TWO TRUCKS COLLIDE ON    I-10, black smoke seen for miles.


8am:   On Interstate I-10 today there was a massive explosion and fire when two tanker trucks collided causing commuter traffic to come to an extreme halt. Authorities reported that the two trucks involved were a dairy truck and a truck filled with diesel fuel by product. The driver of the dairy truck was killed.


The Arizona Republic reported that “An explosion was followed by an ominous cloud of black smoke which filled the air.”

Businesses within a one mile radius of the collision were evacuated, as well police knocked on doors asking people to “get out”.

“At 9:45, nearly two hours after the collision, fire crews were finally able to approach the fire. They poured water and foam on the blaze. Almost immediately, the fire went out, and the thick black smoke was gone.

The evacuation order was lifted.”


Tucson Citizen later reported that  “ Officials from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality responded to the scene to assess air quality following a call it received from firefighters at the crash site.”


Here is the concern:

“Burning diesel fuel can emit fumes from the fire itself as well as tiny air particulates that can infiltrate lungs and the bloodstream of people breathing the air nearby. The particulates are known as PM-2.5 because they measure 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter and are among the pollutants that can produce the worst health effects if they are inhaled.”


The Truth Denied is still looking into the companies who owned the trucks, and currently schools near the crash sites have been reported closed. We will keep you up to date on this story though out the day.


Photos provided by  The Tuscon Citizen & Arizona Republic


We intend only love and healing for the families of the deceased driver and all those who were injured.

written by,

Trinity of The Truth Denied



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