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Roxy Lopez Investigator @ The Truth Denied

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One Response “Roxy Lopez Investigator @ The Truth Denied”

  1. Freedom
    at 6:05 AM

    Not sure my email works
    the show about chemtrails the lady said she dont have money to test for the dying trees, if we all not pay our taxes in america and pay to prosecute those chemtrail programs GMO

    Roxy Lopez let he know we all can with hold our taxes I heard they cant come after all of us the IRS computers would crash because we wont pay our taxes we want to pay people and lawyers to prosecute geo engineering ChemTrails and GMO and take out country back please hold a chemtrail Protest every sunday of every month we can take our country back we all must remember what Cliff said on chemtrails no army no nation owns this planet, it belongs to us all Thanks…

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