Chemtrails Continue?!

Here is a letter to send to your state representatives, regarding the systems put into place that are “damaging or destroying” mankind, our natural ecosystems, climate, weather, and the earth’s tectonic systems by the use of chemtrails and weather modification. You can copy and past this or download this pdf. file: DearSirorMa’am

What is a Chemtrail?


We come to you to make you aware of a situation that has been affecting our health and environment. Please take the time to read through this document and hyperlinks, because it is important for you to know how we are being polluted. We have been aware of this situation for a long time, and we understand that you may have a full work load. However, this has become a great concern and we need someone like you to stand up and make a difference to help clean up our toxic situation. Also, in reference to the H.R. 2977 Space Preservation ACT of 2001, WE THE PEOPLE are greatly concerned if this Act is indeed still devoted to the “peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind”, because we feel that there are actually systems put into place that are “damaging or destroying” to mankind, our natural ecosystems, climate, weather, and the earth’s tectonic systems.

Roxy Lopez, who is a published author & radio talk show host, Circuit Speaker, Humanitarian, & animal rights activist, an Investigative journalist for Chemtrails, Morgellon’s Disease & GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) works with Doctors around the world for cures, & teaches Permaculture (Organic Growing) has been reporting on our toxic skies and researching Morgellons Disease for many years.

Here’s Some Valuable Information for You About How Humanity is Being Poisoned:

Whereas, contrails are mostly condensation from the hot exhaust gases from the jet engines, flying at altitude, usually only 20 times the length of the aircraft and dissipate; chemtrails are aerosol trails that are being left by jet aircraft that stretch from horizon to horizon and PERSIST for hours, much like cloud-seeding.

These chemtrails eventually become a white haze or formulate into clouds. They dispense microscopic particles that are evenly-sized that contains aluminum-oxide, barium, & strontium. Aluminum-oxide gives more thrust to the combustion engine in the airline jets. It is known as alumina, which is a white or colorless oxide of aluminum, and it is used as an abrasive and a refractory material. It is also used in the production of aluminum metals & the manufacture of artificial rubies and sapphires. Barium reacts with water and carbon dioxide. It is a soft silver-white toxic chemical element, which is used in alloys. Strontium is a soft yellow or silvery white metallic element of the alkaline-earth group, found only in combination with other substances, which is used in fireworks, flares, & alloys. Sometimes self-locking materials are mixed in with them to absorb the solar radiation, which can alter the environment’s temperatures.

These chemical materials are now showing up in our water and soil with investigations that have reported unusual alkaline levels in the soil and a significant reduction of the fish and amphibians, according to researcher Mark McCandlish, who is an aerospace illustrator who worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. Corporations are receiving tons of money for this, but why? Michael Murphy, who is best known for his groundbreaking documentary “What In the World are They Spraying“, explains in his newly-released documentary, known as “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” . They want to “own” the weather?! The Massachusetts School of Law explained how the government military wants to own the weather by 2025 (video) and the History Channel explained how the weather can be used as warfare (video)!

Furthermore, a mass of individuals have come forward to speak out about the side effects of Chemtrails (video), especially the connection to the cause of Morgellons Disease, which is a syndrome where tiny fibers come out of lesions that are on people’s skin. It is not a parasite, as some have “claimed”. Many doctors are up in arms about this disease and have been threatened to lose their licenses if they explain the truth that Morgellons is a form of nanotechnology (video)

Dr. Rosalind Peterson, who is the co-founder and President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, won several awards for her extensive work to protect drinking water supplies from toxic chemicals. In 2007, she addressed the DPI/NGO Conference of the United Nations, explaining her research in the agriculture field with climate change, global dimming, and the effects of man-made clouds and experimental weather modification programs. Also, did you know that the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation requires the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to receive a license and permit to engage in weather modification and control activities?

Moreover, Roxy Lopez from The Truth Denied recently reported that the public is freaking out about chemwebs falling in many states. Additionally, John Whyte of the Chemtrails  has observed a fiber “growth” in rainwater samples. Along with Roxy Lopez, they are now seeing heavy metals along with what appears to be this biological growth. Also, they have had numerous reports on “chem” webs that are showing up in many cities in the USA.

Most recently, Mark McCandlish & Michael Murphy explored The Stock Market and Geoengineered Weather!

Some More Information For You:

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Chemtrails Kill

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  1. … and the jews are behind all of this.

    Jesus Christ you guys are retarded. I write this comment on this lousy website because I work together with 2 colleagues who believe this nonsense.

    There is no way, unfortunately, to make them see clear, so I can only try to figure out why they believe this paranoid schizophrenic nonsense.

  2. Where is the big criminal issue: [r]othschilds. They’re spread all over the world and now with weather modification too. Suggestion to read “The synagogue of Satan, Andrew C. Hitchcock (from web or book).
    Solution: ANNIHILATE them from many ways…
    Everything around us belongs to our nature — but “it” kind of thing does not!

  3. With Silk Medow’s discouraging remark, how can anyone hope to end chemtrails. My suggestion to the Webmaster would be to remake website so the email would be automatically created with individuals providing their name, address, and phone number, and then generated to senators, reps, etc., as Audubon, World Wildlife Fund, etc…..They win many political wars with massive amounts of email projected to the state, local and federal politicans….please check it out……I know this to be true.

  4. Sadly the clerks that open these letters are instructed to simply cut and paste the standard, “they’re only persistent chemtails”. As a government employee I can tell assure that is as far as these letters go. So what I do when I write my polititians is I tell the clerk that I give them full permission to forward my email to anyone they wish including themselves. Might as well wake up another poor sleeping soul in this battle for clean air.

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