Environment today is full with things that can make people sick. Chemtrails, EMF, or Wifi are mentioned can cause people to get sick. And to make matter worse they seems to help each other make the sickness worse. Caroline Carter in previous interview, for instance, mentioned that morgellons disease can get more aggressive with deppresion.

Some people suffer more than others. They can get sick easier and make their life uncomfortable living in a modern environment. We can call them as sensitive people. Small disturbance cause them to have depression and little more can made them sick. The cause of the sickness already researched long, but I think people rarely heard this next research.

150 years ago Karl Reichenbach doing research on similar kind of sensitive people. People who get sick easier than the rest from, at that time, unknown cause. During that time, the number of people who suffer serious illness because of the sensitivity was rare. But he did his best to find people who suffer this accross country to learn what make them sick, and hoping to find a cure for them.

Karl Reichenbach found various things that can make sensitive people uncomfortable.

– Monotony. Repeated pattern make sensitive people uncomfortable. It can be photos, places with repeated object, a farm or moving object repeating the same movement like wheel or pendulum. Even waterfall or waving motion of sea wave can be unpleasant when the pattern is not random. Recently this pattern often show up in the sky as patterned clouds.

– Sensitive people also can not work at the same thing for hours. This also include reading, listening music, standing or doing any other repeated action. They need to do something else after few hours.

– mental excitement. Emotion of any kind, wether it is sadness, joy, laughter, anger or grief, found to increase the sensitivity. Expressing the depression may actually make the depression worse.

– magnet, crystal and electricity found to make sensitive people suffer. This is also what often seen today, where people are reporting illness around modern device that usually consist many of them. Crystal can be found on transistor, diode and chip on modern device.

– green light can make sensitive people sick. Today this are know as incomplete spectrum of light of lightbulb. Many people who suffer from the use of CFL found that incandescent bulb make them better. Some people also observe that people will be more peacefull in a room with incandescent bulb.

– moon shine said to be the cause of many weird sickness during full moon. Some sensitive will try to avoid it (insomnia), other sensitive will try to get it (sleep walk). Metal mentioned can propagate the moonshine to inside the room where the sensitive people reside. The best solution that Reichenbach found to shield from moon shine radiation is black loosely woven wool.

Other things that can make sensitive people uncomfortable are people with very low emotion state or health, cloth covering body end, crowds, some metal and sleep with the head / the back at west or south.

Hopefully this list can help sensitive people to get better health, by avoiding anything mentioned in the above list.

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

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