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Is it possible that a deadly biological trigger  could  activate and spread with the use of  the chemtrails ? Could science  calculate and design a chemtrail to be used as the carrier for such diseases as E.coli Salmonella, Morgellons, or possibly even the deadly virus Ebola?

I will begin with a letter that was sent to Mr. Steven Quayle  in  September of  2014  by one of his readers. Next I investigated  the legitimacy of his statements, and to my amazement ,  I have found  many references to what the letter states. I will outline (following the readers letter) what I found to be true and factual.

*Note: When I originally  set out to write this article I had no intention of finding any legitimate connection(s) to the catastrophic events  that are described in  this  letter, especially  parts relating to chemtrails and the biological contamination factor.   I have reported on chemtrails for many years now, and have had many discussions about jet fuel being used as a possible carrier , but that was mainly in our CHEM WEB SERIES.

As early as 1990, the Aluminium Oxide portion of Chemtrails aka Geoengineering  was being used to reflect sunlight and help  to protect our planet from  the effects of Global warming .   By 2004  a very suspicious public  began conducting lab tests  with  air  and water samples, as the atmosphere was being bombarded by little white lines the blossomed into large scale clouds. Here is what they have found.

Wall Cloud NASA
Wall Cloud NASA/CARE is a project of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Department of Defense Space Test Program. The spacecraft launched aboard a NASA four-stage Black Brant XII suborbital sounding rocket.

History of Chemtrails

Aluminum Oxide : AO was used in “The Charged Aerosol Release Experiment also known as CARE”,  a project run by NASA which used  a rocket to release  dust in the upper atmosphere to form a dusty plasma in space. NASA  intentions were  trigger a cloud formation around the rocket’s exhaust particles. The clouds thus generated are intended to simulate naturally occurring phenomena called noctilucent clouds, which are the highest clouds in the atmosphere. The CARE experiment is intended to create an artificial dust layer at the boundary of space in a controlled sense, in order to “allow scientists to study different aspects of it, the turbulence generated on the inside, the distribution of dust particles and such.” Rocket successfully launched on Tuesday Sept. 14, 2009

Barium Oxide: Barium oxide, BaO, is a white hygroscopic non-flammable compound. It has a cubical structure. It is used in cathode ray tubes, making crown glass. It is a harmful to human skin and if swallowed in large quantity causes irritation. Excessive quantities of barium oxide may lead to death.

Strontium  : Strontium is mainly used for producing glass for colour television sets. It is also used in producing ferrite magnets and refining zinc. One of the radioactive isotopes of strontium,90Sr, is a product of nuclear fallout and presents a health problem.

Bacteria such as Anthrax and Pneumonia and  Nine chemicals, including Acetylcholine Chloride

Twenty six heavy metals including Arsenic, Gold, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Uranium and Zinc

Four molds and fungi

Seven viruses

Two cancers

Two vaccines

Two sedatives

E.coli Salmonella


Is it possible for  a virus to be dispensed into the atmosphere via Chemtrails?

Proof of Aerial Dispensers

A rifle muzzle launched projectile having a launch tube defining an interior cavity, and having an opening at one end with an inner diameter sized to fit over the end of a rifle muzzle; a bullet trap located in the launch tube cavity; and a payload assembly mounted on the launch tube. The payload assembly is further configured for safely releasing a payload in a controlled manner. The payload assembly also includes a casing for retaining an aerosol composition; a propellant located in the casing; a primer for igniting the propellant; and a frangible portion of the casing in contact with the aerosol composition.

US army patented bioagent dispenser in 2003
United States Patent and Trademark Office ^ 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the anonymous email sent to Mr. Steven Quayle.

Dear Steve,

Please read. I can validate this info. I talked with a top scientist fifteen years ago about this issue. He told me that the trigger activation would be within the chemtrails. I was told this was a deadly biological weapon of mass extermination, calculated and designed to go airborne and thus,to be highly contagious. The masses would lay in their homes and bleed out.
I received the following information from an ex-military guy whom I have known for about eight years. He served in special operations. I’m recalling some of the many things he said. He suspects that the 1,600 US Army troops who were recently sent to Africa to contend with the Ebola threat are to be exposed to this Ebola virus (which is not the true Zaire Ebola, but a man-made variant; youll find out why in a moment), and that these troops will be injected with the new Ebola vaccine, which will subdue that specific virus. However, recalling his victimization as a virus vector in the Army, he suspects that the anti-Ebola vaccine will be given to these US soldiers in Africa, and just as they did to him this vaccine will also contain a trigger element. These soldiers, who have unwittingly been made virus vectors, will then come home to the United States, and many of them will be discharged; thusly, they will be dispersed to all areas of the United States. This man told me that when these vector soldiers come home to the United States, pathogens will later be released into the atmosphere, perhaps in chemtrails and/or in ground releases, such as in the subway systems of major cities. The latter plot has already been perpetrated in the New York City subway system when they released  the serratia marcescens bacteria, which was encapsulated in light bulbs and tossed into the subways. This diabolical plot is documented in the book, CLOUDS OF SECRECY, by Prof. Leonard Cole of Rutgers University. My ex-military friend told me that the trigger element planted in the U.S. soldiers ebola vaccinations in Africa will then recombine in their bodies with the pathogen that is to be released throughout the United States. The product of this recombination of the pathogen, to be released, and the trigger element that was earlier injected into these 1,600 vector soldiers . . . the product will be a deadly biological weapon of mass extermination, calculated and designed to go airborne and thus, to be highly contagious. Remember the BATMAN comic book series of 1996, foretelling, in a symbolic story line, this diabolical plot for ass extermination of the American population. You see, the flu vaccine contains the trigger element which, when injected into thousands of victimized vectors, will recombine within the bodies of some of these vectors to make the lethal-but-non-contagious virus (to be released) become an airborne mutant of that virus. My contact also believes that the recent ushering in of thousands of children from Central America across the Texas border near San Antonio is a part of this very same plot that is being perpetrated against our 1,600 U.S. soldiers . . . and I suspect that the ushering in of thousands of illegal Mexicans across the border is likewise another part of this very same diabolical plot of mass extermination of the American population.

In fact, infowars.com reporters have confirmed that the Centers for Disease Control is  spearheading an unprecedented roundup of illegal Mexicans, who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Infowars.com is asking a vital question: Where are the CDCs disease agents taking all of these illegal, apparently diseased Mexicans? My ex-military, special operations, vaccine-victimized contact told me that he has learned that those thousands of Central American children are being housed at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, near the Texas border. He believes that these children are likewise being infected and injected with the trigger element, as part of this diabolical plot to exterminate the American population. The sick Mexicans, who today are being rounded up and sequestered by the CDC, are probably also being brought to Lackland Air Force Base. And Lackland or some similar place is where all the ill Mexicans are probably being sequestered for vaccination with the trigger element that will later make their disease go lethally airborne.And so, we begin to realize that this vaccination victimization of our soldiers in Africa is for the very same purpose as that of ushering many thousands of illegal Mexicans across the Texas and Arizona borders, and as that of ushering in many thousands of Central American children across our borders. We have yet more indications that this diabolical American genocide plot indeed, this global humanicide plot is now underway. BeforeItsNews.com has recently broken the story of a disease epidemic at Lackland Air Force Base an epidemic that is now kept under a veil of tight secrecy, enforced by ominous threats against the insiders at Lackland.

And we have reports that people fleeing Africa are being given easy entry into the United States. More desired fuel to feed the fires of contagion! My contact tells me that airports in twenty-four more U.S. cities have just been added as welcome centers for passengers from Africa.C.W. “

The letter seems to be a shorter version of the letter sent to Before it’s News written by John DiNardo

 My contact tells me that airports in twenty-four more U.S. cities have just been added as welcome centers for passengers from Africa. ”     ~   John DiNardo 

What stands out most in the above letter is the Central American children are being housed at Lackland Air Force, which actually  turns out to be true.

AUGUST 5, 2014 “HHS, which cares for the minors after they are detained by Border Patrol, announced on Monday Joint Base San Antonio Lackland, Fort Sill Army Base and Port Hueneme Naval Base would no longer be used as temporary shelters for 7,700 Central American migrant children.“”http://tpr.org/post/hhs-ending-use-jbsa-lackland-shelter-migrant-children

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, 52,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended since October.
According to the US Department of Homeland Security, 52,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended since October.

This means the children  were detained at the Lackland Facility, but were moved. Where were they moved to and why?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, 24,668 “unaccompanied minors were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexican border in fiscal 2013. Officials expect the annual number will jump to nearly 60,000 by the end of fiscal 2014.”

Currently, the Defense Department has not selected the bases where the additional immigrants  might be placed but we do know that a report in July 2014 stated “More than 57,000 minors have arrived since October, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.”

Here is the  concern. The New American Tabloid reported  this story on 9-10-14

“News stories have appeared recently about a strange outbreak across the Midwest of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), which is related to the common cold but causes severe respiratory illness. The disease has sent a multitude of children to the hospital, with some requiring treatment in intensive-care units. And while the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is blaming the outbreak on “seasonal allergies” and the school year’s start, many critics are asking an obvious question: Is it a coincidence that this outbreak occurred right after the Obama administration allowed tens of thousands of illegal-alien minors to cross our border and then shipped them all over the United States?”

Like him or not, even  Rush Limbaugh was quoted as saying  “Obama will not tell anybody where all of the children that have crossed the border in the last four months have been relocated to.… They were processed real quickly. Gotten in, gotten out and they’ve been distributed all over the country.… Does this sweeping mysterious virus that’s multiplying across the Midwest, does it have anything to do with that or not?”

Joining him was fellow host Michael Savage, who, among his many credentials, boasts a Ph.D. in epidemiology and authorship of almost 20 books on health and nutrition. Not mincing words, Savage said,  WND.com: “Instead of stopping disease spread, they’re [health officials and doctors] encouraging it by not speaking out against bringing in infected children and putting them in our public schools, right?… What do you expect to happen if you put a kid with a certain virus into a school where they’ve never been exposed to that virus? It’s called an epidemic breakout.”

Please read the document on AGENDA 21

Savage continued to point out that  “And the coverup continues. Savage pointed out on his radio show yesterday that it would be very easy to identify the source of EV-D68: Simply determine the strain of the virus and see if it’s the same one afflicting people in, let’s say, Honduras. Yet despite the fact that the disease already affects residents in Missouri, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oklahoma — and is expected to spread to all 50 states — authorities show no interest in such investigation.”

 Nogales Holding Facility @2014
Nogales Holding Facility @2014

A former camp nurse told Starnes that the facility was being ” inundated with migrants to an extent where it was impossible to control the disease. The nurse “became especially alarmed because their files indicated the children had been transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes,” writes Starnes. In other words, there likely were no measures taken to prevent infestation because the carriers didn’t know about the scabies bugs and lice the children were carrying. Consequently, Americans traveling on those buses and airplanes now may pick the parasites up — and spread them to others.”

Even more distressingly, CNN is  reported  today ” that there may be a lot more victims of the dreaded Ebola virus “being evacuated to the United States than we are being told about.” Vice president of Phoenix Air Group, an air ambulance service working for the State Department, said that his company has transported “a lot of people who have been exposed.” True to federal form, however, he would not reveal how many.

COMPLETE LIST of Military Underground Bases in USA

Where have these kids gone? And  what is the  virus are they spreading? There are concerns that it may be the  Ebola Virus. Is geoengineering a carrier for disease? We can not at this time prove this rumor mill. We  will however keep you informed on anything related to chemtrails and the use of virus dispensers.

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Steven Quayle : http://www.stevequayle.com/


http://www.rense.com/   Look for the “Hepa Filter” giving particulate numbers.



CARE 2 rocket experiment to excite plasma ::Theoretical studies for the care 2 rocket experiment to excite plasma waves in the ionosphere by high speed dust injection: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5993010&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fxpls%2Fabs_all.jsp%3Farnumber%3D5993010

HHS, which cares for the minors after they are detained by Border Patrol, announced on Monday Joint Base San Antonio Lackland, Fort Sill Army Base and Port Hueneme Naval Base would no longer be used as temporary shelters for 7,700 Central American migrant children. http://tpr.org/post/hhs-ending-use-jbsa-lackland-shelter-migrant-children

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