Treating the cause NOT the symptoms


Based in the beautiful Sea Caves area of Pathos, we offer natural holistic tests and healing therapies which will enable you to regain and sustain optimum health.


Clients travel from all over Cyprus to avail of our realistically priced Ozone Therapy, which rapidly encourages the body into a state of homeostasis.  Progress is visibly charted via live blood analysis.  A free pdf brochure relating to Ozone Therapy is available for download on our website.


Live Blood Analysis – ONLY – €40.00


Advantages of LBA


Many health issues not uncovered with conventional tests are detected during live blood analysis.


Immediate results.


Allows highly visual progress checks.


Only one drop of blood necessary.


Painless.  Fast.  Accurate.


Causes of health problems, not just symptoms are frequently revealed.


Stress and disease appear in the blood years before symptoms manifest as disease in the body; therefore LBA is an ideal preventative measure.


Live blood analysis has helped 95% of our clients to understand and deal with the root cause of their problem.


Parasites, yeast and leaky gut syndrome are easily visible.


It has been determined that the average hospital or lab is only able to detect 20% of actual parasite infections. Over 1000 species of parasites can live in your body and there are tests available for only 40 to 50 types. This approximates to a 1% accuracy of testing, which is why there are so many infections left undetected.  LBA has subsequently shown that many of our clients, previously diagnosed with IBS, were found to have intestinal parasites.


While it may be difficult for conventional testing to uncover the presence of parasites, our high powered specialist microscope can detect many of these parasites within minutes.


Uncovering and treating the cause of a problem rather than treating the symptom is the ONLY way to truly regain health.


Failure to achieve weight loss, despite dieting, is simply a symptom of a toxicity crisis.  At Healthy Healing we have specifically tailored cleansing programs that soon resolve the cause of the toxic overload.  Unlike weight lost through rigorous exercise and dietary regimes, weight loss through cleansing is permanent.


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