WIKILEAKS VIDEO: This is excellent footage of a UFO, next to a telephone/light pole, silvery object moving in and out, pretty large as well! Too many lights to be a plane or helicopter, we at The Truth Denied seek your comments!

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By The Truth Denied

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10 thoughts on “CRAZY UFO caught on film…what is it? You tell us!”
  1. website (oops, accidental jump in posting, there) such as time of day, number of objects, flight path, stopping or hovering, resuming flight and was in frame with very large ground object (industrial crane) Plus each row of lights seemed to rotate before they all lined back up. Still, pretty fascinating.

  2. Pretty cool video! Where was it shot, do you know? It’s pretty hard in this day and age to tell a fake from a real video. If you watch the video carefully it has almost all the elements I remember reading about on the MUFON

  3. I think this video is suspect because if you look at the uploaders youtbe page you will see other videos he has made. They are well made clips, but watch them and you will see what i mean. Titles on one or two are almost identical as well. =)

  4. hard to say – looks like UFO’s acts unlike know aircraft – you couldn’t hear any thing either. I am afraid to say yes UFO in this day and age. these are the stranges of skys, this, last nights northern lights – Roxy they were – I have never seen anything like them and I have seen lots – they were right over my house. Crazy

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