Dan Martin Author of the book: Apocalypse : How-To manuals on being 100% self sufficient & Living off the Grid


Guest Interview with DAN MARTIN Author of the book  Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis



The interview with Dan Martin was down to earth and enlightening  for the listening audience who poured into the live show in droves! After interviewing Dan, I can see why.  His background, education and first hand experience not only lends to his ability to share expertise with the general public, but he also has the ability to convey a more balanced set of positive solutions against a  dark & evil background of  Agenda 21. Dan wants to empower folks, and as he stated ” The information is only for  those people who actually are aware of the very real and present danger in the  world  today. ” He is wise not to reach out to those who are nit like minded, and I applaud him for this.

Dan says : “At the heart of my soul, I want to desperately shake up and disrupt the currently-plagued societal belief structure we’re suffering in, if only to awaken a few more minds in the ruckus. Unfortunately, in order to achieve such positive change, sometimes we first need negative changes. We saw this after Katrina. 8 times in 10 years, New Orleans was given the title as the homicide capital, beating out Detroit. And now, in the aftermath, New Orleans is actually becoming a very nice city to live in.”

You must admit he has a point, and here is another statement that Dan made that absolutely  hit the nail on the head. Maybe we should all pay attention and heed his observation  of our planet and the human race :

“That said, I personally hope that society will be wiped out. Humanity is an infestation on this planet. A virus. We destroy everything, wipe out each other and entire animal species with 0 regard or remorse. In all likeness though, IF anything does happen around December 21 of next year, it most likely won’t immediately be worldwide but localized to one country or region, like the earthquake in Japan, or hurricane Katrina, or the twin towers. But what happens in one country effects the rest. We see this today with the collapse of the US economy and the domino affect it’s had on the world economy. ”

~Dan Martin


Dan also  begs the question “Will the world, as we know it, end in our time?” Great question right? I do believe that it is something to at least think about. And hey, why does the world have to end in order for any of us to become independent or at least learn how to live off the grid?

What was covered on the show?

  • Civil unrest leads to ?
  • How to survive living off the grid
  • How t survive a global pandemic or virus?
  • Is the world really going to end?
  • How to live without technology
  • Methods of growing food underground
  • Climate change
  • how to survive  nuclear holocaust

Is the writing on the wall? You be the judge. Listen to the interview now!


About Dan Martin

Dan Martin was born and grew up in Detroit, Michigan during a time when the city was most volatile, the eldest son of the eldest son, five generations long. The offspring of divorced parents, at thirteen Dan went on to live with his father in a completely contrasting environment, high in the Rocky Mountains where he learned how to hunt, trap, work on engines and generally be self-sufficient.

At age seventeen, Dan joined the military, was stationed in Hawaii and eventually deployed and fought in Desert Shield/Storm where he was honored with several awards and National Defense, Good Conduct and Expeditionary medals. He received a degree in Environmental Sciences and another in Sociology from the University of Hawaii; and upon arriving back in the states, he attended the University of Texas studying physics and Engineering. It was also then that Dan volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Greenpeace, where he must have gotten his first taste of living and working outside of the ‘norm’. He then went on to work for Boeing Aerospace, NASA’s Phantom Works and the Air Force. During Dan’s time with Boeing, he attended San Antonio Community College, taking undergraduate courses in Pre-Med, Architectural Design, World History, Sociology and Psychology. He attended several trade colleges, studying Metal Working, Carpentry, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Auto Mechanics earning enough credits for a Ph.D. and another Bachelors degree. But he never wanted a degree, only the education itself.

Today’s faulty educational system led Dan to begin to realize that something was wrong with the world, but especially the United States. People moved around like “robotic sheep,” to and from work and home, as if asleep, in lines at the grocery store, on hold with the phone company, getting up with mechanical devices and going down with chemical ones, essentially ignoring the planet around them. So in the spring of 2000, he spent all of his waking spare time in Central Mexico taking up odd part-time jobs, learning to build with natural materials, farming, ranching, construction, sanitation, roofing, plumbing and electrical, where he later met and married his wife, Lucia. They would then both re-enter the U.S. and live another year before quitting his high-paying career with Boeing at the age of twenty-five; cashing in all his investments and 401K; selling all their homes, vehicles, toys and personal belongings, to move out into the desert, leaving the world, family, friends and the rest of  humanity behind.

Dan Martin

For the next 6 years, the two lived 100% off-the-grid, completely cut-off from society, not seeing one other person the entire time. There were no electric lines, no telephone lines, no garbage, emergency or sewer service, no mail, no city water, no cell service, no clocks, no alarms clocks, no calendars, not even a road to the property. Dan built their home alone in the shape of an octagon without walls, completely open to the surrounding landscape so that they could live ‘with’ nature. They lived off rain water catchment, raised, bred and slaughtered goats, chickens, catfish, turkeys and ducks for food, made their own fuel and grew underground hydroponic fruits and vegetables.

Dan Martin formed a Mexican based non-profit organization which provides relief to victims of natural and man-made catastrophes and crises. He performed hundreds of similar sustainable-living projects as a consultant and taught others how to make their own renewable fuels, how to harness alternative energies, how to build with natural materials and how to live independently. He has designed and overseen dozens of projects for governmental agencies as well as private corporations and overseas clients.

For the last three years, Martin has written over forty do-it-yourself guides on the subject–from how to make your own ethanol, to how to build your own solar panels. These books are all available on Amazon or on his website:www.DIYsufficient.com. Dan Martin has also drawn the attention of established newspapers, websites, and magazines from several countries such as CNN, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Esquire Men’s magazine and many others, as well as being featured in the October 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair. He has also consulted as an expert on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers,” TNT’s hit show, “Falling Skies.” Martin appeared on The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi” and various radio shows including The Jim Marrs Show. 

In 2010, he wrote Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis, which is an accumulation of his life’s work, personal experience, education and training, while writing and carrying out his sustainability guides.

Author, Dan Martin

About The Book: Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis

Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis has recently been the hot topic of mainstream networks such as CNN, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Esquire Men’s magazine and many others, as well as getting featured in the Frankfurt Book Fair this October. I’ve consulted as an expert on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” and TNT’s hit show “Falling Skies.” I’ve appeared on The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi” and various radio shows including The Jim Marrs Show.


Will the world, as we know it, end in our time? It’s the intention of this book and the will of its author to give you what you’ll need IF it does. Spiritual prophecies, scientific predictions, epic storms/floods, record temperatures, terrorist attacks, viral pandemics, worldwide economic/government collapse, solar flares, electrical grid failure, climate change, earthquakes, polar shift, peak oil, meteor impacts, WW3, super tsunamis, alien invasion, how the government’s preparing and why we should too. This mind-gripping, action-packed book has it all and teaches how you and your family can survive it all.


A complete DIY, self-help guide not only for the end-times, but any global or local crisis, which we seem to be experiencing plenty of lately.”

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