Earth’s Sun is now a Brown Dwarf Star: We are no longer orbiting the same sun! Emily Cragg Explains!

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Guest: Emily Cragg

TOPIC: Dysinfo in Astronomy and Space Science



Proof of Earth’s NEW sun  which Emily Cragg states is a “Brown Dwarf Star” !  Earth is  no longer orbiting the same sun! 

Emily Cragg shows us the proof, and has the answers that we all ask!


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Emily Cragg’s work :   has several pages of Emily’s planetary astronomy work


MARS:  (ROVER)  “Let’s move on to Mars. Here’s a pan-scape, but the focal point is 90 feet away, so motion in the foreground, human figures are all shadows; but you can clearly see we are looking down a road and there are clouds in the sky–not to mention the foreground problem. But each of us sees what each of us expects, so I’ll let you see for yourself.”

~ Emily Cragg



MARS:  “When is a road not a road, and when are  pedestrians not pedestrians?”  EMILY CRAGG


MARS:  REGARDING WATER  “ Mars has water; life requires water. Golly! Ya think? Ya think NASA’s having fun with us, and their wry, “Well maybe someday we’ll DETECT life.” What BS. It’s there, now. And NASA has reasons to withhold what is true from us the People.”  ~ Emily Cragg




Photos provided by NASA and are PUBLIC Domain Images.


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EMILY CRAGG’s background:


As technical Representative and Corporate Trainer for Xerox Corporation, her job was to correct faults in copy reproduction, namely:  skew,scaling, contrast & hue.

At UC Berkeley, Emily worked in the Anthropology Department assisting doctoral students with their dissertations, so Anthropology research is very familiar to me.

At GeoMasonUniversity, her philosophical method of choice became Phenomenology, and that method forms the basis for Emily’s judgments about Astronomical and NASA photo quality (or lack of it).

After Emily Cragg retired, she became interested in the Mars Rover program because she  noticed some
obvious CHANGES and ALTERATIONS to some of their photos.  Since 2007, Emily has been analyzing and attempting to correct NASA photos, in order to SEE real details, not just politically-correct content.

Photos provided by NASA and are PUBLIC Domain Images.



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