More and more people had become aware of the existance of chemtrails. More people now know how chemtrails poison our sky with their long white trails. Many article and website are exist now that explain chemtrails.

However, I found something rarely mentioned. The clouds they leave behind.

For sky watcher veteran, it would certainly easy for them to recognize which clouds are natural and which clouds are man made, which clouds do not harm people and which clouds can make you sick just by their existance.

Lack of this kind of information has made people with the same aim of fighting against chemtrails to fight against each other. Some people leave group, some people bad naming group that fight for chemtrails, some people hate the other chemtrails figther.

I am not an expert, but I am willing to listen. I want to make a database about good or bad clouds. I want people to suggest me what kind of clouds is bad and what kind of clouds is good.

For now, I will use this post as a place to gather people idea. I will post people’s picture here and give comment from whoever interested in giving comment. I will update this post with peoples idea but to leave the judgement to you, so I will not include my own idea on someone else picture-comment.

You can give suggestion from facebook or give suggestion here.

I consider these picture bellow to be good clouds:

I consider these picture bellow to be bad clouds:

Explanation of why I call them good or bad will be added later.

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

2 thoughts on “Chemtrails: Good clouds or bad clouds?”
  1. This is my pet peeve, they changed the clouds! First, Haarp affects cloud formation. Clouds used to have either rounded edges or feathery; now most cloud edges are point-ish, fractal-like. The “sand at the beach” pattern used to appear rather seldom, now it’s everyday. Like a gasoline film on top of water, if you see the rainbow fishscale affect in the sky, you know it’s something chemical up there. The aurora colors are based on chemical composition, so forget the sunlight prism talk. In another state, it started about 25 yrs ago very simply with clouds that had no edges at all. You could not tell where the cloud stopped and where the sky started. All the other clouds were still what I call now “happy clouds”, just that one type would appear sometime during the day. This continued for 15 yrs. Didn’t have chemtrails there at that time. Moved to another state, clouds seemed ok, but a little different, wasn’t watching too much on the clouds because it was my first experience on chemtrails starting 3 yrs later. Then things compounded, and clouds changed over the next 2 yrs. The edges became pointy, started noticing square holes in clouds, cloud banks that travelled in the form of a very perfect V. I was upset to put it mildly.

    The time Ted Kennedy died they quit spraying for a while, and after the election was over, something new started. Night spraying. You wake up, no trails (or fewer I should say), but the sky is not as deep blue anymore because the night spray has spread out so very thin, like a sheer veil over the sky. The past 4 yrs they have stepped up the spraying in addition to the veil technique. They spray a heck of a lot lower, it puffs out and makes a fake cloud bank and sometimes they do it in rows just outside of town and then it puffs up and comes into town looking like ‘normal’ clouds. Other times a local transmitter (they can transfer harp to your local transmitters, did you know that?) will gather up these cloudbanks like threads into a pinwheel, wind it up and let it loose….instant storms.

    Need to get off my soapbox (sigh). Just know not all fat or whispy clouds are ‘good’, not all sandy beach clouds are ‘bad’ (but now almost all of them are). I have seen rainfall from these fat clouds puddle up and run down the street, shiny with metals! They love to spray on top of cloudcover so that the rain is detrimental. That is why rainwater doesn’t stay very long and steam up everything on the sidewalk and streets like it used to do. Why more and more trees are dying. Aluminum dries, sucks up that moisture.

    There are entities in the skies, some fighting this just like us, some not. You just have to watch and watch and watch. Ask God and the angels for help, the Bible says you have to “ask”! Think people, think! Just know TPTB have invited the vampire over the doorsill, please invite the good to help counter this. I feel sorry for all the younger people that have absolutely no idea what a normal happy cloud looks like. The skies now are an absolute battleground. And like a write on this site said–changes the energy of the sun!

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