It began on October 10th of  2010 when a man named Jerry Niemen reached out to The Truth Denied Team with a strange substance that had fallen into his yard from a “Chem plane, or chemtrail”.  Mr.  Neimen documented with photo evidence, and we sent the chem web off to a lab in Cyprus, to Morgellon’s specialist, Caroline Carter. To our surprise, not only did the web test positive for GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) but Ms. Carter broke out in  a Morgellons rash that she says “nearly killed” her.  The Truth Denied documented this story in 3 parts, which can all be be viewed here:


October 2011, exactly one year later, Mr. Niemen reports thousands of webs dropping from the sky, again!  Except this time, the reports come in from all over the USA at the same time. We ask Jerry once again to take photos, and he did!

Jerry reported that  “Friday was the most noticeable, that old farmer friend of mine said he came out of his house the other day and it was all over at his place. He calls it snot and thought it was coming from the poison shack at the end of the my road that blows the TCE out into the air but since {then} he has  seen it at his place &  he said it has to be coming from the plane, he is 63 and believes now that chemtrails are real more people are waking up.





Please look for the video of photographic evidence coming soon.


If you wish to make a chem web report, please contact us ASAP  at

All Chem-web photos taken by Mr. Jerry Neimen of McCook Nebraska October 2011






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By The Truth Denied

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10 thoughts on “Chem Webs being reported all over the USA! Our team is testing & results coming soon!”
  1. I seen these chem webs 2 weeks before I left my ranch in Williams AZ back in September 2015.. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen.. Then alot of others commented in AZ too.. Then the BBC ran a story of the military using these webs to support biological weapons.. Now today August 14th 2017 News is Fleas carrying Boubonic Plague found in AZ.. ?? I think the Military Chem Webs are the source.. Testing on us like Rats..

  2. Jeff, please contact us at info@the and we will ask the rest of the team about this, we may want to do that as you suggested.
    The Truth Denied Team

  3. I noticed they spray a black and white vapor . The sky turned from blue to gray in a short time .Also I found goo on my windshield today. Do you want to test it ? I will scrape it with a razor .

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