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 Please add the following to the liver flush protocol.
Anyone diagnosed as having gall bladder stones or those who have had their gall bladder removed MUST for two weeks prior to starting the 14 day protocol, take Gold Coin Grass daily.  This is to ensure the calcified stones (gall stones) are soft and not cause discomfort or problems.



When you flush out hundreds of toxic stones from your liver, your immune system picks up like magic.


It takes 14 days preparation to have a successful liver flush.


Animal protein, sugar and all dairy should be excluded from your diet as much as possible during these 14 days.


 Ingredients You Will Need:



Fourteen days supply of malic acid powder or one litre of organic  apple juice each day for fourteen days.


I usually use malic acid due to candida.  Malic acid MUST be pure and in powder form.


For the day of the flush


  • • Four tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate ). This allows magnesium to be absorbed into the bloodstream therefore relaxing smooth muscles that surround the gallbladder ducts. This enables larger stones that may otherwise create spasms to pass through a relaxed bile duct.

This is a very crucial part of the therapy and you CANNOT do the flush without taking these salts which are available in most pharmacies – ask for the B.P.( British Pharmacopoeia) grade for internal use, not those used for soaking in the bath.


  • • Half a cup (5oz) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which stimulates the gall bladder and bile duct to contract powerfully, thus expelling the stones into the duodenum or small intestine.

Once you drink the cup of olive oil and citrus fruits it enters the gut and the gallbladder detecting huge quantities of fat, this begins to go into spasm expelling all the waste rubbish that has been stored for years.


  • • At least a couple of large grapefruits (oranges will do if there are no grapefruits) mixed together with the juice of two fresh lemons or limes. The more acidic the juice, the faster the transit of the olive oil through the stomach and into the duodenum, which helps prevent or minimize nausea.


VERY IMPORTANT: It is crucially important BEFORE you begin this cleanse to have taken one teaspoon of malic acid or a litre of apple juice for 14 days before the cleanse.  This is very important as malic acid softens  the stones and enables them to pass HARMLESSLEY through the gall ducts.


I have supervised many such cleanses using exactly this protocol that I am recommending here without one patient suffering any harm whatsoever.

But please follow the instructions carefully.



Full Protocol for removing Intra-hepatic Stones


One litre of apple juice daily or one teaspoon of malic acid in water daily for 14 days.


Day 15 is the day you start flushing the liver and gall bladder.


On the day of the Gallbladder Flush

Take no medications, vitamins or pills that you can do without on the day you cleanse. They could prevent success.

Eat a NO-FAT breakfast and lunch such as cooked cereal with fruit, fruit juice, brown bread with a little honey (no butter, milk or margarine), baked potato or other vegetables with salt only


  • 2.00 PM Do NOT drink or eat anything after 2 o’ clock – mineral water is fine, non fizzy.


  • 6.00 PM Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of ice cold Epsom salts.

Mix one-tablespoon Epsom salts into ¾ cup cold water and stir well. You may add 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin C powder to improve the taste.

You may drink a little water afterwards, or rinse your mouth out. Epsom salts can also be mixed in apple juice to make it taste nicer, or a few drops of lemon or lime can be added, or a little orange juice.


  • 8.00 PM Repeat the Epsom salt drink as above.


  • 9.45 PM Pour 1/2 mug (large 10 oz. mug) olive oil and squeeze 1/2 cup orange or grapefruit juice into this, with the juice of a two whole fresh lemons. Shake or stir hard until the oil and fruit juice mix thoroughly. Visit the bathroom now, shower, brush your teeth, go to toilet etc. so that you can lie down as soon as you take the olive oil mixture.


  • 10.00 PM Drink the olive oil and juice you have mixed. Drinking through a plastic straw helps it go down easier. Drink it standing up, not sitting or lying. You may use a little honey between sips to help it down.

Try to drink it as quickly as you can, within 5 minutes.


TIPS: If you find it difficult drinking the olive oil mixture by itself it may be possible to mix it with prune juice or grape juice with a tablespoon of honey and put it in a blender for a minute of so.

If you think you could manage the olive oil ozonated– I will make you some to order for the day – it is better to use this as it will kill off any bacteria, parasites or other micro-organisms that may be lingering in the bile when it enters the intestine.


LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY, ON YOUR RIGHT SIDE! You may fail to get stones out if you don’t. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out. Try to keep perfectly still for 20 minutes as the more you move the less stones your gallbladder will expel.

You may feel a train of stones travelling along the bile ducts like marbles.

There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open, thanks to the Epsom salts.

Go to sleep.


NEXT MORNING – upon awakening take another dose of Epsom salts. Drink 3/4 cup of the mixture. You may go back to bed. Don’t drink this before 6.00 a.m.


2 HOURS LATER – take your 4th and last dose of Epsom salts. Drink 3/4 cup. You may again go back to bed and rest if you wish.

Between the first and this dosage of Epsom salts expect to frequent the loo more often with diarrhoea.


AFTER 2 MORE HOURS – You may begin to eat. Start with fruit juice or a carrot juice. Half an hour later eat some fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light – salads, steamed vegetables, fruit, juices etc. Its probably a good idea to drink some prune juice too as this will help to clear the gut.

By supper you should feel well. There are occasions when certain people may feel a little unwell for a couple of days, particularly when you have not done a liver flush before.

Parasites in the liver can also cause symptoms to linger. Other times this may be due to stones and debris remaining in the colon and causing irritation and inflammation. Colon hydrotherapy or a good, deep enema can help this problem.


Each person is different, some may pass their stones during the night while others may not pass them until the 4th dose of salts has been taken the following morning. Try to catch the gallstones in a sieve placed on the toilet pan so that you can see them.  Take  photo if you can, I would love to see your results.

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  1. My gall bladder is removed. But I HAVE EVRY SINGLE SYMPTOM,. Can u help me. Two years plus, everyone thinks that I am crazy. My skin looks the same as picture. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can you direct me to finding what you use for Liver flushes Laura ?
    Gold Coin Grass, Malic Acid and BP epsom Salt.
    I had done 3 liver flushes from Dr. Hulda Clark’s method, and I used bath epsom salts all three times, it worked out ok, but one thing I found out, is using a truly organic olive oil is the way to go, my first two flushes I used some trader joe brands, and the flushes were average at 150 stones passing at each turn, then I went with the BRAGGS ORGANIC OLIVE OIL and I passed about 350 stones. Braggs Olive Oil is great, you can see the olive oil is really a different color than others that claim to be organic.

  3. ‎Caroline Carter helped us when we first created our website over a year ago, she is featured, and she will ALWAYS remain a feature on our Morgie and healing pages. She is and will always be absolutely brilliant, we love her at The Truth Denied!

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