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January 20, 2017

cloaked cloud craft

UFO’s / Aurora / TR3B’s / Secrets of Black Government Programs

UFO’s, Cloaked Craft, TR3B’s and Secrets of Black Government Projects Antelope Valley California, aka, Aerospace Valley The Antelope Valley is home to numerous military facilities along with many government contractors working within the Military Industrial Complex. Centered between Palmdale and Lancaster, Ca., on 300 acres is the USAF Plant 42 test facility along with Skunk

UFO Cloaked Cloud Craft Over New Orleans / Amazing Sighting

  JBG / Youtube channel JBG QUANTUM SKYNET OVER NOLA has been filming the skies over New Orleans Louisiana since mid 2012, documenting chemtrails and other strange sightings including Cloaked Cloud Craft. JBG is known to many including Sean Gautreaux owner of IndustrialSurrealism, Thomas Sheen known as  Belfast Bap, myself and many others. Collectively we have found JBG’s

Chemtrailing Only the Setting Sun November 08, 2014

Chemtrails Blocking Sunsets & Rising Full Moon: What are they hiding?

IS THIS ACTIVITY SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT? I DON’T THINK SO… Summary: This article by no means fully explains everything. I am not covering all the various applications of chemtrails in this article. I will only be discussing one reoccurring pattern I have been documenting for the past 11 months. This article is not meant to

Cloaked Cloud Craft UFO’s… What / Who Is In Our Skies…

“Chameleons In Our Skies” “They attempt to imitate natural cloud formations but their, repeated patterns, flight characteristics, emitting of cloud like material and the uniform size of the various size craft give them away.” “They do have their glitches and can be captured in the right lighting and correct angle.” The craft depicted in the above photo

UFO’s and Their Strange Attraction to Chemtrails. What on Earth is the Connection?

The above photo is a still removed from the video posted in this article. This UFO buzzed the chemtrail jet for unknown reasons. The photo was cropped and enlarged with the color darkened. Summary: All I wanted to do was document chemtrails and do my part in exposing the chemtrail agenda. I have never considered