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Who funds the

Chemtrail program? WHAT is a CHEMTRAIL?

Pyramid Technology Codes

David Sereda


What is Cemenite PDF?

UFO's BUZZ around

Chemtrail jet


What is Happening to our Moon?

The Truth Denied Moon photo taken by Roxy Lopez in Arizona, USA

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Roxy Lopez The Truth Denied

The Truth Denied Talk Radio

GHOST CITIES IN CHINA: 64.6 million empty homes, apartments & condos


Earth is traveling away from the Milky Way, what does this mean? - with Emily Cragg

Cloaked Craft revealed in Chemtrails and Storms! 3 Guests Debunk the secret cover-up! - with Jim Kerr, Sean Gautreaux, & Sherry Bunker

UFO Bases on the Moon & Dark Satellite Footage 


ALIEN STARSHIPS hidden in plain site around the sun! - with Bob Evans

How to survive an ARCHON attack with James Gilliland - 

OPERATION 40 : Find out who killed John F. Kennedy? MLK? John Lennon? - with Ole Dammegĺrd, 

David Sereda: The Quantum Pyramid Technology and 5151 

What has happened to Earth's Moon? Emily Cragg spells out part of the Mystery 

Flying rod type 1-the-truth-denied

Film Maker Jose Escamillo,Bill Bryson & Sean Gautreaux talk moon,rods, and upcoming films (Back to the Moon)! 

Flying rods 2-the-truth-denied

Chemtrails Discussion with commercial pilot Knuessel and Mark McCandlish reveals... - August 30th, 2013

commerical jet KLM-the-truth-denied

MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers - August 9th, 2013

The rest of Roxy's Shows are all here: The Truth Denied Talk Radio

The truth never lies...


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