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January 21, 2017

Alien Agenda

UFO Cloaked Cloud Craft Over New Orleans / Amazing Sighting

  JBG / Youtube channel JBG QUANTUM SKYNET OVER NOLA has been filming the skies over New Orleans Louisiana since mid 2012, documenting chemtrails and other strange sightings including Cloaked Cloud Craft. JBG is known to many including Sean Gautreaux owner of IndustrialSurrealism, Thomas Sheen known as  Belfast Bap, myself and many others. Collectively we have found JBG’s

Best Ufo Evidence, you decide! Guest: Mike Orrell

Guest: Michael Orrell on UFO Sighting, photographic evidence in San Diego, CA that caught the mainstream medias attention!   Discussion This evening included * The “first ever” discovery of a pattern linking UFOs to each other and ancient artifacts *Mike’s Fathers  death and how that lead me to metaphysics and the truth about aliens and