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Morgellons! The ugly truth! We interview (2) Morgellons Sufferers & we are still in shock.

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 What is Morgellons Disease and do you have it?

Morgellons Disease is like no other disease under the sun that I know of.  Please listen to the show, and ask yourselves one question, “Do I have Morgellons Disease? And if so, what can I do about it”? Please put yourselves in Marie and Melani’s shoes. Their story is right out of a Science Fiction Movie, with one huge exception,  their story is true!

The Truth Denied has been educated and reports on Caroline Carter’s work, she too is a Morgellons sufferer, former biologist, and an Alternative Health Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist.

FACT: Caroline Carter, Practitioner in Paphos, Cyprus has tested the population via hair samples. She is getting alarming results, 8 out of 10 tested are testing positive for Morgellons. Please see Caroline Carter’s work here Morgellons Disease Studies.


In this radio Interview

Marie Palac of Sweden and Melani Vritschan who  lives in Brussels

Dr. Wil Spencer of the USA  opens the show regarding Morgellons and GMOS’s, the relationship between chemtrails  and Disease.


               Photos of our guests:

                    Melani Vritschan and her son.

                                                  Marie Palac of Sweden BEFORE Morgellons (2008)

                                                                      Marie in 2012


                                          Dr. Will Spencer

About Dr. Wil Spencer
“Vibrant Health is the Remedy for ALL Disease”
Revealing the corporate interests in the current state of health, health care, food and environment by following the trail of created wealth in these areas allows us a far greater flexibility in our willingness and ability to recognize the severity of betrayal. Wil Spencer, a self created Naturopath, has gained an eclectic education and a deep understanding in all areas of life and is guiding the exodus of return to Vibrant Health by all life forms via re-creating balance in nature’s original design.
Contact Info : http://bodyelectrician.com/

We commend our guests for having the courage to come forward to discuss one of the most corrupt cover-ups know as Morgellons Disease

If you have questions for Marie or Melani , please write us at info@thetruthdenied.com subject Line Show April 6th, 2012

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71 Responses “Morgellons! The ugly truth! We interview (2) Morgellons Sufferers & we are still in shock.”

  1. Daphne Sam
    at 12:51 PM

    Doctors and the medical community deny Morgellons as a disease because it is indeed a biologically engineered weapon designed to slow kill the victim and to create curtain symptoms that were meant to be treated through medical intervention and pharmaceutical drugs in their milder forms that they both profit from. The same thing with their denial of chemtrails which weaken the immune system that makes us all susceptible to other disease that they can both treat and profit from like cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, heart disease, diabetes and the like which they never seem to know how to cure but only treat the symptoms of which they all profit from through their intervention which can be easily cured with things that can be bought at your local grocery store and vitamin & herb shop and they know it and that they are no longer needed and are obsolete.
    By the way we all have a degree of Morgellons through their contaminating our environment, air, food and water and personal care products such as bubblebath and on underwear and in our vaccinations.

  2. Wolfgang Jahn
    at 3:54 PM

    Listen: There is hope. There are things you can do in a not espensive way to kill that morgellons inside you. That stops also the effects of electronic harasment. They use this morgellons for vibrations in the body when the shoot with microwaves on their victims. So I am such a victim and I promis you it helps. Take possodium-ionide. Take baths with epson-salt (Magnesium-Sulfat). And youse Borax for washing your laundry. All this stuff works as an anti-fungizit for your body. Because everybody has this morgellons. Look the videos of: ‘lookautfa Charlie’ on youtube. He explains everything what I wrote shortly.

  3. Justin Sandor Cooper
    at 8:50 PM

    I do realize that all the patient’s want to be interviewed. I realize they all claim to have similar sample’s, video, picture’s, etc. Although, every victim want’s the same recognition & to prove their condition is real I think it is time to really put all are data together and really try a professional, careful, & most of all, thorough effort working along side the (9) Doctor’s involved with this here in Seattle, WA. I think you will find that I am very competent, intelligent, positive and also would like to help these individual’s

    Yours truly,

    Justin S Cooper

    • Mia Lombardi
      at 10:40 PM

      You stated there are doctors in Seattle? Could you please point me in their direction?
      I moved from Az to greater Seattle because morgellons in that heat n sun was becoming a death sentence for me. Yet now that summer is upon us once again I am in need of some relief from the immense pain ,nausea n fatigue if possible.

  4. Justin Sandor Cooper
    at 8:28 PM

    Dear Ms. Lopez:

    I have been working on a book on Morgellon’s Disease for the last (4) yrs. These patient’s have not just been treated in a horrific manner but my research show’s a pattern of behavior that is insidious to say the least by the Doctor’s & the CDC not limited to the Health Dept. I have all the sample’s in multiple location’s. Why are the Doctor’s doing this to the victim’s? We need help here in Seattle. There is a catalog of picture’s I would like to send The Truth Denied. We are losing hope! Honestly, someone need’s to listen or mentally a lot of people will lose their will to keep fighting!


    Justin S. Cooper
    P.O. Box 4
    Vashon, WA 98070
    1-(206)-465-2982 cell.
    1-(206)-463-3609. Bus.
    1-(206)-463-1808 Fax
    Email: wugman74@gmail.com

  5. Allison Faraday
    at 1:23 AM


    I have contracted a Nematode that until 1995 had never infected a human. In 1995 Monsanto genetically modified this nematode and the bacteria within it, making it more “beneficial” to use I gardening to kill off other insects. I have pictures on 100’s of these evacuating my skin on my arm a after pouring bleach in it. I also have a picture of them coming out around my eyes and eye brows, and temple. These images are irrefutable. I would like to do an interview with you, and to explain my theory on morgellons, which this is, I get the fibers too, yellow, white, brown, black and blue. I have photographic and video proof. I also recently discovered the a medication that has promising results, Fenbendazole, it was recently purchased by Merck pharmaceutical and Although it’s a fairly benign medication in humans and has even been studied as a cancer cure, whith great results! This medication have never been made available for humans. This is why Merck bought it, because they will make billions once morgellons is finally accepted by the medical community and they can “discover” that this is the treatment of choice for humans.

    • Janine
      at 7:50 AM

      Hello Allison my name is Janine
      I have had the same symptoms for over 1 1/2 yr. I’m not sure if contagious as I’m around lots people all day everyday and others if have it don’t show like me. I don’t have a thyroid gland which helps with immunity . These symptoms are related with fungus and biofilm and bacteria argobacterium spelling and also what you said. It is comorbid . I notice when chemtrails not spraying my symptom are less but I used to live gardening can’t anymore as I get tons of black specks coming out body if I put hydrogen peroxide on it. I use borax to clean and borax laundry to bath with I use bakingbsoda and borax. I have used ivermectin when symptoms bad as seemed like scabie mites as in fingers waist all pulse points areas. Very scary. This has been going on for years and common person is oblivious . I pray for you and all of world to stop whatever whoever cause if this afflication .

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