Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant. But many believe that chlorine also make the water less safe for us to use.

Chlorine is needed in water treatment to remove dangerous pathogen. Chlorin is said to be the best solution to remove E-Coli bacteria from water. However, on some case, chlorine has become the cause of illness. Which some belive can include cancer.

An example problem caused by chlorine can be seen on the link bellow:
Chloramines – combined chlorine problems

Which mention that combined with nitrogen or sweat it can cause:

  • red, burning eyes;
  • burning sensation in nose, throat and lungs;
  • dry, itchy skin and dry hair;
  • breathing difficulty leading to “swimmers’ asthma” particularly in young children.

Chlorine as a gas, once used as weapon during world war. It is not 100% safe that EPA has issue the safe level for the use of chlorine. Considered safe if used under the safety treshold, meaning that it can be dangerous if used more than that.

Some alternative for chlorine exist. Some can be seen bellow:
Water Disinfection for Travelers

There is also solution rarely mentioned which involving the use of salt. Little salt is added to water and then an electrolysis process will produce chlorine in small amount. Some people call it kangen water, other call it alkaline water. Link bellow show how this method being compared to other solution:
Properties of Water Disinfectants

The process of producing kangen water is simple, water with little bit of salt flow trough a membran isolated chamber. The membran separate the water produced by different polarity of electricity. The one with positive electrode produce acid water, which had property of killing pathogen. The one with negative electrode produce alkaline water, which some believe can improve health greatly.

This process is easy enough to be done our self at home. However, one of the thing to be carefull of is in electrolysis metal corrode at very fast rate. The electrode must be inert metal. The highest grade of stainless steel SS316L will still be corroded and can leak to the water, which can make it poisonous. The suggested metal to use is Platinum. Most commercial product use Platium plated steel. They are sold as alkaline water ionizer.

Some of the studies about alkaline water can be seen bellow:
Studies & Reports
Alkaline Ionized Water by Dr. Hayashi
Electrolyzed–Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage

Since most of the method mentioned require local government involvement, do your best to convince your local government to do the right thing. Or you may have to carry your own water everywhere…

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