This is a story behind cemenite. A device which I believe can help improve our environment.

I believe that in this world exist a physical energy that is not electric nor magnetic. This energy can be produced by physical thing and can have effects to physical thing. People, animal and plants can be influenced by this energy.

Some believe that this energy to be the energy of live, while others think this is the energy that can improve life. However most recognize this energy in a bad way, a tool for better dominance over other.

This energy radiation have power to:
– change weather
– will change water property
– will influence any water based being like people, animal or plants
– will change fuel property

There are many type of energy that can do what mentioned above. Let us remove elictricity, magnetism, radio active, light, radio wave, and anything known in school. Let us learn an energy that is introduced to me by Baron Karl von Reichenbach.

Karl Reichenbach was a rich and famous German scientist. He is known for his discovery and refinery method of products made from oil. He was a scientist which does things seriously by proper scientific approach. He call this energy as odic energy.

He began his journey learning odic energy after seeing how people with sleep problem can be treated with just hand pass over the patient body. At that time Mesmerism kind of treatment are common. As a scientist he wanted to find the logical explanation behind that phenomena.

He began researching od energy by visiting or hosting people who had problem with sleep. You can read his story on his translated book, Somnambulism and cramp. This book is a must read for people who have problem with sleep. This book also summarize his thicker book.

He learn that many thing can disturb sleep without people noticing. From something simple like green light, monotone pattern of music or photos, to something less known like big magnet, metal and even body compass position. Sun and moon will also influence people greatly. He notice that during full moon people will react differently. One with less energy will seek out for moon and make them sleep walk. One with too many energy will try to hide from the moon and unable to sleep.

The short story is that after researching many people suffering sleep problem, he came to the conclusion that there is an energy that influence this people. This energy or people’s sensitivity to this energy is what responsible for their sickness. This energy change people behaviour and can also change their body reaction.

This energy exist everywhere. Many things can produce this energy. Each would have spesific level of power or polarity. He mention that the biggest source of this energy cames from the sun. Where moon will reflect this energy differently to produce different reaction to the patients. He mention sun as the source of od negative, the moon as the source positive.

He summarize that this energy have two polarity. One is od negative, which I prefer to call it female. The other is od positive, which I prefer to call it male.

He mentioned that some people can detect this energy. Few would be very sensitive that can get ill easily near something that emit powerfull od positive / male energy.

This energy can be felt by people, we can see their effects to plants or animal or water. However, even when this energy can be produced by electric or magnetic device, electric or magnetic measurement instrument can not detect it. Even today no device can reliably detect the presence of this energy.

Even if this energy can alter many aspect of health, since instrument can not detect it, scientist do not acknowledge it. We see today that many solution offered for health problem caused by electricity or electromagnetism is not effective if the solution only use what current science believe. That is because the energy type that need to be solved is not in electric form nor electromagnetic form. Most is in the form of odic energy. The solution need to use odic energy knowledge.

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  2. I especially liked this article-It reminds me of a test that a ‘once’ confirmed atheist;a Dr. Jerome Stowell, and four other Scientists did on a dying woman- They used a device that they had recently measured a 50 kilowatt broadcasting station that sent out a mesage around the world- Their device had a needle centered at [0] with calibrations to 500 points to the negitive and with testing the radio broadcast , the needle registered 9 points to the positive- They put a microphone in the room with the dying woman and hooked her up- She came to her end time and began to pray to God and thank him, asking that he bless and forgive all that had wronged her and praised Him for His reality and told God how much she loved him and the scientists heard the needle clicking violently as she was with God and it went off the charts, thus registering over 50 times the power of the broadcasting station- this brain of a dying woman had changed lives with such power as simular to Reichenbach’s beliefs-

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