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Chemtrails & Geoengineering

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October 20, 2018


Ruth Drayer takes Numerology one step beyond

  Guest : Ruth Drayer Date: June 14, 2013 Website: Website: www.cybernumbers.com and www.ruthdrayer.com. Blog: www.cybernumbers.com/wordpress   Ruth Drayer is positively amazing!  She has honed her craft and takes great pride in her work with her clients; this comes across right from the beginning of the interview. Ruth doesn’t talk  ‘hocus pocus’, rather  teaches us how numerology actually works, what

Fifth Dimensional living in the Matrix with Sonja Grace

  April 2, 2013 Guest: Sonja Grace Topic: Healing the Earth, Higgs, Alien Encounters, 16K dead Pigs in China, Fifth Dimension, Separation & Duality, Sink Holes and of course LOVE!   It was my pleasure to have Sonja Grace back on the program this evening . It’s not often that I have a guest return to

Mystic Healer, Sonja Grace : An interview you will never forget!

Guest: Sonja Grace Contact: www.sonjagrace.com   The beauty of Sonja Grace will live with you forever, that is once you’ve had the pleasure of encountering her.  Sonja does not mince her words,and she is forthright in her convictions. Which brings up the question, shouldn’t all of our  friends and families relate to each other from

George McClure in 2012 : The Collapse of Western Civilization

Our Guest today : George McClure   George spoke openly about his life and his awareness, from the political to the Spiritual, and the full circle of life that resumes after every transition.We are all spiritual beings in one family called humanity. It’s time we acknowledge our own self empowerment, so we can move forward,

Pope Annalisa, Peter Canova is an author, medical intuitive,researcher and public speaker

      Peter Canova is a successful author, medical intuitive,researcher and public speaker. His latest book Pope Annalisa is a best seller and soon to be a world wide film. There is no doubt that the film will be a blockbuster in the USA, if not world wide.   Here is some of what