To the Powers that Be
We voted for those of whom we believed;
With promises, they did NOT actually achieve;
We had high hopes for our country to thrive;
Now we struggle to just stay alive.

We know it was you that planned our demise;
We see your deceit and hear all your lies.
Then, you send our young ones away to fight;
And we watched our towers fall in fright.

But facts you gave us did not make sense;
And we began to see more acts of pretense;
Your wars against another culture of man;
Any of those who did not comply with your plan.

Your secret deals; gambling away our lives;
As we watched our economy take a dive.
Good food was replaced with toxic seeds;
And a lethal chemical to rid our weeds.

A new disease arose with many MD’s confused;
Tainting our bodies with the power you abuse.
Hiding secret schemes against humanity;
We often wonder about YOUR own sanity.

As fate will have it, your lies will be laid bare.
And now, we see that you don’t really care.
We stand united against your evil deeds.
We used to be slaves, but now are freed.

It does not matter if we lean left or right;
We prefer peace and wish not to fight.
We hope and pray that you have a change of heart;
Together as a nation, rather than apart.

We are all the same here, underneath the sun.
But when the neediest plead, away you run!
Some still struggle and starve, as you turn a deaf ear.
How are you to know love when you give into fear?

You conceal your treachery and hide your lies.
And rip away our rights with your well-paid spies.
But we have had enough of your evil plan.
We peacefully defy and united we stand.
From~We The People

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