The Truth Denied Talk Radio Presents: Electronic Monitoring & Microwave weapons testing: just a symptom of the bigger problem! IF you have any of the symptoms, we highly recommend that you contact Jesse Beltran at  today! Jesse Beltran’s email is

ON the show today, Jesse Beltran and Lars Lundgraad Mentioned the following symptoms for the thousands of victims that they have interviewed, please check the list.



Sleep Deprivation/Insomonia


Ringing in the ears

Death threats (including via phone and email)

Unwarranted assaults


Gang Stalking

General stalking

You feel you that you are ‘under surveillance”.

Find items in your home that are not your belongings

Come home to find items misplaced

Items in your home that are moved and you did not do it.


Nightmares that is consistent day after day

Voices (either when going to bed or when the room is quiet external voices or conversations)

Hearing Conversations of people you do not know when the room is quiet

Unusual paranoia

Burning sensation that persists on a particular part of your body when there is no ordinary explanation for it.

Involuntary movements (unexplained)

Implants located in your body


Today’s radio interview covers everything you need to know, so listen here:


Guests are Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard


Jesse Beltran of ICAACT

Jesse is from Sacramento California. He is a retired Sacramento City Firefighter Paramedic. He was educated by one of the premiere paramedic training facilities in the United States.  M.E.T.S. has a reputation of producing some of the top performing paramedics in the nation under the professorship of Rodney Shimamoto. Mr. Beltran is a retired sworn peace officer who helped with training of newly recruited cadets in the Sacramento Police Departments training academy.  Mr. Beltran has been an expert witness for the City of Sacramento in litigation and has also been as a professional witness in murder cases.   Mr. Beltran was also a member of the Mathematics Science and Engineering Association through an outreach program through the University of California at Davis. He attended California State University of Sacramento and became an instructor of blood and air borne pathogens. His professional profile includes such positions as the founder of a technology company which specialized in virtual reality sciences. He is a proprietary programmer, a network developer, and co-founder of a company which was acquisitioned in the late 1990’s to become the third largest Internet service provider in the State of California. Jesse was the Vice President of this Company under Coastal Web Online. Coastal Web Online was one of the first companies in Northern California to develop and disperse line of site high speed data via micro wave technologies. He then moved on to become Chief of Operations for NexTrac Communications which was one of the top three dealerships in Northern California. Mr. Beltran brought his expertise on telecommunications to this company which gave it a National footprint overnight.
In 2009 Mr. Beltran went public as a victim of Domestic Terrorism after being witness to a murder committed by law enforcement.  Mr. Beltran was scanned by Dr. John Hall and was found to be emitting a radio frequency from his right mandibular area.  This corresponded with a foreign body visible in MRI scans and High Digital Panoramic x-rays.   Mr. Beltran works closely with Dr. John Hall, the author of a book titled “A New Breed Satellite Terrorism in America.  Dr. Hall is a leading expert in the field of electronic terrorism in the United States and is the serendipitous stimulus to the world wide radio frequency testing now being performed on a global format through ICAACT.ORG.


Lars Drudgaard of

Lars Drudgaard


– AP. P. in Electronic Development Engineering and Technology, O.T.S.
– Graduated as a Sound Engineer and Audio Designer, Danmedia/Music Academy
– Partly finished education in Audiology. O.T.S/K.T.S.

Lars is from Denmark in Europe. For the last 15 years he has worked in many fields of Sound engineering, at Radio/TV broadcast stations, in music studios both as a sound engineer and producer and has thought sound engineering and audio design. After 10 years in the Rock´n Roll Industry, he decided to scale this down in favor of a full time job at the Danish association of the Blind. Apart from the daily audiobook productions, he worked with the implementation of the digital navigational DAISY format throughout the organization. He was also involved in projects involving the implementation of “audio description” for TV and Cinema. He didn’t quit music completely but limited it to 1-4 times a month at Denmark’s most prestigious modern music venue, VEGA where he worked as a sound engineer and in-house technician.

In recent years he has used his spare time on inventions in the field of professional sound engineering and audiology.

Case Story, the short version

“Due to the International Financial crisis, donations for the Danish Association of the blind where decreasing, and in December 2008 it was announced that they would have to lie of several jobs, a colleague presented me with a job ad that matched my technical background. The Danish Military Intelligence service was looking for personnel with the exact Electronics education that I had. I applied for the job in January 2009, just around the same time, when the Danish Prime-minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was putting in his bet to become NATO general secretary.

I started to take notice of surveillance. Towards the end of February 2009, I got a reply from the Military Intelligence Service. I was rejected for the job, but the surveillance increased instead of going away. Towards the end of May 2009 I got a good insight into the nature of the surveillance system and how it worked, and shortly after that I was subjected to an assassination attempt. Undisclosed sources have since stated that it was possibly an attempt for extraordinary rendition. In the same period the perpetrators, also managed to steal one of my inventions.

I reported my story to the police in Copenhagen, who advised me to contact the Danish Chief of police. The reply I got from the Danish Chief of Police was that he was not authorized to make an investigation into my case.

What followed were a couple of years of extreme psychological torture, which culminated in 2010 with the attempt to program me to become an indiscriminately killing Manchurian Candidate, Where even children would not be spared. Apparently the whole thing was revealed behind the scenes and in autumn 2010 someone intervened and the torture program stopped, and a phase of deprogramming was initiated. Since that time it has been Harassment and surveillance. In January 2011 I became active in the international community, to expose these crimes against humanity.

I started an International Skype call that leads to the forming of ICAACT when Jesse Beltran came into the meetings in autumn 2011.

The work with ICAACT has been my focus ever since.”  ~Lars Drudgaard


The following links reflect a Documentary produced by director Michael Buniak called Redsheep.mpg.  He produced this for two reasons, to keep Mr. Beltran safe and educate the public on the type of human rights abuses that exist in the United States utilizing electronic terrorism.


Dr. John Hall performing RF Scan and Testimony by Dr. Francis Collins of NIH

Symposium hosted by Dr. John Hall, Dr. Terri Robertson, and Dr. Peter Phillips.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Video evidence of RF Scanning from victims around the world performed by ICAACT.ORG

Richard Northern Story

Dr. Barry Trower Interview: 2010

Nuero Revolution:


Please view some of the sources and articles that we have for the listeners and readers to  better educate yourselves with the electronic monitoring of the planet as well as Microwave Weapons Technology.


The following are implants removed from the whistleblower Dave Larson after working for and being tortured by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who are Special Access Program (black ops) contractors for the CIA.


Any further questions feel free to post a comment to this article , and some one will contact you.

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