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North American Airlines Offender -Chemtrails Kill

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 Martin Haft

Check this out, North American Airlines.

North American Airlines has a long and proud history of serving the United States Military. Our fleet of B757-200 and B767-300ER airliners provide the reliable and flexible service required by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and other governmental agencies. We serve foreign government entities, as well, such as the Canadian and British National Forces, respectively, all in addition to our traditional charter and scheduled service Customers.

North American has supported the United States in both peacetime and periods of conflict. We have participated to meet the call moving both troops and material worldwide. Global Aviation Holdings, through its subsidiaries, World Airways and North American Airlines, has a long and valued partnership with the United States Military. We will continue to meet the needs of the Department of Defense in the years to come.

Click here:    FLY NAA Fleet Information Site
The offender
Airline: North American Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 767-328ER (B763)
Reg: N764NA
Hex: AA5191
Altitude: 35025 ft (10676 m)
Speed: 472 kt (874 km/h, 543 mph)
Track: 100°
Squawk: 5672
Pos: 53.17383 / -0.37181
Radar: EGNX2

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