This part describe what a device like cemenite, device that “produce” od energy, capable of.

First let us review what I mean by male and female energy mentioned on previous part. I consider male as an energy associated with power, and female as an energy associated with relaxing.

Karl Reichenbach
According to Karl Reichenbach, male energy cause people to increase their strength and stamina. They will have power beyond what they seems to be capable of. A little girl can beat a big man. Male energy make people hunger to test their power.

The side effect of having too many male energy resulted in health problem. In small overdose people can get cold feet, headache, stomach crawling sensation, feels ants moving around in the skin, dull pressure to the head, general uneasiness, anxiety, sleepy but can not sleep, yawning, burning eyes, palpitation of heart, twitching hand/feet, feel timid, blood rushes on the upper part of the frame, the nerve become impressible and irritable, heavy legs, etc.

In high overdose, people get cramp and can loose their mind.

Karl Reichenbach mention that female cause people to be able to remember more, get better concentration. At extreme level people can predict their own future or can see trough things. People with male overdose can see trough things too but usually not aware with their surrounding anymore.

Nikola Tesla
Gerry Vassilatos mention that Nikola Tesla once observe that on certain pulse speed his device produce an energy that behave like male energy. His device produce strong stinging sensation that can not be shielded with thick metal or thick glass. He had to switch his experiment remotely to continue researching. This match male energy.

Finally Nikola Tesla found that speeding up the pulse change the energy to the painless one. The energy become cool, soothing and comforting for him. It is so good that Tesla had use his device as his sleeping lullaby and said to be able to sleep for two days straight. This kind of energy match female energy.

Garry Vassilatos believe that Nikola Tesla can see aura, just like some people with sleep problem observed by Karl Reichenbach, which said to be sensitive people. Some believe that HAARP use Nikola Tesla technology. It would be nice if they use the safe version of his technology, not the current headache making version. Only after Nikola Tesla able to produce the painless energy that he feel that he can finally share his invention. It is sad that people do not know the good side of this invention, and know more about the bad side instead.

Gerry Vassilatos “Lost Science” mention that Tesla already know that electric device can produce not only unpleasant but also a pleasant sensation. Unfortunately today, most engineer no longer care about this:

Tesla approached the testing of his more powerful systems with certain fear. Each step of the testing process was necessarily a dangerous one. But he discovered that when the discharges exceeded ten thousand per second, the painful shock effect was absent. Nerves of the body were obviously incapable of registering the separate impulses. But this insensitivity could lead to a most seductive death. The deadly aspects of electricity might remain. Tesla was therefore all the more wary of the experiments.

He noticed that, though the pain field was gone, the familiar pressure effect remained. In its place came a defined and penetrating heat. Tesla was well aware that such heat could signal internal electrocution. He had already made a thorough study of these processes, recognizing that such heating precedes the formation of electrical arcs through the body. Nevertheless, he applied power to the dynamo in small but steady intervals. Each increase brought increase in the internal heating effects. He remained poised at each power level, sensing and scoping his own physiology for danger signs. He continued raising the power level until the magnetic arc reached its full buzzing roar. Tesla found that this heat could be adjusted and, when not extreme, was completely enjoyable. So soothing, relaxing, and comfortable was this manifestation that Tesla daily exposed himself to the energies. An electrical “sauna”.

He later reported these findings in medical journals, freely offering the discovery to the medical world for its therapeutic benefits. Tesla was a notorious user of all such therapies from this time on, often falling into a deep sleep in the warm and penetrating influences. Once, having overindulged the electro-sauna therapy, he fell into a profoundly deep sleep from which he emerged a day later! He reported that this experience was not unpleasant, but realized that proper “electro-dosages” would necessarily have to be determined by medical personnel.

During this time, Tesla found shorter impulse lengths where the heating effect disappeared altogether, rendering the radiance absolutely harmless. These impulse trains were so very high that the deepest nerves of one’s body could not sense the permeating radiant energy field. Now he could pursue his vision of broadcast energy systems without fear of rendering to humanity a technological curse, rather than a true blessing.

Viktor Grebenikov
He is a bug expert from russia that found that certain bug hive produce different sensation to human. This sensation, which eventually called CSE, Cavity Structure Effect, can not be detected by any instrument he can obtain. However, human can detect it easily by feeling the hand moving above the bug house.

During his trip outside he found himself caught in a severe nausea. He then later realize he is standing on top of land with many wasp hive. When he brought the wasp hive back to his home, he can still feel the energy. The nest is producing the energy by geometry. He can obtain the same effect by recreating them from other material too. The effect he feels match male energy.

He also later found that honey bee hive produce the opposite effect. The shape of honey bee hive produce calm and pain relieving sensation. He then later use it to heal people. It is effective to reduce headache and light illness. This effect match female energy.

The difference between wasp hive and honey bee hive are the construction. Wasp hive is made of many tubular hole while honey bee hive is made of many hexagonal shape. In geometric science, hexagon are known to produce good effect to human. This is an example of how geometry can produce energy. It can not be detected with meter but human can feel it.


Wilhelm Reich
He introduce orgone energy. He made a box from layers of steel wool and galvanize iron plate. From the box he notice reaction to thermometer and to human. Later it is theorized that layer of metal and organic material will allow accumulation of orgone energy. Later he introduce the use of layer for health in a orgone accumulator room, orgone blancket and orgone pipe in a water bucket.

James demeo mention that orgone accumulator can heal cancer. There is experiment that resulted in cancer remission of two cancer patients. However, at the end of experiment both loose their mind. There are also another study in German that mention how orgone accumulator increase blood pressure, reduce pain, can make people feel warmth and thingling sensation at their skin, some even show sunburn effects.

Based on the description, the effect of orgone energy match male energy.

“Reich paid close attention to the sensations he and many of his co-workers experienced, such as a salty taste on the tongue; a severe pressure in the depth of the cheekbone; nausea; loss of appetite; sensations of weakness; a ringlike pressure around the forehead; sensitivity in the diaphragmatic segment; pallor; and feelings of cold shivers alternating with hot flashes…”

“Typical symptoms of DOR sickness are:

General fatigue and emotional distress; in some cases the fatigue is interrupted or even replaced by emotional outbursts of hatred. Nausea frequently follows in the wake of prolonged fatigue.

Pressure in head, chest, arms and legs are common. Respiration is difficult, and sensations of lack of oxygen frequently accompany the distress. Thirst, hunger for much water, is grave under conditions which promote a DOR atmosphere, such as presence of fluorescent lights, neon signs in a restaurant, clocks and watches with luminous dials, xray machines in a hospital filled with filing cabinets which act as accumulators of atmospheric energy.

Hot flashes alternate with a blackness of appearance. Faces appear bluish to purple.

People seem to be choking, as it were. They complain about “something wrong n the air”, or “something queer going on”.

Heart failures with subsequent death are frequent, especially when prolonged fog or drizzling rain with lowlying clouds prevent the supply of fresh oxygen and OR energy from the atmosphere.

Diarrhea is one of the most distressing symptoms in prolonged DOR emergency. The stools become black, due to Melanor which is being eliminated through the intestinal tract. They also become. In advanced cases, soft to watery and contain much mucus. Symptoms of dysentery may develop further, up to amoebae in the stools. This has nothing whatever to do with “infection”. The protozoa develop from lowcharged epithelia (see the Cancer Biopathy, 1948).

When the atmosphere clears again, either spontaneously or by means of DOR removal, the symptoms likewise abate, but they never fully disappear as long as there are ODR clouds passing over the region or, as in big cities, are hovering over buildings for weeks on end. The discoloration of the atmosphere may go as far as a dirty brown in the smog or fog.

The stools of DORsick people may at times become white or gray from lack of bile. But the blackish soft and watery stool is the more typical symptom.

Nausea may develop into frequent vomiting.

Tachycardia is not an infrequent symptom in some cases.

Typical is also a shivering or fibrillar quivering of muscle groups in various parts of the body. Such fibrillations may harass the heart.

Typical of DOR sickness is an emotional dullness, a letdown in stamina which at times takes the form of stupor in some cases. It goes handinhand with a dull gaze in the eyes, with an expression of despair of the face, not necessarily known to the victim of the disease. At times, a metal ceiling in a room full of people may induce a complete standstill of emotional functioning.

During 1952 and 1953, there were more prison riots in the USA than ever before in a similar stretch of time. This is now understandable as a revolt of organisms against the torture of living in metal cages with DOR clouds present.

In addition to these typical symptoms, persons may develop various atypical symptoms from their individual constitution in response to DOR. Those suffering from a slight liver disturbance may develop severe hepatic syndromes.

Loss of body heat down to a temperature of 96? F or less has been observed in several cases.

Swelling of glands (parotis, submaxillaris), edema of tongue, uvula, glottis, were frequent occurrences.

Total flacid paralysis of legs was seen several times in one case.

Sever thirst, due to dehydration of blood and tissues, and oxygen hunger, due to reduction of oxygen in the air through DOR, are the most distressing syndromes.”


Robert (Bob) Beck
Bob Beck in his “The Body Electric” book, mention the process to cure patients which schedulled to had the leg amputated. Bob Beck applies positive current via a silver needle directly into the injured part for few weeks. After that, he replaced it with negative current. The patients condition get better to the point he can walk again without worry.

In his word: “Minus for growth, Plus for infection”. Positive current show the behaviour of male and negative current show the behaviour of female.

Viktor Schauberger
Viktor Schauberger mention how steel make land dries and dead, while copper make the land can sustain more water and healthy. He demonstrate it by showing how the crop with copper tool produce twice the quality and quantity of crop produced with usual method.

He also show that water and fuel can change property depend on the energy type they absorb. Water can become unhealthy or healthy depend on the material they flow. From my point of view, male energy make water strong but can stale the water. Female make water taste better and fuel burn better.

Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark found that many people with serious illness, including cancer will have blood that have magnetic south pole like polarity. He then discover than people which has blood of south polarity even at noun is or will be seriously ill. Young and healthy people will have the blood polarity change by sun rise. North polarity at noon, and south polarity at night.

In Od energy, south polarity has male energy property, and north is female. Sun emit mostly female energy, and moon emit mostly male energy.

Law of One
In law of one Giza pyramid mentioned to have two kind of energy. One in king’s chamber, other in Queens chamber. Where king’s chamber fit the description of male energy, and queen’s chamber fit the decription of female energy.

The use as male energy mentioned as:

The small pyramid shape, placed beneath a portion of the body complex may energize this body complex. This should be done for brief periods only, not to exceed 30 of your minutes.

We again caution that the third spiral of upward lining light, that which is emitted from the apex of this shape, is most deleterious to an entity in overdose and should not be used over-long.

In most cases, no more than one. In a few cases, especially where the energy will be used for spiritual work, experimentation with two shorter periods might be possible, but any feeling of sudden weariness would be a sure sign that the entity had been over-radiated.

There is no application for direct healing using this energy although, if used in conjunction with meditation, it may offer to a certain percentage of entities some aid in meditation. In most cases it is most helpful in alleviating weariness and in the stimulation of physical or sexual activity.

The use of female energy mentioned as:

The pyramid may be used for the improvement of the meditative state as long as the shape is such that the entity is in Queen’s Chamber position or entities are in balanced configuration about this central point.

You must picture the double teardrop extending in both the plane of the pyramid face and in half towards the Queen’s Chamber extending above and below it. You may see this as the position where the light has been scooped into the spiral and then is expanding again. This position is what you may call a prana vacuum… reverse aging, ….Aging is a function of the effects of various electro-magnetic fields upon the electromagnetic fields of the mind/body/spirit complex. In this position there is no input or disturbance of the fields, nor is any activity within the electro-magnetic field complex of the mind/body/spirit complex allowed full sway. The vacuum sucks any such disturbance away. Thus the entity feels nothing and is suspended.

Russian Pyramid
In russia Alexander Golod build a 144 feet pyramid. From this pyramid they observe various things line reduced earth quake, more healthy plants, better birth rate, better prisoner behaviour, reduced reactivity, etc.

Most of the experiment was done by putting something inside the pyramid. In theory this part of the pyramid is the one that produce female energy.

The experiment is done by an individual at first but eventually fully supported by soviet government.

One story link to the other
As you can see, many of the above story show two side of the energy. An overdose from the positive side produce bad effects. Be very carefull when you are doing experiment with device that produce Od energy. If you notice one effects, see if you can notice the other. If you get bad effects, don’t hesitate to destroy it.

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16 thoughts on “Cemenite Story 2: Od power”
  1. I want to believe that PYRAMID, CEMENITE and ORGONITE are energies that hold much benefits for mankind if careful and honest research are done on them.

  2. Confusion sets in when people who are suppose to harmonise their knowledge for the benefit of mankind begin to criticise each other. People who are on the side of the LIGHT are not supposed to be on each others neck.

  3. Human are really easy to be fooled by another human. Power balance gone now cemenite comes. It’s a scam. Cemenite is to fooled you humans. Don’t believe it. Why you human didn’t learn anything. Stupidity is a sin.

    1. Please try it first, the instruction on how to make cemenite is mentioned in other article. It is relatively cheap to make even in developing country. And cemenite development rely only on physical test, unlike other that use dowsing, psychic sense or spiritual guidance.

      And I am confuse, is there really anyone that make an instruction on how to make “power balance”?

  4. I assume “Od” means deadly orgone. Have you contacted James DeMeo regarding Cementite? IMHO,he is expert in Reich research & his research opinion invaluable. Any scientific testing,besides “feel good” opinions,anecdotal,etc.? Where & from whom did cementite originate? Thank you. gb

    1. Od is a term that showed up 100 years before the term orgone exists. Od is how Karl Reichenbach call energy that is emitted by things around us that can influence our health. It can be good influence or bad influence. Unlike in orgonomy, the energy is considered bipolar. There is positive od and negative od, but positive od actually have bad influence, negative od has good influence. In orgonomy there is only overdose.

      Unlike orgonite, cemenite do not realy on people’s sense to measure the effect, cemenite use physical phenomena. Main cemenite test are water freezing and fuel boost. Orgonite will fail both test. Newbie mistake in cemenite making often revealed on their water freezing test. Please read the “how to” pdf file to read the method to test cemenite.

      I invent cemenite because I was not satisfied with orgonite and I consider orgone accumulator dangerous. I want something that can reliably make people to sleep better. Orgonite and orac can not promise me that.

      I have contacted James Demeo but do not get a reponse. But he and I use different method. Cloud buster operation often produce bad effect to health, often called DOR sickness. On of cemenite goal is to cure DOR sickness. So James Demeo modify weather with something that cause DOR sickness, and I modify weather with something that cure DOR sickness. He and I use the opposite method, so I can not accept his opinion in weather modification.

      He suggest people to use orgone accumulator, I forbid people from using orgone accumulator.

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  6. […]   I can tell you that some mind-controlled victims have chosen massage therapy with magnets, meditation or relaxing breathing techniques; others have chosen prayers, yoga, candles, sage, sweet grass, holy water, or salt. Some have used certain crystals that ward off negative energies. (Get some expert advice on this, because there are a number of crystals to choose from that you can use for this purpose. Also, make sure to ask for Benevolent Divine Protection.) I do know that Orgone is considered to be a defense weapon against negative energies, but I recommend smaller pieces of this bioenergetic force, because larger doses of the male energy of orgone have side effects. See here: The Truth Denied~“Cemenite Story 2: Od power”  […]

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