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  • “We regularly tune into your show Roxy ~much respect from us at the ConTrail. Your show is posted on our social network and is well received. Have you noted it’s predominantly women stepping up to expose this issue? We currently run from Revolution Radio with Geo Up Over n Down Under. We cover the Geo issues from both the North and South hemispheres. We also tackle other issues like the EMF assaults & the quakes of Christchurch NZ. Arohanui!”


Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film..:

  •       My friend, you have put forth some compelling photos and questions here. I applaud your efforts.

It’s definitely interesting what you are saying. I really didn’t like the scary music, so I turned it off, so I could focus on the details a bit. I believe there is something to this, I have been noticing the moon and changes over the past year and a half. Good work

South Africa says:

  • “Thanks Roxy. 🙂

Doesn’t it simply amaze you that SO many millions throughout the world are only just waking up to all these sordid facts? Where have they been all these years? I guess ~ relying on MS media.
Gosh! Bill Deagle was warning us about almost everything at least 10 years ago, yet the majority simply labelled him a wacky conspiracy theorist. “
~South Africa~

identifiedflyingship says

  • “wow. i love your channel :)”

cashybusiness :

  • “ Awesome interview~ Keep up the excellent work!”
  • “Keep the faith Roxy and thanks for the update. Lets pray that the public stands up to these terrible people doing this to us. God speed.”


Interview with  Laura Eisenhower speaks on Love, 2012, DNA, UFO’s and more

  • “The best interview I’ve heard in the last year++, that I can tell friends to listen to, beginning to end, who are awake or confused or religious.. And know they’ll either get it, agree, or disagree/and I’ll be comfortable knowing I tried with them but have to move on with friends & family that agreed or are awake. I find most New Age Talk demoralizing,high & mighty,negative,holy-er than thow,and or plain mean_This was positive & helpful, I’ll pass it on to my fellow Marines & Soldiers”


Laura Eisenhower speaks on Love, 2012, DNA, UFO’s and more..:

  •       What a wise woman!  Thanks for this interview.


 General Comment

  • “Magnificent resonance. THANKS lovely, light-filled ladies. Thanks too for ‘condensing’ 2-3hrs into ONE! 🙂 Love & LIGHT.  ~ Durban ~ South Africa ~”


Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film.:

  • “ Thanks for posting these videos for us to see. It is good to know someone is watching and taking pictures, this makes me want to buy a really good camera with a very strong lens. Keep looking up.”


Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film.:

  • “A MAGNETIC SHIFT would not cause a visual rotation, only a physical shift! I believe that we are,in the beginnings of a massive polar shift! I have believed for quite some time that is the basis for Matthew 24:29
  • “‘the sun will be darkened,    and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky,
  • and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’ “
  • Melting polar caps may release plagues, and cause the shift. A sudden shift looks like stars falling!”


Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film     “ Let me tell you this. I live in Punta del Este Uruguay and on that night we had a very clear sky, it was new years eve and I remember having exactly the same observation only that no one could tell what was wrong with the moon. So just to help you out a little bit… in the south we had the same strange effect seen by many people. Keep up the good work and lets all try to follow up on this because I think that no one in the world has a clue about it and that’s why all the silence.”

  • “I’m back in the area for another look at your channel, i’m lovin your vibe”


Fritz Zimmerman on GIANT Skeletons and The Book, The Nephilim Chronicles:

  • thanks for the great show roxy, me looking forward to more of howard stein too!




Roxy Lopez & Pat McReynolds of KPHO CBS

What CBS doesn’t want you to see.. (Part I):

  •  “I know they can never overcome us.. but I just want to shock some of the people who think they are safe…because if we let these psychopaths have their way .. no one is safe…   Thanks for all you do Roxxy… We’re going to kick their butts. soon they will feel the ground shake with the pounding of our boots, soon their ears will bleed with the ROAR of FREEDOM.. THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL!!!”



What CBS doesn’t want you to see.. (Part I):

  • Condensation can NOT remain aloft for hours because the suns radiated heat will melt it.  This is third grade science stuff.. Condensation can NOT spread out and over a period of HOURS morph into pseudo-clouds. An old aeronautic adage is “where you see clouds you won’t see contrails”…. The two require different conditions to exist.. yet suddenly they don’t?  I also saw where the visibility standards have been changed – the distance lessened – why?  It’s not THAT hard to figure out folks…

General Comments

  • “i love these shows…im based in the UK and always listen via You Tube keep them coming”


  • “You think world governments don’t know something strange is going to happen?? They do! Perfect example East Germany ruled with an iron fist for 40 years, isolated from west Germany, Yet a few hundred people come out to protest saying “We want change!!” And the government says “Ok here you go the country is yours take the hammer and knock the freaking wall down!!” They know something those f**kers!!”


  • “ I love you Roxy!”


  • “Great shows roxy. Peace Love and Light.”


  • “hi roxy; i watched your vid on the an amateur astronomer,have been for 20 years.i do astro imaging.planets nebula star clusters.anyway.i noticed the moons shift when viewing the terminator one right through my 10 inch tmb apo refractor.alignment on the moon was i knew something was you shows.”
  • “I’m back in the area for another look at your channel, i’m lovin your vibe”


Laura Eisenhower speaks on Love, 2012, DNA, UFO’s and more..:

  • I was not expecting this interview to be so wisdom filled and beautiful.  “A blocked chakra is like a blocked stargate”…that statement alone is so profound and should be reason enough for people to work harder at loving one another.  Thank you so much Roxy, amazing.


  • One other thing I wanted to the end you talked about how great you feel after having a conversation about metaphysics (et al)…I believe we move into the 4th dimension when we have conversations that are non 3D, which is why we feel so much lighter and love-filled…something to ponder.  Blessings.


From Grand Rapids,MI

My name is XXXXXXX, I live in Grand Rapids, MI. I know this is quite long, but please read, I am not a troll, I am very happy about your website, and I wanted to talk to you about some of the stuff in my town that I hope you will list.We have a ton of places that could be used a holding centers/camps. On 36th st./ Kalamazoo there is a huge field on the left and right hand side, it is so large, it is directly by a railroad, it has barbed wire fencing, and a couple of watch tower type things. It is currently empty. I have named this The K-Zoo street holding center. They could use this place to hold us while they separate us and take us to different interment camps. I have heard that “They” can turn any large unused area into a temporary camp.
I was hoping you would list these temporary camps to make residents here aware of places they should stay away from if they are in hiding during all of this. There is a huge unused factory near the Meijer’s grocery store on Alpine st. and it is so large it could most certainly be used for a temporary holding center. The Van Andle Arena has such a large space around it that it could be used as a holding center. Note that the Super Dome in New Orleanes was used as a holding center during Katrina.
I would like to point something out to you and your web site. I have questioned many times why the government would use the HAARP to stage Hurricane Katrina….This is because I had not yet seen the footage of the way the citizens were treated in the wake of the aftermath. When I watch the footage of the military rolling in with heavy weapons..I realized that they weren’t there to help, they were there to muscle people into that hell hole called the Super Dome. Then, they separated family and put them on buses …buses that did not have any specific place they were going. It dawned on me as I watched FEMA roll in like the Spanish inquisition….

Hurricane Katrina was made by the HAARP so that the government could use the citizens as practice testing for the coming mayhem of the holocaust. I’m not sure what the gov. is going to use to pull the proverbial “trigger” ..Will they form a huge “natural” disaster….will they unleash a widespread bacteria worse than this new flu? Will they stage a false flag Alien attack, claiming aliens have landed and are trying to take over the planet? Or..will they do all of these things all at once to create chaos? See..have you noticed, that the government have been preconditioning the American people using the media, movies, and t.v. shows to infer that if Aliens did land on Earth, that they would be “dangerous” and want to “hurt us” ? I feel that they are doing what they did before 9/11, they are using media tactics to portray Aliens as being evil, so that Aliens will be synonymous with “terrorists”..So that when the gov. stages the false
flag event, the American people will be scared of the “aliens” thus requiring “help” from Fema…but that “help” will come in the form of slavery.
I also thought to myself..who will help carry out this holocaust? Surely not our own troops? Surely they would see no reason to harm their own friends and family, their own country? I feel that they will use Asians….A Chinese army of sorts. I think this because Asians outnumber us 20 to 1. Well, you might wonder, why the Chinese would help the American gov. carry out such horror, what’s in it for them? Well, the gov. owes China so much money, I think that those of us who aren’t weak, disabled, or old will be given to China as a present…we will become their slaves. I just wanted to pose my theory to you and see what you thought. I know it sounds crazy..

Maybe the gov. has such advanced weaponry that they won’t need to use Asians to round us up. I don’t know. But I will be researching all the known camps in my town and send them to you. Also, I think it’s be wise if you made a list of survalence cameras placed in weird spots around towns because I know for a fact no one ever signed anything saying the gov. could use our tax dollars to enact England-style big brother right in our own back yard. There is a survalence camera at almost every intersection here in Grand Rapids, MI. If we are trying to hide during the Agenda 21, we need to not be seen by these cameras.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m so sick from fluoride poisoning, my whole family has been sick from the Barrium/Alluminum being sprayed on us. We are all sick from the GMO corn syrup, we are all very sick from all of these things. I’m 23, and my front teeth have rotted out due to fluorosis, a condition where the fluoride eats away at your teeth, despite the level of care your provide your teeth with. It’s the bane of my existance, because my entire family is disabled, we have no way to fix my teeth. I used to be a model. I am very upset. I’m scared that this Agenda 21 is going to happen soon. Please keep me updated if you hear of anything happening in Grand Rapids, MI. Thank you so much. We need more websites like yours being run to educate our citizens. XXXXXX


RECEIVED February 5, 2013

OH ROXY my friend & fellow TRUTHER ~ I can’t wait for YOU to interview the AWESOME, efficacious & HONEST oncologist, the amazing Roman (Italian) ONCOLOGIST, Dr. Tullio Simoncini.

He, like Dr. Burzynski, has been persecuted beyond comprehension ~ JAILED too, for simply attempting to SAVE PRECIOUS LIVES ~ & you know what ~ Dr. Simoncini mostly prescribes CHEAP Sodium Bicarbonate! YES! Bicarb of Soda!

Skin cancer is treated with CHEAP IODINE! It works, I’m living PROOF!!!

CureNaturaliCancro. com


RECEIVED February 5, 2013  Subject: Agenda 21
Hi Roxy… I never heard anything back, but we can be sure their goal is to eradicate ALL the wild horses. Just check out the disgusting way they are manipulating the public on the issue in this article! It’s a mirror of ICLEI and Agenda 21 verbal manipulation.

I was SO upset when the AZ voters said NO on proposition 120 (for AZ to control our public lands). Because people were so afraid we’d have to pay more state taxes, we just handed over control of our public lands to the Feds. So now THEY will make the BIG money off mining/water/resources leases to greedy corporations! People said AZ can’t afford to take care of what we have now, let alone all the public lands. Even though we would want to keep our state pristine, WE could have made some of the money and kept control of what happens here. People have NO IDEA what is REALLY going on, or what they just did to Arizona!!! All I had to do was read WHAT GROUPS were against the prop., and their fake lying objections, to tell me which way to vote! It had Agenda 21 verbiage written all over it.


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  1. Dear Roxy Lopez,
    I am from germany and looked for max spiers on youtube. The videos are very good , but you cannot see it in other languages . I would like to see it in german and english. Would you please change this , that other people from other countries can also see it in their languages. A part of it I found here , but there is one interview that is only on your site. Please make it switchable to other languages.

    heartly greetings from munich germany
    Angelika Hollrieder

    My site

  2. Love this show Roxy keep up the good work. I am sending u this comment as u have a guest on your show named Emily Craig that is giving out false information to u and your radio followers and i wanted to alert u to this fact.I am among a lot of other things an astrologer and u can ask anyone including NASA and they will tell u that we are now in the middle of the vortex called the Center of the Galactic Plain and at the same time we also have since 2006 moved into the Age of Aquarius so momentous happenings are on Earth as old structures pass away signified by Pluto n Capricorn in what is known as a Grand Cross which forms a Tee Square to our ascendant midheaven and decendant and nadir where we find PLuto squaring planets in those signs. Now since we are in a vortox the center of the MIlkey Way we are changing into the 4th demintion so all our DNA is being activated now. There has recently been a war in space and the Greys lost the war and the creator Gods who made us have returned to asssit with this upgrade.Note when the war was won NASA shut down the SOHO program so no one but them could see what was happening in our close enviornment in space. Yes we are a binary star system but our sun is still with us and since we can not see Mercury and Venus they were parked by the Annauki during the war so their huge star ships and mother ships could not injure them the only thing they ruined deliberately is Mars u can see the recent NASA Soho picture at BPEarth watch and see the corona all around it It appears they deliberately ruiined it for the Illuminati along with all the under ground tunnels they had built that the Greys and the MiLabs were operating from, There is much to tell but i suggest that u and your listeners go to BPEarthwatch as he is good about keeping the data and good records on it. Much more to tell u but not enough space here, There is a crop circle on Utube that is Annauki and it is said to be larger then the sise of the planet circuling the Sun which is a vortex and goes into space time, It says something will happen on earth on or before July 8th of this year and if u go to BPEarth watch under Comet Ison ,,,, I SON got it? That is the name of the crop circle and the Soho pictures from BP earthwatch u will see the size of the Annauki transportation system larger then earth he says and so does every one else. Due to these two things happening on Earth and the Milkey Way Galaxy which is not collapsing planets move constantly and we are just at that point and with the Precession of the Eqionxes which u can see on David Wilcoxes show Hamlets Mill u will understand why we are taking such a beating and i have not even gotten into Cern that is another story u do not want to hear…. Just wanted u to kow the truth based on facts i can back up online for all of u…. Love and light to all………. Nancy

  3. Not sure what to say. My husband and I spent yrs. in fishing. I don’t fish though I cook. I had a breakthrough after listening to a couple of your shows. I think I can put it in perspective for you. Alfred Webre and Miriam Delicado png’d me so to speak.

  4. can you try to get william thomas on your show Roxy? it would be great to have him discuss what he has on cellphone radiation its really good stuff.

  5. Roxy, I just listened to your interview with Laura Eisenhower and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Within my current circle of friends, I have no one I can talk to about the things I think and feel. The few attempts I’ve made have failed miserably so now I save my breath.
    How wonderfully inspiring to listen to the two of you talk for an hour and have everything resonate so!
    Thank you so much for all you do!

  6. Der Roxy, you know I am one of your dearest fans, I have been on your action from the beginning….I do not believe I have missed a show, if I have, I always listen to your youtube archive…some of the information can be heart wrenching, and some heart warming, either way, it speaks of TRUTH and has all-ways been very right on and informative…..kudos to you darlin’ with great love~

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