Bottled Water Companies without the Fluoride
Bottled Water Companies without the Fluoride


What is in your water?

Is it true that bottled waters have low levels of fluoride?  

The USDA reported in  2005 less than 10% of bottled waters contain more than 0.3 ppm of Fluoride.  Although some fluoride proponents claim that the increased use of bottled water could be an explanation for the increase in tooth decay being seen in young children today. . As an American Dental Association spokesman, Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, conceded in August 2012, “there has been no research to show using bottled water causes tooth decay.” In fact, the limited research that has been conducted has found no relationship between bottled water consumption and tooth decay — a finding consistent with other recent evidence on the ineffectiveness of fluoridated drinking water.

This is a largely debated issue, therefore do your homework, come to your own conclusions, and take the appropriate action for you and your family. If you decide that you do not want fluoride in your drinking water, here are some sound solutions that you can apply today.

What is Fluoride? Click here


If you live in a community that fluoridates its water supply, here are some solutions if indeed you have opted out of Fluoride consumption. The following are the recorded fluoride levels in several popular bottled water brands sold in the United States. If the bottled water  brand that you purchase is not included on this list, you can find out the fluoride level by calling the company, as this is information they should have readily available.

Spring water: Most spring water contains very low levels of fluoride (generally less than 0.1 ppm). To see the fluoride levels in popular brands of water. (Personally , not my first choice .)

Glass bottled water is better than plastic water bottles.
Glass bottled water is better than plastic water bottles.

Bottled Water without the Fluoride:

“Health-conscious consumers appreciate the calcium carbonate, iron, manganese and naturally high pH to help offset modern acidic diets. Whatever your reasons, you can count on our enduring promise of pure, premium, great-tasting bottled water.” Glass Bottled water here : It’s more expensive than water filtration systems, but is some of the best water on the planet.

Water filtration: Many water filters (e.g., Brita & Pur) use an “activated carbon” filter that does not remove fluoride. Water filters that do remove fluoride include reverse osmosis, deionizers that use ion-exchange resin, and activated alumina.

RO Systems are easy to install, maintain, and on your budget
RO Systems are easy to install, maintain, and on your budget

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

A  5-stage water filter system is made from high caliber components to offer exceptional contaminant rejection rates and long-lasting, reliable performance. Designed and built in the USA, the Essence was developed based off our 17 years of experience in RO design and production- a lineage of proven success. We are proud to offer this incredibly efficient and productive RO system that will provide you and your family with trouble-free, high quality drinking water for many years to come! The ROES-50 system comes with a 30-day money back return guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. With our manufacturing facility based in Southern California, APEC Water is committed to supporting its large customer base by stocking and supplying all replacement and service parts to ensure high performance and longevity. In addition, the manufacturer has in house WQA (Water Quality Association) certified water specialists that provide excellent & Free technical support for the entire lifespan of the system.

Easy to install and maintain : RO SYSTEMS.
Easy to install and maintain : RO SYSTEMS.

Note: I personally own and use  a reverse Osmosis System, and cartridges are changed once a year. I find this to be the must effective way of cleaning my drinking water, as well the least expensive. It is even less expensive than purchasing clean water. Initial set up cost investment will run around $400.00 which will include the RO System { Reverse Osmosis }, filters and installation. It is easy to use and the tank is stored right under your sink.~ Roxy Lopez


What does it filter out of your water?

Radiation,Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals (Drug Residues) – Viruses – Bacteria – Heavy Metals – VOC’s (petrochemical byproducts) – Chloramine – Chlorine – Disinfection Byproducts (THM’s, HAA’s, NDMA)  Pesticides/Herbicides – Sediment/Particulate – Bad Tastes/Odors & More!


System Overview  and how it works: (This is for a 5 stage system, which is what I have and use for drinking water)

1st Stage: Sediment removal 5 micron 10 inch filter —removes dust, particles, and rust. Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system.

2nd Stage: Carbon block 10 micron 10 inch filter —gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors. Also removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water.

3rd Stage: Carbon block 10 micron 10 inch filter —gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors. Also removes VOCs and other common chemicals from the water.

4th Stage: High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. Removes a wide variety of contaminants including arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium and more.

5th Stage: Coconut Shell Refining Carbon 10 inch filter —removes any possible residual taste from the tank.

Smart and automatic design shuts of system automatically when tank is full without wasting any water.

Treats all types of water including tap water, well water, hard and soft water at variable pressures and pH extremes.

Low maintenance – just change 3 Essence pre-filters once every 6-12 months.* Note I change our filters  once a year

Industry standard design and parts offer system versatility, compatibility & upgradability.

Uses same filtration technology as bottled water companies and eliminates the need for bottled water, in return less plastic waste and pollution.

APEC Water does not distribute or sell our products to any 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Please purchase genuine APEC Water products from Amazon or APEC Water directly for authenticity.

Activated Alumina Filter removes Fluoride & Arsenic

Removes a wide range of contaminates with a single system! The sediment and radial-flow carbon filter are capable of removing sediment, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, organics, MTBE, and THM. Then, the activated alumina filter removes fluoride & arsenic from your water. It also removes most other chemicals, tastes and odors, and is an excellent system for general home water filtration. The three canister system provides cleaner, safer water without electricity or waste water. These 20″ high flow “Big Blue” filters (larger 4.5″ diameter) provide even more surface area and fewer flow restrictions than standard sized filters (2.5″ diamter) or 10″ Big Blue systems, allowing for even higher service flow rates.


Filtration stages:

Stage 1 – Dual gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter (25 micron surface, 5 micron inner)

Stage 2 – Activated alumina filter to remove fluoride & arsenic

Stage 3 – Radial Flow Carbon GreenBlock Filter – 25 micron

Typical filter life is 6-12 months and spent filters can be safely disposed of in normal household waste. We provide detailed installation instructions that allow most homeowners to assemble and install this system themselves. All it takes is some basic plumbing skills and some common knowledge! If you don’t feel confident installing it yourself most plumbers can install it in about 1-2 hours. Complete system includes 1″ NPT inlet/outlet filter housings with pressure relief valves, white powder coated steel mounting bracket with lag bolts, filters, 1″ hex nipples, filter housing wrench, and instructions.

Water Distillation: Distilling water is an effective way of removing fluoride from water. Whereas a water filter is installed directly into the sink, a distillation unit is a separate device that can be stored on your counter  top.

One of the claims of distilled water is that it  “produces the purest water available. Bottled water, filtered water and reverse osmosis can’t compare.”

Please watch the following demonstration:


Help the environment by using non-plastic drinking containers/BPA Free re-usable drinking bottles

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