They are using bacterias, fungus, and yeast in our products and we have a right to micosusceptibility testing and that is stated in 21 CFR 201.57 and a drug is to be labeled with such test. Not one attorney, govt official or physicians seems to understand this entire point that I have stated. I am entitiled to have biological testing for a drug that was known to cause so many injuries and toxicities to my body. “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. I pray that Hank Albarelli and Martha Rosenberg help reach the public and FDA officials and the attorney general so this does not happen to anyone else. I lost alot years of quality of life and spent all free time researching patents, defining terminology I didn’t understand, chemical banks, protein banks and medical publications.

  39. at 9:24 PM

    I read an email from a gentleman who is suffering like so many. He states how his dermatologist denies him tests and disregards what he is stating. It is time dermatologist become unemployed. Time for them to see what it feels
    like to be “fired” and no income. They betrayed their patients and put many of their patients lives in great danger with the misuse of prescribing poisons that do more harm and do no good. For those who think your skin looks younger due to retinoid treatments. Think again. You skin is not your skin, it is bioengineered skin. It is a false mask of gases and microorganisms. Look up benzyl alcohol and you will see it is used for reconfiguring nano carbon wires. It is used as a cloaking agent with mineral oil and light waves to make crystal structures appear invisible to the naked eye. Retinoids are crystal structures. In one such drug, Renova 0.05% benzyl alcohol and mineral oil are used. DMSO is used and it partitions the tissue to allow these crystal liquid cholesterol fatty acids known as retinoids to enter into the skin and work under the skin. Using micelles that are wormlike cones, rods and spheres. Liquid silicone is used to encapsulate the retinoids. Liquid silicone uses platinum as a catalyst. It is known in the civil suits against DOW, liquid silicone implants that pseudomonas grows on platinum. It is stated in the NDA 19963 that pseudomonas and staph aureus was used in the drug Renova. Pseudomonas causes perivascular mononuclear infiltrates, otherwise known as leukocytoclastic reacation. Yet, the dermatologist who did a biopsy of a halo freckle on the arm and before waiting for the results stated the patient was delusional. Had he ordered the pathologist do to a microsusceptibility test he might have found out that pseudomonas and staph aureus were involved. He didn’t care about the patient and her health. His dermatology office was a apart of Cooper Hospital that is a division of R W Johnson Research. He was more concerned in covering up a horrible crime that helping his patient. That doctor is Warren Heymann and he does not deserve to be able to practice medicine. An eye witness was there for his false pretense of an examination. He and every doctor who left a patient to suffer and denied doing any biological testing and make false allegations against their patient have to be prosecuted and sent to prison where prisoners can practice injecting them with poisons. As it was the prisons where drug experiments begin on their path to being approved. Every official working at the FDA and CDC who allowed these poisons to be approved and not properly labeled need to be prosecuted and all pensions and entitlements taken from them. The law clearly states biological drugs need to be labeled for microsusceptibility tests and that is not being done. Dr. Murray Lumkin, Director of the FDA in 1995 needs to be held responsible for causing so much pain and suffering to so many innocent people. To put someone through 14 years of hell was cruel. To take away someone’s quality of life was a criminal act and violation of the Constitution of the America. Every attorney who denied help to those who pleaded for help need to be disbarred. Drug injury attorneys used NDA’s to build their cases against pharmaceutical coprs. THey sit and wait until there are enough injuries and then they bring civil cases. The attorneys profit and the few that they decide to represent get small compensations and that is only if they were still alive. Justice is for and justice should not cost a dime.

  40. at 8:13 PM

    I do not have trust in physicians do to my findings and this is not a conspiracy theory it is a fact. They have to know what they are prescribing to you by law and have to know the side effects are suppose to by law inform you of these side effects. They are suppose to do microsusceptibility tests when you suffer a reaction and they are not. Biological drugs, which the public has no education in, are suppose to be labeled for what biological agents are being used and what alterations they would cause to the blood, cells and bones, liver and other organs, yet, Johnson and Johnson has been allowed to violate those laws and Eric Holders office has had knowledge of these violations as well as many govt officials. No statute of limitations should be held against a citizen who tried for so long to get help and reported her findings to so many for so long. A pharmaceutical corp by law is to report all adverse reactions on new drugs but Johnson and Johnson did not do this as they were busy having Renova 0.02% approved and any reports of adverse reactions would stop the approval and them from making millions to billions off this drug. As the approval of this retinoid drug allowed all others to develop their own retinoid products. Retinoids alter gene expression and when you use these biological cells that contain DNA of other species of life they are then altering the human race. They are using retinoids from bacteria (ecolis), fungus, yeast, rats, mice, dogs, marine animals, monkeys and putting them into drugs. Retinoids regulate bones, skin, eyes, limbs, tails, wings, etc. Using retinoids from monkeys can then alter a human race in future generations to create tails, to create wings, to create whatever that species of life was used. The RXR is the human recombinant ecoli that can splice and slice genetics. The side effects of retinoids are the same side effects of Morgellons Disease. Retinoids are used in many over the counter products from hair Dyes, Rogaine, hand lotions, anti aging creams, cosmetics, to drugs prescribed by physicians, to suntan lotions. Morgellons effect more professional women than any other population. These are the women who use cosmetics and hair dyes and anti aging creams. I have nothing to gain by giving this information to all. My hope is to save lives and prevent people from usig thse products that will destroy your life. These agents are toxic and secrete poisons as well as the toxic gases and metals used in making these agents. No one should suffer the heartache I have suffered and these retinoid benefits do not outweigh the risks that are not being informed to any of us. Hildegarde Staninger wanted my samples and state they are stuck in lab waiting for payment. I wanted to pay out of my pocket for the results that prove nanotechnology was used and microorganisms and engineered virus ttnp, yet she doesn’t respond. Randy Wymore has had my samples and docuemts, yet he refused to do microsusceptibility tests and tests for proteins and nanotechnology. It took getting the NDA 19963 to find out that microorganisms were used and that these agents caused all my side effects. Yet, I can not get one attorney to help me. Why, because it would expose these entire community of nanotechnology and the misuse of microorganisms in our drugs and vaccines. Microorganisms are being used a drug carriers to deliver the drug molecules through our bodies. Per Staninger when these agents cross the memrane to the nucleus the nucleus will recognize it as itself and start replicating them. Our bodies are self replicating these engineered nano crytal robots. Science has been programming bacteria and proteins. OSu as well as all universities are being funded in this field of science and not one professor, including Randy Wymore is going to expose this to the public. He is paid by the universiity and the university is funded by various govt agencies and no one is going to give up the income to expose the truth. Physicians will not expose the truth and they would have their license taken from them and their ability to practice. The hoax is on us. Until, someone is brave enough to prove the truth, the human race is in big trouble. No one gets rich off a health patient. No one gets rich from curing a patient. Retinoids are chemo drugs that were too toxic for cancer patients, yet the FDA approved these agents to be put on people’s faces and where the vapors, mists and fumes would contaminate the eyes and respiratory and digestive system. These agents form long chain reactions and have enjoined heads and tails. They are altering our hair follicles as hair is protein and using gastric acids used in isotretinoin and nano technology are used to unfold proteins and where these agents hidden in the folded matrix of our hair. Why nanotechnology has been compared to a hair follicles and that the hair can contain thousands of nanoparticles. Our hair is now our enemy. Geometric chemistry is using toxic gases of cyclohexane and ethylene, methylene and butadiene. These chemicals use micelles and gas vesicles. The microorganisms are pulled and pushed through the human body via these gases. Retinoids are liqud cholesterol crystal used in LED’s. Liquidcrystals make walls and when defected created threads, hence the fiber disease and the pushing and pulling sensation patients feel as these agents work under the skin via DMSO> These agents are using the hair follicles. These agents cause severe itching as iron oxides of yellow, red, blue ad black are used. Iron oxides are fibrous pigments that emit arsenic and arsenic causes sever itching as wells as quaternium 15 and other agents used. You can email me at ashbonnett1@yahoo.com and I would be glad to help you find patents and how to write to the FOIA to get information on drugs you have used. If we don’t hold corrupt govt officials responsible for endangering the citizens of this country, then we will never be the country that our forefathers fought for and against. If our elected and appointed officials are endangering the sovereign state and have betrayed the people of this country that i treason and carries severe punishment. Laws are for all of us and no one is above them. I never hurt anyone and only wanted to be dianosed and get treated so I could be the wife and mother I was before being poisoned by a doctor I tusted. Instead I was banned from justice and where my life would be forever ruined. The silencing of the innocent to protenct the evil monsters that were able to get positions within our govt that they did not deserve. If we don’t stick together and stop it, this may happen and probably will happen to you next or someone you care about. Please help me. I would rather die than live like this. As one greate man stated “Give me Liberty or give me Death.”

  41. at 7:26 PM

    My research has been extensive on chemicals used in our drugs, vaccines, vitamins, cosmetic products. My research began after suffering a severe reaction to a tretinoin cream that was new on the market to lure women to use to prevent wrinkles and fade dark spots. It was developed at Holmesburg Prison, by dermatologist professor A M Kligman. A man who was banned by the FDA for inhumane experimetns and where Dr. Donald Pillsbury had him reinstated. Dr. Pillsbury own patent developed for using yeast and other micros in his products has led to a lot of people being gluten intolerant. GMOS is using chemicals from living organisms. Those chemicals will carry the DNA of that organisms and will cause the human body to fight off these foreign chemicals. One speck of bacteria will begin to grow and colonize. It was known in science that the human body will reject cells from other organisms, such as in implants. A technology was developed by science to trick the body in not knowning these foreign agents are in the body. This technology is known. Nanotechnology is using microorganisms and nano carbon tubes and wires, metals, proteins, viruses at nano level to build larger structures. It was about futuristic science. Yet, all knew the toxicity of these agents and continue to forge on in a science that never should of been thought of. Patents on drugs and vaccines and vitamins will inform you that various govt agencies are funding pharmaceutical corps, univerisities and private corporations in developing these nano agents in products and drugs we use. The billions already invested won’t go to waste, even when all knew that innocent people were suffering. Not one physicians will do tests for you to prove a drug caused toxicity to your body. Only a few people will get legal redress. and that is only to keep a false trust in govt and judicial bodies. The majority will not be heard as it would bankrupt these pharmaceutical corps. and physicians who are prescribing these poisons. Journalist will continue to keep the public leary of these corporations, yet will not completely prove what corps are causing injury to the public and who in the public are suffering. Patents and NDA (new drug applications) will inform you of what subjects suffered from in testing of these drugs, but you will have to jump through loops to get this information via FOIA. One such drug Renova 0.05% contained microorganisms such as pseudomonas aerugnos and staph aureus. It contained an engineered virus used at nano level. It contained agents that make bird like cages known as furanoid. It contained banned drugs like Etretinate, yet not labeled. It contain isotretinoin (accutane) yet not labeled. If this drug contained so much poisoning and no listing of these chemical violating CFR 201.57 and 314.80, how many other producs used MRSA agents like pseudomonas and staph aureus? NASA and ICTA knew that carbon nano tubes cause asbestosis of the lungs and knew that aniaging creams containd these carbon nano tubes. Yet, noone stopped the use of these agents o the general population. No researcher of ethics and morals is helping those who are suffering life long cytoxic reacions. Attorneys are discriminating on who they help and leaving innocent people to suffer. I pray that I will find someone soon that will help in getting the tests needed to prove who are doing this. I pray for each and everyone citizen on Earth as the human race is being altered into mutagenic genes. Retinoids are microorganisms and organelles. They are being mutated by chemicals like DMSO, which partitions the skin to allow entry of these molecular proteins. A chemical that was approved for one disease is being allowed to be used in anything and everything. Retinoids work under the skin and use of geometric chemistry causes the pushing and pulling sensation. I am exhausted and devastated by the lack of help that I have begge for. I lost all I worked for in Hurricane Sandy and six months later became homeless again when a hit and run damaged the pole that holds up the deck to my new home. Evacuated and nowhere to go. But I never give on my quest to find someone honest and ethical who will help in getting tests so that all can hold these monsters responsible. I pray for all.

  42. at 1:19 AM

    Wil Spencer MRSA is extremely easy to kill using our products in the protocols that we recommend as long as you are willing to step out from under the box of symptom relief thinking. I will be on Roxies show in the near future and would love to address some of these topics or you can easily contact me through my website; http://www.bodyelectrician.com

    The Body Electrician Virtual Clinic
    We at the Body Electrician Clinic believe the human body is continually striving…
    See More
    11 hours ago · Like ·
    Wil Spencer the natural chelation protocol that we use is able to kill all known pathogenic loading as well as dismantle the nano-technology refered to in the above website through a natural digestion process of the microorganisms and the negitive ionic charge of the minerals we use in tandem with a diet that eliminates mostly all insoluble fiber and almost anything that raises the glucose levels.

  43. at 1:18 AM

    Hopeful Hooves Health food stores, Swanson vitamins on line, easily available, but must be conscious of dosage, because it is toxic out of dosage and could require keylation if you take to much. Copper is the ideal anti viral for hospital surfaces as well and has been tested and found improves efficiency in creating sterile surfaces by 100% over antigermicidals which microbes adapt to and become resistant to in a few generations.
    17 hours ago · Like
    Andi Farley Hmmm. Is there a dosage recommendation or is one supposed to wing it? I really don’t need any more toxins flowing through my blood stream. I believe I have enough aluminum, barium..etc. to last a lifetime.
    17 hours ago · Like
    Hopeful Hooves You have to look it up to check out dosage. Takean as a supplement it will be a reccomended dosage. Some people are acutely sensitive others not so much. If you are plagued with viral infections this is a good alternative. Minimize carbs and raw sugar intake as well, they as a host for infection as well as cancer.
    17 hours ago · Like
    Allan Roy upsetting!
    15 hours ago · Like
    Wil Spencer any allopathic treatment and most natural treatments are virtually ineffective as these new strains of biological warfare agents are antibiotic resistant, natural or medical.
    11 hours ago · Like
    Wil Spencer I use and recommend probiotics, we use over 350 different strains of probiotics in the products we recommend to our clients.
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  44. at 1:17 AM

    Andi Farley I agree! There is a horrible crime being committed and they are more than happy to keep prescribing Big Pharms drugs..instead of finding out what the REAL problem is. I’m glad you shared your story, Angelique. My Hubby, right now, has a strange growth on his scalp. This is more proof that I can now use to get to the bottom of this! I’m to see my doctor this very morning. We have a LOT to discuss now. He tried to tell me that I can stay on the antibiotics FOREVER! Wow. That blew me away. ♥
    Yesterday at 12:53am · Like
    Gail Rasmussen You all need to be on probiotics. The anti-biotics work against the body (just like their name implies) and they kill off your natural immunities and your good flora in the gut. Get thee to a vitamin/nutritional supplements shop ASAP!
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  45. at 1:15 AM

    Andi Farley OMG, Angelique! That is horrible! I’ve been on antibiotics for 5 months now. I was deaf in one ear due to some strange strand of MRSA that still won’t go away. No surgery yet..but, if they don’t identify it soon…I can see it in the near future. How awful for your child to have a endure a surgery like that. 🙁 {{{{HUGS}}}}
    Yesterday at 12:45am · Like · 1
    Angelique Collins I’m so sorry about your ear Andi. The weird thing is the didn’t TEST us for ANYTHING! They just took our word for it as to what it MIGHT be & we reluctantly took 3 antibiotics for 2 weeks. I was the first to get it about 2 years ago as a 3″ x 4″ mass on my skull, & then I had one on my face or head for an entire year HARD, large ,deep pocket, boil like things that wouldn’t pop. We have NO idea but I’m thinking they are OVER diagnosing MRSA.
    Yesterday at 12:49am · Like · 1
    Andi Farley I agree! There is a horrible crime being committed and they are more than happy to keep prescribing Big Pharms drugs..instead of finding out what the REAL problem is. I’m glad you shared your story, Angelique. My Hubby, right now, has a strange growth on his scalp. This is more proof that I can now use to get to the bottom of this! I’m to see my doctor this very morning. We have a LOT to discuss now. He tried to tell me that I can stay on the antibiotics FOREVER! Wow. That blew me away. ♥
    Yesterday at 12:53am · Like
    Gail Rasmussen You all need to be on probiotics. The anti-biotics work against the body (just like their name implies) and they kill off your natural immunities and your good flora in the gut. Get thee to a vitamin/nutritional supplements shop ASAP!
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  46. at 1:13 AM

    Roxy, I’m getting concerned. My husband & I have contracted SOMETHING, like hard mass boils on our skin but they are NOT boils. They treated us for MRSA & the terrible pain, but now one of my children has one growing & my husband thinks his is back. He has not been able to move his neck for 2 weeks now, in bed other than the ER visit last night. Did I mention this same child of ours almost died last year from an “unidentified” strand of “staff” or “something”. He was there for over a month, bone surgery to dig out the infection almost one pound of it from an 8 year olds leg! Strange enough another girl was on the floor for the SAME REASON, SAME UNIDENTIFIED strand, surgery , same leg! As FATE would have it, the ONLY reason we found out about her is because my best friend called me & said one of her employees kids was there for the same thing. Us mothers talked at the hospital & we BOTH had constant contact with someone working in the weapons division on the base we live by. I’m clueless but it looks like our fight is not over…I’m worried
    Yesterday at 12:41am · Unlike · 2

  47. cheryl
    at 2:10 AM

    I also have Morgellons, as well as many of my neighbors, and many others, who do not even realize they have it yet. NO Medical help available to make the HORROR all the worse! ‘New HORROR Disease” to beat ALL Others! Far more tewrrifying than AIDS! And is ‘Man Made’ (we are ALL in big trouble with this one)

  48. at 6:49 AM

    UPDATE APRIL 20 2012
    Sorry to report Olgacom story is a HOAX, it has been debunked at Debunked: Olgacom Scandal, Alenka Wacek, and Chemtrails

  49. at 9:04 PM

    Her name is Alenka Wacek
    she is a (BRAVE) young Polish woman revealing the truth about chemtrails

    Her petition page….

  50. at 7:47 PM

    Roxy thank you so much for your work on chemtrails!

    Just found this video on YouTube. Polish woman who worked for company organizing the logistics of chemtrail spraying has made a video claiming Olgacom / Monsanto is behind chemtrails, at least in Europe. She has been threatened by the company. PLEASE INTERVIEW HER! Please get her name out so as to prevent the company from carrying out actions against her.

    I posted the video on my website. Olgacom and Monsanto responsible for chemtrails

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