When Roxy Lopez created a new OPEN group on FACEBOOK called “Chemtrails Kill” to compliment the existing group on August 10th, 2013, many deniers, shills,&  disinformation trolls joined  the group in the first few hours. Admins were quickly established to ban trolls the first and second day.  Those who run the group who are chemtrail researchers considered this an opportunity to record the posts, which later became evidence  that industry trolls actually exist. These agents planned  a deliberate disinformation campaign and caused a minor disruption to the group as well.

If you are NEW to the chemtrails agenda and would like to see how disinformation works, perhaps this article will aid you. Please contact us if you have any questions at info@thetruthdenied.com and we will do our best to answer any questions that arise from this article.


Not all the disinformation mentioned in this article. Some of them are:
– chemtrails is just water vapor
– chemtrails only need cold temperature

The fact:
1. Most Chemtrails denier will not post relevant link to scientific document, if they do post link, it would be from debunker own website or irrelevant.


2. Chemtrails is not just water vapor.
NASA Contrails Education – Contrails Science
“Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust.”

LEOTC Project, Minister of Education, the Royal Society of New Zealand, The Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide, mirror
“Contrails are formed when particles from aircraft jet engines mix with the water vapour in the air. The water vapour condenses and freezes around the particles causing long white trails across the sky.”

Aviation and the Global Atmosphere, A Special Report of IPCC Working Groups I and III, Neil Leary1, Presentation for the IPCC Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, July 1, 1999
“Sulfur and soot particles emitted by aircraft, along with water vapor, trigger the formation of line-shaped white clouds called condensation trails, or contrails.”


3. Chemtrails need a combination of the amount of particle, low temperature and super humidity in respect to ice .
Formation, Properties and Climatic Effects Of Contrails
Ulrich Schumann, Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen, 82230 Wessling, Germany

mirror link
“1. Water vapour and particles emitted from aircraft engines induce contrails which grow to larger-scale clouds (contrail-cirrus) if the ambient atmosphere is so humid that the humidity exceeds ice-saturation. 2. Particles emitted from the aircraft change the concentration of particles in the atmospheric aerosol that influence cirrus formation over the whole life-time of the particles formed.”


4. Thick trails do not require the plane to have special water container. Most water is from the plane’s surrounding.
NASA Contrails Education – Contrails Science
“Some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft.”


5. Thicker trails may indicate the release of more particles.
a collection of papers presented at the 14th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, Helsinki, 26 – 30 August 1996.
“Particle formation in jet aircraft exhaust and contrails for different sulfur containing fuels
Abstract: – A series of experiments has been performed observing contrails formation of twin-angine jet aircraft (ATTAS-VFW 614 and Airbus A310-300) run with different sulfur containing fuels on the two engines at the same time. The fuel sulfur mass content was varied from 2 to 5500 ppm. The results suggest that contrails particles form mainly from soot particles. The higher the sulfur content the more the soot particles get activated as condensation neclei.”



6. Contrails is not harmless.
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS), Providing Access to NASA’s Technology, Research, and Science, Soot and Sulfuric Acid Aerosol from Aircraft: Is There Enough to Cause Detrimental Environmental Effects?
“Aerosol from aircraft can affect the environment in three ways: First, soot aerosol has been implicated to cause long-term ozone depletion at mid-latitudes in the lower stratosphere at a rate of -5% per decade. This effect is in addition and unrelated to the polar ozone holes which are strongly influenced by heterogeneous chemistry on polar stratospheric clouds. Second, the most obvious effect of jet aircraft is the formation of visible contrails in the upper troposphere. The Salt Lake City region experienced an 8% increase in cirrus cloud cover over a 15-year period which covariates with an increase in regional commercial air traffic. If soot particles act as freezing nuclei to cause contrail formation-heterogeneously, they would be linked to a secondary effect to cloud modification that very likely is climatologically important. Third, a buildup of soot aerosol could reduce the single scatter albedo of stratospheric aerosol from 0.993+0.004 to 0.98, a critical value that has been postulated to separate stratospheric cooling from warming.”

Emissions trading in international civil aviation by Öko-Institut e.V. Institute for Applied Ecology
mirror link
“At cruise altitude, apart from CO2 it is above all NOx, water vapour, contrails and cirrus clouds that contribute towards the greenhouse effect.

According to the latest scientific knowledge from the TRADEOFF Project, it is assumed that aviation-related aerosols act as seed crystal in the formation of cirrus clouds (Mrasek 2003). Several studies have reached the conclusion that a positive correlation exists between aircraft emissions and growth in cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds intensify the greenhouse effect, because, similar to contrails, they reflect radiation onto the earth.

Persistent contrails reduce not only solar radiation onto the earth’s surface, but also the quantity of long-wave radiation from the earth into outer space. On average, they increase the greenhouse effect, in particular during the night and over warm and light surfaces. It turned out that, for all periods of observation, the radiative forcing of contrails is greater that that of CO2.


7. Contrails trigger the formation of cirrus clouds.
Contrail and Cirrus Cloud Avoidance
Frank Noppel, Riti Singh, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Mark Taylor, Rolls-Royce plc, Derby, United Kingdom

mirror link
“Aviation has been identified as contributor to anthropogenic changes in the Earth’s radiation budget. In particular this is due to the emission of greenhouse gases, soot, aerosols, and the formation of contrails and aviation induced cirrus clouds. Linear persistent contrails occur in an ice supersaturated atmosphere if the Schmidt Appelman criterion is satisfied (1). Cirrus clouds can evolve from spreading persistent contrails known as primary cirrus or contrail cirrus (2). Secondary cirrus occur due to locally increased soot and aerosol concentration, which might lead to the formation of cirrus clouds that would not form in the absence of air traffic (3; 4; 5).”

J. Schneider & Chr. Voigt – Physics and Chemistry of Aerosols and Ice Clouds, Chapter 8: Contrails and contrail cirrus
mirror link

“• Aircraft influence high clouds indirectly by injecting aerosol particles that may act as heterogeneous ice nuclei at some point after emission. In the absence of aircraft emissions, a cirrus cloud would not have formed or the resulting cirrus would have different properties.”



Contrails creation step:
J. Schneider & Chr. Voigt – Physics and Chemistry of Aerosols and Ice Clouds, Chapter 8: Contrails and contrail cirrus
mirror link
• Contrails consist of ice particles that nucleate primarily on aerosols emitted or formed in the plume.
• At initial stage contrails grow by deposition of exhaust water vapor.
• Later during their life cycle contrails grow by deposition of entrained ambient water vapor.
• Formation of contrails due to increase in RHI during isobaric mixing of the hot and humid exhaust gases with colder and less humid ambient air.



Bellow is an example of disinformation attempt. The document above clearly deny the chemtrails denier statement. But note how the denier make a big claim.

(Click more to read the rest of the document if you see “more” as the end of this article).


Star Bricker May I suggest you look at the visible satellite photos of the time before this happened? You might have had a cirrus cloud formation coming at you. And cirrus clouds signal there is conditions able to support the formation and persistence of contrails. It’s how they teach sailors to forecast weather…contrails mean rain is coming. Just like cirrus clouds.
August 14 at 5:29am

=> Wrong, answered by point 6 & 7.



Star Bricker If you don’t know about the atmosphere, you can’t really make any good conclusions about what you see. This works for everything. I know clouds. I know where they form. I know what the are called. So sue me.
August 14 at 9:57am



Jeffrey Allen Burton Vapor trails, made of water vapor crystals, plus Co2 emissions. Oh yes, can I ask you all something? What is the ambient temperature of the air at high altitude over Arizona? How high do jetliners fly?
August 15 at 11:31pm

=> Wrong, answered by point 2.



Justin Braman Really? A contrail disperses quickly? Isn’t that what you’d expect from, say, mind control or depopulation chemicals being sprayed if they’re to be of any use? You know, other than hanging around up there, in the atmosphere, like a cloud, taking forever to come down?

If a contrail is just ice crystals that disappear when the jet is out of sight, WHAT ARE CLOUDS, THEN? Oh… Yeah… ICE CRYSTALS. Lots and lots of ice crystals. Hanging around, with nary a jet in sight.

Start making some sense.
August 15 at 12:40am

=> Normal clouds is different from contrails triggered clouds. Answered by point 7.


Justin Braman The FACTS are as follows: 1- Combustion of fuels produces water vapor. 2- Water vapor condenses when the air is cold enough. 3- Air above 30,000 feet is typically prime for condensation. 4- Average cruising altitudes for MOST commercial aircraft is between 26,000 and 40,000 feet. (See where I’m going with this?)

5- A “chemtrail” operation would involve HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS, of people working together in absolute secrecy, from chemical plants producing the sprays, to the pilots and crew on board, the chemtrail refueling tank guys at the airport, engineers, executives, FAA personnel, government officials, law enforcement, private pilots, baggage handlers, and on and on and on… Yet NO ONE has come forth with a coherent, verifiable story. In an age where nearly EVERY PERSON IN THE COUNTRY HAS A CAMERA AND INTERNET CONNECTION IN THEIR POCKET.

There are no such things as chemtrails. It’s a fantasy you’ve concocted because you don’t feel important enough.

The science checks out. Chemtrail claims don’t. So don’t tell me to “follow the trail” when you caouldn’t even follow an expressway.
August 15 at 2:02am

=> Wrong, answered by point 2, 4 & 5.



Star Bricker To be able to judge altitude and distance of a plane from the ground accurately requires much training, practice, and experience. Many of the pictures showing a similar situation show planes that are actually miles apart. The conditions in the atmosphere can be quite different within several hundred feet. It’s why clouds have gaps, and don’t form in some parts of the sky. All a picture can do, unless it shows both planes and is analyzed by someone who knows, is that two different planes made two different ‘trails. And that just one reason why chemical testing of a ‘trail directly is going to be the only way to prove chemtrails exist. Not ground testing, or water, or even air. All of these are polluted by the things closer to the ground. I admit I don’t think “chemtrails” are real, but if there ever were a test done well, of a trail, I would be joining you all. It’s empirical. There is either “chem” or not. So far the lack of good testing says “not.”
August 14 at 5:10am

=> TheTruthDenied has article that can help people estimate plane/contrails height by ground observation using trigonometry. Please look into this link:
Want to end the debate on the altitude of that chemtrail plane or cloud? Here’s how!


Star Bricker Thanks, Howard for the clarification. You probably saw them as being close, and I believe you. But without physical evidence, it’s not enough to change my mind. As far as aircraft vapor…they are studied because they spread and turn into clouds. They made big white lines pointing to the planes in WW1 and were described in science way back then. I’ll have to see if I can find the citation.
August 14 at 5:20am

=> As explained by Howard, modern engine should not make smoke as much as WW1 engine.



Justin Braman Sure. I know the premise of this group. I’m here to tell you guys that I think you’re wrong and I’m going to sling science and reason all day in order to do it.

I’m not here to debunk any ONE piece of evidence. I’m here to debunk the entire claim.

Here’s a piece of advice “Extraordinary claims without evidence can be readily dismissed without evidence”. You folks are making the positive claims, here. I’m telling you that you’re wrong and explaining WHY your claims don’t make any sense. The only thing I can ever get out of you guys is “do your own research” or “look up”, neither of which are EVIDENCE.

I HAVE done the research. Some basic physics, chemistry, understanding of internal combustion, aeronautics, meteorology, and (most of all) logistics goes a LONG way toward a natural, non-conspiracy explanation for everything chemtrailers claim.

I’m still waiting on evidence.

Or, you could all sit here in an echo chamber and look foolish. It’s really up to you.
August 15 at 2:15am



John Liberty Common misconception Bobby. When you breath out on a cold day, you see a little cloud of condensation form from your breath. This is the same kind of thing, your damp warm lungs add moisture to the air, and when you breath out, you get condensation.

But the condensation from your breath quickly evaporates, usually in less than a second. Condensation trails from a jet can last for many minutes, even for hours sometimes. So why is there this difference? Why do jet contrails sometime persist, but your breath condensation quickly evaporates?

The difference is because a contrail freezes. It’s really that simple. Contrails form at -40 degrees Fahrenheit (which is also -40 Celsius), or colder. At that temperature the tiny drops of condensed water will instantly freeze. Once frozen they can not evaporate. They also can’t melt, as it’s -40. They can however fade away through a process known as “sublimation” – where a solid turns into a gas.
August 13 at 3:05am

=> Wrong, answered by point 2 & 3.


Star Bricker You don’t have facts. You have supposition, suspicion, and lots of misread or misunderstood information.
August 13 at 3:49am

John Liberty Scientists aren’t willing to test anything because they know that:
1. The logistics of chemtrails is impossible
2. The basic principles of spraying would be highly inefficient to cause what the chemtrail theory claims
3. You can take a sample of a contrail and discover that it is just that, but the interest is not going to come from the scientific community, it has to come from those who believe in this conspiracy theory.
August 13 at 3:53am

Star Bricker Do you have any concept of the amount of stuff in a horizon to horizon trail? Its over 200 miles long. How can all of that fit in a single plane?
August 13 at 4:05am

Star Bricker And if you can see the trail, but not the plane making it, it means the trail is huge….hundreds of feet wide.
August 13 at 4:05am

Star Bricker A single cumulus cloud contains about 550 TONS of water. How can a plane spray something 200 miles or more long?
August 13 at 4:06am

=> Wrong, answered by point 4.


Star Bricker If you saw someone giving wrong directions, wouldn’t you cut in and correct them? Or would you let the lost person remain lost? The direction is knowledge of science, to me.
August 13 at 4:08am

Star Bricker Wrong. Science has done this already. Chemtrail sites tend to promote what they believe, even when shown the info is wrong. And I can prove it.
August 13 at 4:11am

=> Troll would pretend to overlook the comment when asked for their evidence.

John Liberty Indeed Star, all the care is to propagate their belief, not matter if their “evidence” is actually wrong, a simple misinterpretation of things or an absurd.
Fear mongering is more important than actual evidence and science.
August 13 at 4:18am

=> Fear monger exists, but contrails is a real problem even according to scientist, explained in point 6.


John Liberty No Ruth, you just ignore the actual flights, and how wind can push trails away, ignore the real science behind persistent contrails, ignore the misinterpretations of soil and rainwater samples.
You prefer to ignore the bias that is pushed against you.
August 13 at 4:22am

Star Bricker What test is that, Bobby? No collaborative test has been done. Science tests are suspect to believers, and chemtrail tests are usually easy to be shown wrong, like the one I posted.
August 13 at 4:23am

Star Bricker The only people making money from chemtrails are the ones who sell videos, books, posters, and have appearance fees. They all promote them as their living.
August 13 at 4:26am

Star Bricker I’ve used that myself. I tracked every single plane over my head, almost real time. No strays. Lots of contrails, lots of clouds. And when there is no cirrus, usually no contrails. Because it is the conditions.
August 13 at 4:30am

=> A big claim without evidence like mentioned in point 1. Also answered by point 7.


Nick Jennison How would spraying anything 33,000 feet in the air have any effect ? if you are gonna spray anything it would be done at a low altitude like crop spraying, when they spray crops they do not do it from a great height.
August 13 at 5:04am

Nick Jennison so who has died from chemtrails ? this has supposedly been going on for nearly 20 years, so where are all the casulaties ?
August 13 at 5:09am

=> Even scientist agree that particle from the jet exhaust can cause problem such as ozone depletion, aicd rain and violent weather. Please look into other TheTruthDenied articles for the explanation.


John Liberty But then again, the capabilities of weather manipulation remains only on the scope of speculation.
Most chemtrail believers are convinced that they’re being poisoned, for depopulation reasons, yet the world population continues to grow, and there is no evidence of mass-deaths due to hazardous chemicals being sprayed or anything.

August 13 at 5:15am

=> Answered by point 6.


John Liberty Oscar, are you aware of what skywriting is? It’s not a contrail, it’s simply smoke used to write messages in the sky. You can pay pilots to write whatever you want.
” I’m not sure exactly how this vapour it produced ” You got this all wrong. It’s produced as a result of combustion, not only water, but also carbon dioxide, it can’t be turned off, as long as the plane is burning fuel, water vapor and carbon dioxide are going to be produced.

There is no control over contrails, they will only form if the temperature and moisture are adequate, but the plane will continue to emit water vapor and carbon dioxide, regardless of the atmospheric conditions.
August 13 at 6:53pm

=> Answered by point 3 & 5.


John Liberty As to what the UK article is concerned, you also got a few things wrong here.
” The fact that this went on proves that people can’t usually tell the difference between the appearance of persistent contrails and chemtrails “

No, there is no indication that there was even a trail visible from dropping Zinc cadmium sulfide, it only states people were able to see its fluorescent proprieties, don’t misinterpret what you read.

But if there were chemtrails, there would be no visual difference between them and contrails, therefore the only way to prove it’s not a contrail is to get an air sample of the trail. That was precisely my point up there.

Yes this trial proves that government can conduct tests without the public knowledge, but then again you have to measure what’s simply paranoia and what’s the real purpose of those tests.

I’m not a troll, or a debunker. I only present real facts, as they exist. Some people tend to ignore facts and prefer to spread fear and paranoia that are not based on real science, but rather on misinterpretation of events they observe, read or watch.
August 13 at 7:06pm

John Liberty Point is, things are usually not what they appear to be, but if you happen to be paranoid enough, you’re going to see conspiracies all over the place, when in fact they can be easily explained.

For instance, what was the purpose of that test in the UK? Was it a conspiracy to kill their own civilians (which 40 years later nothing at all has happened) or was it in the midst of the cold war, in fear of a soviet chemical/biological attack? Taking things out of context might spark some unintended paranoia.
August 15 at 1:34am

Star Bricker One visual thing you can do is track the cirrus clouds. I’m USAmerican, so my weather moves left to right, usually at a WNW heading. If you use visible radar to the sky and weather conditions coming at you, and see cirrus clouds, when that gets over you, you will probably see contrails. They follow the other. Cirrus clouds usually mean contrails will form and persist, because the clouds are persisting.
August 13 at 9:51pm

=> Answered by point 7.



Star Bricker Physics, Kevin. Learn some. It’s not coming from the plane. It’s 1 part water per gallon jet fuel burned triggering up to 10,000 gallons of water present in the atmosphere as water vapor to condense to the point of being visible. Considering single cloud weighs several hundred TONS of water, and a ‘trail horizon to horizon is 200 miles long, how can a single plane hold that?
August 11 at 7:34am

=> Answered by point 4.


Star Bricker I can’t do this. When people believe instead of striving to know, it’s just sad. Kate, it’s easy to research. I suggest you try. An aerosol is anything in the atmosphere that is not gaseous. Smoke, clouds, ash, smog, fog, exhaust, are all just a few examples of aerosols. The largest produce of an aerosol is the ocean, which sends up salt every splash. The second is the Sahara. The largest anthropogenic is the burning of the rain forest. Airplane exhaust is just a small part of 1%. Anything the size of the aerosol of a ‘trail, is measured in microns. It will take hours, even days to reach ground level, but will have been blown up, down, and away by winds in that time. That’s science, not opinion.
August 11 at 7:46am

=> Answered by point 2, 3 & 7.


Star Bricker Ice is solid. It sublimes depending on the conditions. What you see is water as ice. The rest is molecules of exhaust. How far away from something do you have to be to see molecules?
August 11 at 8:11am

=> Answered by point 2.


Star Bricker You don’t need to have secrets. I know the science. No one can break the laws of physics. Or command gravity or wind. Both would have to be done to make “chemtrails” work.
August 11 at 8:12am

Star Bricker And think about how many solids would be needed to spread something 200 miles across the sky. TONS. More than a plane can hold, by far. THINK. If you don’t know learn. Practice critical thinking. Don’t just rely on what you find online. Look at how Max Bliss was punked earlier this week. It was easy. He believed and people believed because he did. Now they all look like fools. It’s going to happen again.
August 11 at 8:17am

=> Answered by point 4.


Star Bricker “Trails are used to forecast weather. Just like cirrus clouds. Approaching storms are preceded by clouds, first the really high cirrus, then altos, then the nimbocumulus rainclouds. “Trails show rain is coming, usually the next day. I’ve used this myself countless times. Where there are cirrus clouds, visible trails will form and persist.
August 14 at 9:31am

=> It is actually the opposite, trails is what make cirrus, answered by point 7.


Star Bricker Matt Imber, you would have to know the weight in the tanks in order for the plane to even take off. A plane full of heavy metals, no matter what size the particle they might be, would be obviously much, much heavier than just water. It would be noticed. Unless you think everyone in the plane crew, the maintenance crew, the fueling crew, the people who made and fitted the plane….logistically, it would need to be hundreds of people in on a single flight. My dad was an efficiency expert, an Industrial Engineer (it’s weird, if I say just IE, people think only Internet Explorer), and worked with logistics all the time. I grew up thinking like an IE. So if logistics for a single flight don’t seem doable, a whole program…??
August 14 at 9:41am

=> Answered by point 2 & 4.


Star Bricker I’m sorry Aji, where do you live? Have you researched weather patterns and history? I live in NE Indiana, in the US. We have hot humid summers and lots of big storms all summer long. Last year, we had a drought. This year, great rain and cooler conditions…tonight it will be about 50, 20 degrees less than “normal.” Weather changes, year to year, day to day, and hour to hour. And is far as the size of the container needed, to make a cloud 200 miles long, which is distance horizon to horizon at flight altitude, it would have to be huge, no matter what. If it was a metal, even bigger. Everything has weight, even the soot in smoke.
August 14 at 10:02am

=> Answered by point 6. Trails can modify climate and cause real problem.



Star Bricker Yep. Planes fly on set routes, like roads in the sky. Wind makes them drift. The paths do have to cross, just like streets. The wind makes them drift, just like clouds. More than one plane with time between, parallel lines. Planes flying in different directions, intersected lines. It’s something even G. Edward Griffin agrees (half-way down the page): http://ep.yimg.com/ty/cdn/realityzone/dontblamepilots.html
August 13 at 6:18am

Star Bricker Wrong. Clouds can maintain the same size and shape. Now you are just being argumentative. And I don’t lie online. What is the point? Continue calling me names shows you are too immature to continue with. And being only able to answer my simple question by “because contrails don’t persist” is just ignorant BS. You believe, but you don’t KNOW. Knowledge is important to me. If I don’t know something, I learn. I research everything. Non-answers are just intellectual cowardice. Research fo

r an answer. Read a weather book. Try reading a contrail study, one of the scientific ones. The truth is out there. You choose to have non-answers handed to you over actually expending some time and thought into balanced researched. Look up “critical thinking” and “confirmation bias.” You are lacking one and over-doing the other.
August 13 at 6:49am

Star Bricker It’s not going to happen. The science says they are contrails. I’m not afraid of ice crystals and exhaust. I know what I see, I know why I see it, and I know what happened to make it happen. Try just once to take a real contrail study (google “contrail studies -chemtrails” to be removed of “chemtrail” sites) and prove it is wrong. Not just say it is, actual proof. A study is succinct, repeatable, and peer reviewed. Every step they took, every piece of equipment they used, every question they asked are all part of it. Prove just one wrong.
August 13 at 6:53am

=> Answered by point 2.


Nick Jennison Once this thread starts to make sense it will be deleted just like the one myself and John Liberty were commenting on earlier. Star bricker is the only one here making rational comments.
August 13 at 6:53am

Star Bricker My link was obvious to where it was going and included enough information for you to find your own link. I am not gullible.
August 13 at 6:55am

=> Answered by point 1.


Star Bricker My dad serviced choppers in Korea before I was born. He also flew weekly to work most of my childhood. I knew what a contrail was before the internet was dreamt of. And I can read most of the 96,900 hits with understanding.
August 13 at 6:58am

Nick Jennison oh well sorry, i didn`t realise you went to all that effort, forgive me. look up, the extent of chemtrail research, how scientific of you
August 13 at 7:09am

Kevin Carman I made jet aircraft. I know how they work, and jet engines dont leave trails that hang for hours. Its very simple. H2O and CO2… Real simple.
August 13 at 7:10am

Nick Jennison water vapour can hang for hours, always has been able to. what are clouds made of ? water vapour. they hang for hours why can`t condensation trails ?
August 13 at 7:34am

=> Answered by point 2.


Star Bricker Steve Susman III, the temperature at flight altitude has nothing to do with the temperature on the ground. It gets colder the higher you are, which is why there can be snow on some mountains even in summer.
August 13 at 9:25pm

=> Answered by point 3.


Star Bricker Not all cloud nucleation particles are soot. Some are ice crystals. Look up Bergeron Process. It’s what makes Fallstreak holes.
August 13 at 9:27pm

Star Bricker Aji, the largest contributor of upper-level atmospheric aerosols (nucleating particles) is the Oceans. The second largest is the Sahara desert. The largest man-made source is the burning of the Amazon. Then industrial pollution. Airplanes are just a small part of 1% of the total.
August 13 at 9:29pm

Star Bricker One stumbling block some people have is the word “aerosol.” When used by scientists, it does NOT mean something “sprayed”, it means anything in the atmosphere that is not gaseous. A cloud is water aerosol. Smog, smoke, car emissions, sand storms, volcanoes and lots of other things are aerosols. How does each contribute to the atmosphere and potentially the climate? Read this: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CDIQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdownloads.climatescience.gov%2Fsap%2Fsap2-3%2Fsap2-3-final-report-all.pdf&ei=1kMKUrarJdK4yAGw24GwDw&usg=AFQjCNGpFavHeHNWO4xAlNAnXtHttAnYqg&sig2=sgvJPUTc1VgH4gOgNeOOzw&bvm=bv.50500085,d.aWc
August 13 at 9:37pm

=> Answered by point 2, 3 & 5.


Star Bricker But Aji, the physics cannot lie. If you look up and see a trail, that trail is not falling on you. It will drift around in the atmosphere potentially for days. The only thing that can come down to you would be a fairly large hailstone. I’ve never seen a chemtrail called responsible for hail. And as far as cold conditions, it makes a difference. ‘Trails form on the ground in polar areas. Because it is so cold.
August 14 at 9:46am

Star Bricker From meteorology books, Aji. It’s standard science. But what a trail is happens to be overwhelmingly water as ice. A single gallon of jet fuel makes a gallon of water, which triggers up to 10,000 gallons of water you can’t see as water vapor to condense. The pollutants in the exhaust would be diluted first by that water, then by the whole atmosphere. Imagine dropping a single drop of ink in a gallon of water. That would be the exhaust contribution. Dump that gallon in a swimming pool. That would be the atmospheric water made visible in a ‘trail. Then empty that swimming pool into the sea. That would be the atmosphere, diluting it even further. Now try and find that drop of ink. Or you would need multi-tons of stuff sprayed from several airplanes for each trail. No plane can hold that much stuff. Where else does it come from?
August 14 at 10:09am

Star Bricker A single cumulus cloud weighs 550 tons. How can a 200 mile cloud be sprayed by a single plane?
August 14 at 10:11am

=> Answered by point 4 & 5.



The denier usually also join facebook group:
– Metabunk
– Chemtrails are NOT real
– Chemtrails are fake
– Chemtrails. The Internet Mythology For Morons
– I’m an idiot and I believe in chemtrails. Come be stupid with me.


Contrailscience and metabunk are chemtrails debunker website and forum.

I hope this article can shed some light on how to deal with the chemtrails debunker. At least to learn that big claim with big confidence do not always backed up by fact.

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  1. Not only do your points not match the statements, you don’t address the questions these ‘shills’ have asked. Pwned you were.

  2. Janet Bidwell is that you impersonating Suzanne? You are not very bright trolls. Or probably it is Justin Braman, he loves to go around and messing with Suzanne, isn’t that right Justin?? You like to threaten people.

  3. Activists? LOL Anybody can join the group. It is no secret. Conspiracy theorists are welcome to join. You will not get banned from having a different opinion unlike chemtrail / conspiracy groups.

    Come join it


  4. I welcome anyone to prove anything I said was wrong. Not your skewed cherry-picking and misunderstanding in what you provide above. Because you have done both. I also challenge all your claims of disinfo to prove I am anything other than what my FB profile shows. I understand that you must be very disappointed by the lack of your supposed and claimed “thousands” of idiots people that only about 1000 (probably less) worldwide, so you are lashing out. You don’t know the science, you don’t understand the science you post, you distrust anything provided by NASA and such, yet you use them to prove your points? Duplicity is rarely a good trait. Get a clue. Get a weather guide. Learn what you don’t know. Which is obviously quite a lot. Have at it. Do be forewarned…if I am spammed at FB, because you are using my posts from that site and are using my name, which is against FB TOS, I will report it as harassment. So act nice, supply citations, and I will happily show I am correct. I noticed you did not include the KSLA news report lie. Interesting thing to leave out, since some of the posts you include speak specifically to that one story. So, did you check that out? I know I am right about it. So….?

    1. Star Bricker, enlight me. Give me your best proper cherry picking quote. a link or dozen.

      I repost your facebook post as it is, without any editing. I even include the link to go to the thread that contain the comment. Anyone can check for themself.

      I am confuse, am I welcomed or be forewarned?

      You definitely post something that is different from what my link show. Posting wrong information is disinformation. If you believe that you post a correct information, show me the source of your information.

  5. The disinfo peeps also come from the group (and page by same name) “Conspiracy Theorists Say The Darndest Things” on Facebook. There are a lot of activists who are in their group keeping eyes on them.

    1. Hehe, CTSTDT is hilarious. Lots of laughing at people who look at the sky and panic.

      That’s how I ended up here.

      1. Interestingly, NASA kinda worried about the sky too. Since NASA supposed to represent mainstream, I wonder if anyone do not care about what happen on the sky is actually a minority.


        Science Project: Contrail Studies
        Web Id: P4
        Purpose: Serious students, citizen scientists and regular weather watchers can use a camera and simple weather instruments to monitor and study contrails and to determine their possible environmental effects.
        Age Range: 11 to adult
        Time Required: Contrails can be observed, photographed and reported in only a few minutes a day. Scientific studies of contrails take more time and can provide important scientific information.
        Significance: Contrails are often more difficult for satellites to detect than clouds, especially when they remain narrow and do not spread outward. Students, home weather station operators and citizen scientists can provide important scientific information by documenting the contrails they observe and reporting their findings. It is important simply to know the number of days contrails were present over a particular location in a given year.


        “Why is it important to study contrails?
        Clouds are the largest variable controlling Earth’s atmospheric temperature and climate. Any change in global cloud cover may contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate (see The Role of Clouds from the S’COOL Project). Likewise, any change in Earth’s climate may have effects on natural resources. Contrails, especially persistent contrails, represent a human-caused increase in high thin clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere, and are likely to be affecting climate and ultimately our natural resources.”

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