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June 24, 2017


Super Soldier Max Spiers Confirmed Dead in Poland

   2/6/2016 UPDATES: We have had many emails and posts regarding the passing of Max Spier. Please read below for any other updates that we have received and pass them around to those who knew and loved Max. We thank you all for your concerns, information, and  interviews. “To Whom This May Concern, Vanessa Bates

Caught in the crossfire of the CIA & report that changed his life forever! Daughter dies.

Our Guest Today: Reporter Bobby Powell CONTACT BOBBY POWELL: Current website: www.bobpowell.blogspot.com New Website: www.ttiv.net YOU TUBE Channel: OldCorpBLT13 WARNING: The interview with Bob Powell is very disturbing, the idea that the CIA would be responsible for murdering Bob Powell’s 24 year old daughter is difficult and challenging to accept. I thank Bob for coming