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OFFICIAL DONATION SITE For Protesters Updated 9-28-2011
Donate food

118a Fulton Street #205
New York, NY 10038

as of 11:30 PM (EST)

Needs: Ponchos, blankets, jackets, nonperishable food,babywipes, garbage bags, gloves, walkie talkies,blow-up mattress, & toothbrushes. If it’s legal to send cgigerettes, send them too!

NEEDS:Camera Batteries (CANON FV20 BATTERIES, HV20)



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How to contact Protesters
Global TWITTER!/GlobalRevLive
Cenk Uygur to go live in NY at the protest: 323-866-8201

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By The Truth Denied

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10 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street : Protesters CONTACT & NEEDS info as of 9-28-11”
  1. Go beyond “Occupying Wall Street”–
    Saving the American Economy, the American Dream, the American Middle Class, with a song–SQUEEZE THE FAT CATS AND SPREAD IT OUT THIN
    The YouTube v ideo:
    The lyrics:

    Sing it high
    Sing it low
    Bullshit makes the flowers grow
    Congress makes them overlow
    Sing it low
    Sing it high
    For the best damn government money can buy
    It ain’t no lie
    It ain’t no sin
    Save our country
    Play to win
    Squeeze the Fat Cats and spread it out thin.

    Raise the minimum wage to at least $10 an hour
    Drop the tax cut for the super-rich and raise the rate to 49% for over $1 million in income
    Lower the work week to 30 hours.
    Medicare for all paid for by graduated Social Security tax, freeing all business from being involved in medical insurance.
    Tax ALL income equally–wages, salaries, dividends, inheritances, all monies received–but allow 5 year income averaging for everyone.

  2. Excellent point Michael, especially when the banks money is really routed by taxpayers money. The Feds have NO RIGHT giving our money away to the banks! I agree with you 100% Thanks!

  3. A GOOD DEMAND: EVERYONE IN DEBT IN AMERICA GETS A BAILOUT AND ALL DEBT IS FORGIVEN…if they dont then we all will take our money out of the banks and put it in local credit unions…something anyone can do now! If Banks get a bailout why shouldn’t we?

    1. Not sure what you mean, but that woman is me, and I can assure you I am part of the 99%. The back of a woman (showing less than a woman in a bathing suit) is not considered sexually exploitive!

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