Could putting an aluminium screen over a pre-installed  *Smart Meter actually reduce radiation emitted  by the SM*? .

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Let’s take a closer look! There is evidence that high frequency can propagate via power line!

The description of power line network at wiki:
“Power line communications systems operate by impressing a modulated carrier signal on the wiring system. Different types of powerline communications use different frequency bands, depending on the signal transmission characteristics of the power wiring used. Since the power distribution system was originally intended for transmission of AC power at typical frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz, power wire circuits have only a limited ability to carry higher frequencies.”

According to  the aforementioned  WIKI excerpt, a smart meter can induce high frequency to the wire or power line, the same  power line that runs throughout our homes including any and  all  electrical devices that are powered by  electricity. This will  will  generate a high frequency. (i.e.  TV, Computers, coffee makers, ovens etc.) You get the picture.

Now let’s look at what the video suggests:

Assuming that the  Smart Meter is shielded by an  aluminum panel of sorts , aluminium shield in the video filter the electromagnetic wave emitted by smart meter. But the shield it self does not prevent the smart meter from inducing the generated frequency to the power line.

Only time and experimentation well prove to us  if shielding the smart meter will work or not.  But according to other press releases on the subject, this does not stop free radicals and dirty “free” electricity at all. (See my first article  entitled How Smart is a Smart Meter?”


As far as we know, the current technology does not yet  exist for eliminating high frequency emissions from  a power line. However, such a solution still needs to be tested. Like I  mentioned in my previous article, the problem with a smart meter may not be from electricity, nor magnetism nor electromagnetic origin.


Stay tuned for more of my exploration into “How to protect yourself from a smart meter”.


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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

6 thoughts on “Can an aluminum shield neutralize Smart Meter radiation? (Part II)”
  1. I order for all my relatives smart meter shielding solution from this guys -http://smartmeterprotection.us , and it’s works great! Now I don’t worry about health effects, my house is protected! Smartmeterprotection is the best, they are very helpful!

    1. Until some member here try it, I would remain sceptical for protection approach by EM solution.

      That solution do not prevent RF radiation that transfer via wire. Copper is a good RF conductor. And the wire from the smart meter will still be enter the house.

      And if the user shield even the smart meter, then the smart meter itself will power up in order to reach the node. If it still can not reach it, then the power company cable man will surely check the meter and do anything neccessary to make the smart meter able to communicate with the node.

  2. Mr. Widemouth, thanks for your comment. May I ask please, are you suggesting when you say “yes it can” that we CAN protect ourselves, or that Smart Meters are a harm? Thanks for clarifying.


    1. The solution mentioned there, highly-transparent polyester fabric, somehow mentioned 150 years ago by Karl Reichenbach. Black loosely woven wool is said to be the best shield against bad energy. There is no wifi at that time.

      That solution indicate that the problem is not from electromagnetic wave.

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