Interesting show to say the least, and Jesse Ventura is either “acting” or he is really confused by the concept  that revolves around one of the biggest conspiracy theories floating around the 21st century: That being a NEW WORLD ORDER controlled by an ancient blood line known best as The Reptilian Agenda.


In this episode, Jesse speaks with quite  a few well known and respected individuals, but I must say he  saves the best for last, his interview with the well known David Icke. Jesse goes beyond a casual interview, to the point of harassment demanding “Show me a reptilian!” and “Where’s the proof??”.  But Jesse did uncover something that I don’t think the public knew about, nor expected, which was David Icke’s bank account, along with Icke being the “Godfather” of the Reptilian agenda. I don’t know about you, but I did find it astounding that Icke reaps the financial benefit of nearly $2 million dollars a year. (Which by the way equates to 1257546.0000 British Pound Sterling).

Most Icke followers probably don’t realize that David’s father ‘Beric’  was not only enlisted in the  Royal Air Force,But was also awarded a British Empire Medal.

JV does however cover on the show the idea that back in April of 1991,”David Icke proclaimed himself to be”the son of God” on National Television, even I thought it peculiar to say the least.

Icke is greeted by Terry Wogan on 29 April 1991

I won’t spoil the end of the interview with Icke and Ventura for you, you will have to watch the episode. The interview has been removed by David Icke as of May 31, 2016.


Moving right along,Tracy Twyman seemed credible, or is it that Ventura seemed to be more respectful of her, so indeed it came across that she was credible. I admit that the  interview with Tracy Twyman seemed interesting, but I still did not see any evidence, none!

I did a little research on Tracy and I found her website Quintessential I want you to take a look at it because (on the surface) it appears she has nothing going on there.  If you want to contact her: Tracy R. Twyman can be contacted by sending an email to


I found myself  thinking  “Take your sun glasses off!”.

Jesse interviews Tracy Twyman

I did some digging and found this photo of  Tracy Twyman without her sunglasses, and it doesn’t even appear to be the same woman, but I assure you it is the same Tracy Twyman, the authority on Occult’s, as well as a historian & Author.  The Truth Denied would actually like to interview her. Again, she seemed credible, but I would like to see more proof.

Tracy Twyman without her sunglasses on!



Other mentions on the show were the idea that when these world leaders “shift” into Reptilian mode ,the only evidence is on camera, apparently it happens so quickly that most observers do not notice it at all. The SHIFT I am speaking of is the revealing of the reptilian slit that flashes in the eyes of these so called Reptilian leaders. The following are some photographic samples &  examples that were also highlighted on the show ,  Conspiracy Theory.


I leave it up to all of you to decide, FACT or FICTION?





The Truth Denied, staff writer

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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

3 thoughts on “The Reptilian Agenda: Jesse Ventura Conspiracy theory opens up the Case”
  1. I have watched this and followed Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, David Icke, and a few others.
    Jesse Ventura is practical and the show me and if I can see and touch I will believe realist.
    David Icke is more of the spiritualist and try to connect the dots with blanks and what ifs if there is a blank Placing historical, practical and physical together to make the whole story.
    Both are right and both can be wrong.
    Historic, Scientific and physical evidence is hard to piece together as there is a encyclopaedia of it to sift through organise and place into the right spot of the jigsaw puzzle.
    The thing to think about here is the overall picture. Religion has been involved in scientific, health as well as spiritual, historic and political arena or platform since written documentation and worbal passing down of events has been documented.

    Recently I looked into some other issues and found a website with a few interesting articles regarding fluoride effects on peoples Pineal gland and the human DNA strand changes. Alex Jones may have nailed this in one of his videos.
    Toxic levels of Fluoride calcify the pineal gland,, the pineal gland is also known as the third eye and may be vital in higher alertness and mental or thought process on a subconscious level. (In Job the Bible states that God speaks to us in one way and another, when we are deep a slumber, to prevent us from falling into the pit and dying by the sword) or words to that effect. So in our dreams.
    Contact with the higher self or spiritual guides obtained from subconscious thoughts in dreams (Albert Einstein claimed that most of his ideas and invention came from dreams that he noted and worked on, Nikola Tesla was a great visionary and he could visualise in his minds eye the inventions he created). Our subconscious mind is much larger than our conscious mind 90% to 10% some can use up to 20% of the conscious mind. Like an ICEBERG.
    Our five senses are not as equipped as other creatures like cats,dogs, dolphins, bats so we can not see, hear and smell as well as other mammals can.
    We are disadvantaged in a lot of ways including oddly that we are one of five mammals that can not produce their own vitamin C.

    The human mind is capable of extraordinary function/s and some have been gifted or have learned to use these gifts. However, we are not taught or encouraged to build on certain functions that we are capable of.
    Scientifically some have been researched like ESP, TK and unfortunately often fail under test conditions. Certain tests were deliberately structured to bring about negative results for public disclosure. Governments and corporations have spent huge amounts of money in research during the cold war in Extra Sensory Perception and other research regarding higher awareness and brain functions. The western world falls behind the East in this aspect as our rigorous religious beliefs have restricted this and labelled it OCCULT. The churches like the Catholic Church are aware that certain things like demonic possessions have occurred and they have records, the Vatican even had records of alien beings being reported.
    The common mistake we make is to try and separate the Scientific, medical and spiritual without realising that churches have run education systems including research in universities . Professors follow old scriptures and use new technology like satellites to research historical evidence so would it not be logical for technology to be used to research spiritual and mental as well as physical limitations humans have.
    It has been done and things like INTERNAL ENERGY, or CHI in Chinese have been researched, used in acupuncture, Tai CHI or QI GONG. Our bodies have electronic currents that are linked via our nervous system with our brain. Otherwise ECG would not work?

    The examples I have used above are just a small part and I suspect that Doctors, Psychologists and others including Religious organisations and Private Corporate bodies have known things they wanted to keep the average persons from knowing for centuries.
    Do we expose ourselves to risk by playing with some of the occult type practices? Yes, definitely.
    Without proper guidance and training we risk harm.
    Would it be reasonable to assume that some people have deliberately tried to dulcify and restrict us from being able to use and expand our intellectual and spiritual capability in certain areas by the use of chemical agents? Fluoride, mercury, and other agents used in foods, water, vaccines, medicines and so on could have been introduced deliberately or accidentally in order to effect or health. Proof is based on fact, facts have to be verified.
    Reasonable proof in one persons mind may differ with another persons mind. It is easy to hide the truth if you can do it in a fashion that has facts to back it up with. Research from one source can be totally different to research to that of another source or it can be slightly different the variation may be the crucial part of the outcome and results.

    Unfortunately we have not been thought to scrutinise, and research or weigh up the facts as some others have been. Nor are we encouraged to think out side of the square. We are encouraged and trained to accept and adhere to current beliefs and the accepted factual and theoretical arguments.
    Sciences in a lot of cases are not exact. Often those that oppose the accepted are ridiculed and attempts are made for them to comply instead of rocking the boat. Scare tactics and threats are at times used to enforce this.

    Could it be possible that spiritual, 4th dimension beings are amongst us? Could it be possible that advanced mental capabilities or technology could be used to mask these from our normal range of visual perception?
    Could these beings influence our way of life, political and other standards without our knowledge?
    Maybe this is far fetched, so let me put another theory here, Very clever and cunning people that have learned hoe to manipulate us phenologically and modify our behaviour are responsible and the whole thing has been designed in order to make us believe they have more authority, right, power and control as they have been specifically chosen by family lineage or birth rights.

    Could it be both? Which would you choose? Free will and freedom of choice depends on the individuals perception, understanding, background and education.

    Thanks for your time.

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