At first glance, I was truly horrified!  A genetically modified pet,that looks like a doll?  I am so sick of GE foods and the large amount of animal cruelty that needs to just STOP. I am scared to even look at this site any further, but curiosity has got the better of me! Aren’t you at least a bit intrigued , at the same time sick to your stomach?

Come with me……….let’s check this out together right now.Here is what one of the Genpets look like, frightening, I mean  who would buy this for there kid may  I ask?

Brace yourself, here’s the pitch!

  • Bioengineered Pet
  • Allergen Free
  • Child Safe
  • Low Maintenance
  • Never Before Seen Packaging

Not only is this so sad, it is down right creepy!!!  And look at the poor little things , alive, stuck in the plastic with their little life support system attached……are you getting ill yet? Is this making you livid?

And the nerve, they bio-engineered them to live for one year or three years…what has the world come to?

This is absurd, and how can this even be legal?

The website has a meet and greet that states:

The Only Bioengineered Buddy. Available in 7 different personality types.

Color Coding
Each personality type of the Genpets has been linked to its respective colour, and that color is then used as a base for each package.

Heart Monitor
Each package has a built in low cost heart monitor that is fully functional, with green LED lights and built in speaker.

Fresh Strip
Every single package includes an easy to use “fresh gauge”. Four simple blue LED lights display the status of the Genpet™. The display will also display if the Genpet™ has been sitting on the store shelf too long, or if the package circuitry has malfunctioned in some way.

These are real live pets and they are selling them like dolls? Is anyone else having a problem with this?The deeper you go into the website, the more horrific it gets, check out their resale package pdf. which states:

“Restraining the pets in their packaging ensures no damage during shipment, as well as that no other security precautions need be taken to ensure the pets stay in their packaging while on open store shelves.
The pets have been positioned for maximum viewing, allowing customers to see the pets fully with no need to remove them from the packages or to have display models.  This means less store space need be taken up by extra props and in-store displays.  Bio-Genica has listened to feedback received
from retailers, and responded.

Every single Genpet TM package comes embedded with an onboard 16f628a microchip that not only controls and monitors life functions, but also adds custom tracking abilities.”

But wait, do you dare look at the RESALE Catalog???

I did take a look and now I  am outraged !!! I am calling this company right now….I am not just going to watch this company blatantly sell bioengineered pet dolls that are some type of animal…enough!!!! What has the world come to ???

Okay, let’s do this, where is the phone number, we are doing this together , we are calling !!!


….yes, Hello, my name is Roxy Lopez and I am with The Truth Denied Media………….”Okay thanks very much, I will, yes , thank you…………..

Oh wow, Genpets was developed to make the public aware of what may come…..clever! Notice when you go to the website, they have no prices? No way to actually order them?

“Is Genpets then a ‘hoax’ because it’s not real? One big fabrication, a lie to deceive and waste time? If it is, then so is almost every work of art ever created. The idea behind art, probably the most basic idea, is to create an illusion.

They have a point!  It worked for me, how about you??? Okay what else do they have to say???

‘Someone who paints a tree, unless they’ve posted a note beside the painting saying “this is not a tree” (“ce ne pas une pipe?”) would then be a ‘hoax’ for the same reason. It is the image of an object that does not exist. Again, like many works of creation be it a novel or film, the idea is to get the viewer thinking about the issues it brings up, but it requires a certain suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer. It baffles me how many people are like “oh ha ha you got me”. The idea isn’t to ‘get you’…. it’s to help get you thinking about these issues, no matter what your opinion…. If I simply shout ‘It’s not real!’ on the main page, or throw my opinion in your face with a large artist statement all that is lost, and then there’s pretty much zero point to the entire website then. While I don’t personally ever want to see genpets become a reality, I really like that there’s such a strong dynamic in opinions. So many people want one and so many are aggressively against it.’

“…genetically engineered plants, seeds and animal tissue could all be patented. Today, agricultural crops are being modified and organisms with built-in obsolescence are being sold as commodities. Life itself is quickly becoming a processed commodity in the privatization of nature. Biological engineering by large companies, outside of nature has become a terrifying reality for my generation to contend with.
Many times, research and development follow funding (usually fuelled by commercial interests).
Genpets takes a step back to examine trends in the pet craze and ponder where a new technology like Biotech may take it. A critical step in Genpets is that it also echoes current states such as pet stores and factory farms. 
It’s important to take a critical look at both sides of an issue before coming to any sort of conclusion. Bioengineering could lead to medical breakthroughs that save lives, but will it? Or will it be used in the same way we use the majority of technology in our lives?”

Genpets is 100% meant to illicit an emotional reaction but it’s up to you the viewer to decide what that reaction is. That’s why I’m more interested in writing an explanation like this then some heavy handed essay. I think that is where a lot of contemporary art fails.

I’ve written the Genpets website with a heavy dose of sarcasm, so while you can’t see “the canvas” (and people complain that it’s too ‘real’, simply reading the website should be enough to kick in that this isn’t real. But failing that, and the fact there’s no prices, there’s no out of package shots, and that science isn’t at this level yet, there’s this explanation you’re hopefully reading.’  Check them out!!!

And now when you see Facebook people posting the GENPETS website, you can tell them what it is REALLY all about, and WHY!

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By The Truth Denied

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36 thoughts on “Bioengineered Pets! Genpets are real animals sold as dolls! Or are they?”
  1. You’d have to be a total moron to believe this. At most they would be some type of animatronic toy, they’re not even that.

  2. They’re not real. Genpets is an artistic “sculpture” installation created to cause a reaction in people. They’re made of clay, they’re not animals in packages. Relax.

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