Aaron of Barbarian Rebellion and Truthergirl Sonia have a message for you!

Barbarian Rebellion is now POLICE STATE RADIO on YOU TUBE


Guests tonight : Aaron of Barbarian Rebellion (Now POLICE STATE RADIO on YOU TUBE) and TRUTHERGIRL SONIA

TOPIC: Aaron the Barbarian on “Freedom of Speech” and his own personal Cyber attack: Truthergirl Sonia answers questions from the audience about gang-stalking in Canada

Aaron’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BarbarianRebellionRadio

Aaron’s website: Barbarian Rebellion by POLICE STATE RADIO http://www.youtube.com/user/PoliceStateRadio 



THETRUTHERGIRLS ARE NOW ON WORDPRESS! Come visit the blog for updates on what is going on in Haiti and other NWO/depopulation-related issues.http://thetruthergirls.wordpress.com

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Courtesy of NEO Solomon-Occupy Bilderberg


Please subscribe to Aaron’s YOU TUBE Channel, as his channel was hacked. It is now called POLICE STATE RADIO. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Aaron states that  “There is really nothing left of the term: “Freedom of Speech”, rather you are free to speak within dictatated perameters.Alright, now that you found me here at police state radio I can’t guarantee that YouTube will keep your subscription in their data base. As often happens here on YT since they switched to this corporate friendly / user hostile interface, subscriptions magically disappear!  To remedy this problem some what, I am forced to open a FACEBOOK  group which I strongly urge my viewers to join, as the very existence of our channels here on YouTube are tentative at best. Think of it as double insurance that you set me as a contact here and at FB so every video I post you are sure to be notified. In case my channel disappears again we will be able to maintain contact through this alternative link.”

The one and ONLY TRUTHERGIRL Sonia

About TrutherGirl Sonia

The Truther Girls was started in 2009 by ‘TrutherGirl’ Sonia as an online multimedia project that blends performance art with activism and highlights the role of women in raising consciousness and bringing about positive change. The TrutherGirls project includes this blog, as well as a youtube channel and radio show by the same name. Over the years, many activists and performance artists, both male and female, have contributed to the TrutherGirls.The Youtube channel is anchored by TrutherGirl Sonia, with contributions and collaboration by Montreal truth seekers, Canadian activists, and visiting speakers. Every week, we bring you news updates and commentary on video as well as footage from various truth actions and political or other events we engage in or attend locally. This is done for the purpose of sharing information and encouraging one another in our question for truth, justice, and freedom. The Youtube channel features comedy skits and other lighthearted videos on the weekends.

“Live from Montreal Canada, Sonia and her friends bring you the truth about H1N1, vaccination, chemtrails and much more. If we make you laugh while we’re at it, all the better. You gotta keep a sense of humor, even at a time like this.” ~ Truther Girl

THE TRUTHERGIRLS ARE NOW ON WORDPRESS! Please  visit the blog for updates on what is going on in Haiti and other NWO/depopulation-related issues.

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