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I oppose any express intent of the United Nations Agenda 21 scheme to destroy the property rights and personal liberties of the citizens of the United States of America. I strongly oppose any “Sustainability Council” and/or membership in ANY International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

Furthermore, I urge any and all citizens to rebuke and revolt against any company or firm that tries to force this phony sustainability scam on them. These firms/companies have no legal rights whatsoever to make anyone accept their policies, unless they have been legally enacted by the vote of the people of that particular community. These are NOT governmental agencies, yet they will try to force radical concepts such as water rationing, control over crops that local farmers will grow, overbearing restrictions on the use of woodlands and wetlands, and the inhumane policy of eugenics.

Agenda 21 will mean even higher gas, electric, and other energy costs passed on to us and our posterity. Your already limited financial resources will be further drained by the imposition of more toll roads, longer convoluted road systems, and the abuse of eminent domain to in effect, steal your property for the use of the United Nations. It also means that your family will be restricted and/ or rationed on your choices of what to eat by the institution of much higher food prices.

Our citizens cannot and will not be forced into living in a beehive situation. Agenda 21’s intent is to force Americans out of their suburban residences and out of their own vehicles to live in the inner cities against their will.

The “smart energy grid” is just one out of many ways this agenda is being forced upon your family currently. Through the use of “smart meters” for your electricity and natural gas services, your health, privacy, and Bill of Rights have been compromised.

While these devices make it easier for energy companies to compute your electrical usage and deal with connection/disconnection issues, they also have caused a plethora of problems for property owners. After installation, how many of you have had your home’s wiring and breaker panels malfunction at great expense to your family? Were you aware that these installations also meant that many meter readers were put out of work? These “smart meters” also will act as a future surveillance device for the Police State. This is just ONE facet of this evil agenda being implemented by the United Nations against YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

How does it feel to have bankers, CEO’s of globalist corporations, and people who don’t care about your individual rights, making decisions as to what is good for you? I am more than confident that their “work” is not working at all, and certainly not “working” for you. For more information on Agenda 21 and how it will affect America, please view these links:



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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

4 thoughts on “AGENDA 21 PRESS RELEASE from Congressional Candidate STEVE SUSMAN of TEXAS”
  1. Thank you for your words of disparegement and self righteous indignation “westhmpsn”. As a fully awake citizen, I am running for US Congress a second time in an effort to change the Police State and to fight for my country. I am certain that I have “woken up” plenty of people in the process. Even though it is none of your business, my shoe size is 12, and my IQ is 121. At least I can look at people with a clear conscience and know that I had the testicular fortitude to do something. At least I didn’t hide behind a computer and talk a bunch of crap to discourage Americans, or as you call it “waste everyone’s time”. Grow a pair, put your life on the line, go out in the community and take action. By the way, Ms. Lopez asked me to release this news on the site BECAUSE my eyes are wide open. If you are going to sit here and bash people for trying to clean up this corrupt system, then you’re part of the problem.

  2. Many things will stop in 2012- People might want to consider the facts and find a place to face the threat of life with your conscience working along with the facts- People need to awaken and realize that our government and politics are just wasting our time left with BS to keep the American citizens further distracted from the imminent dangers to life and the Earth- Planet X is nothing to take lightly and as Fukushima and all the blood thirsty ‘UNIFORMS’ just waiting for the violence to start full strength, this political BS is silly and means nothing- If any one thinks that talking and elections are going to make a difference then your IQ is no bigger than your shoe size-Even if there is some elections, it will not matter because the ones who change the offices will be of the same that occupies them now- There are no fare elections in this country and haven’t been for many years- Your change will come with Martial Law and catastrophes, and cataclysmic events and even if you blink, I want to assure you that you will see it when you open your eyes because all the things will come and when they pass, so will you-

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