Occupiers in DC have Requested their Needs:

Water: bottled water is preferred!

Food: fruit, coffee, crackers, bread, cookies, pasta, salads, pizza, juices all kinds, etc. Coffee and hot chocolate milk is also very much welcome and appreciated.

Weather Supplies: Blankets, sleeping bags, sweaters, rain coats, gloves, scarves, hats, jackets, tarps, plastic bags, socks for both children and adults, umbrellas- basically anything that can keep them warm and dry!

Sign Supplies: any cardboard, Sharpies, paint, brushes, duct tape, glue, etc always welcome.

Misc: sanitary gloves, tarps, books/pamphlets/etc. on relevant topics for library, more folding tables, or a few large shopping carts, sustainable wifi and a generator w/ inverter.

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