There are numerous mysteries about our moon and many questions have been raised lately.

  • Why are there no true color photos of the moon, but yet other planets and their moons show specific colors and even detail?
  • Why haven’t we had a manned mission on the moon since 1969?
  • What did we really find on the moon?
  • What haven’t we seen the far side of the moon or if we have, are there images?
  • What are NASA’s future plans for the moon?


 COLOR PHOTOS OF THE MOON       NASA that validates this concern. First of all, let it be known, that after viewing many pictures from NASA, I have found that any details of each and every image will state IF the image was enhanced in any way and if it were just an artist’s rendition of that image. Thus, before I chose these pictures, I read through their detail descriptions to ensure that color was not edited into the image. If you have any doubts about image detail summary, go see them for yourself by sifting through NASA’s image gallery

The next question was “Why haven’t we had a manned mission on the moon since 1969?” Well, actually our final manned mission was Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972 to collect lunar samples and deploy scientific instruments. Still, it’s a good question, because it was our last MANNED mission there. Since 1972, it has been just satellites and orbiters, as far as we know.

Some say that we haven’t gone back to the moon because aliens have restricted us from doing so, and others have claimed that we have been building structures. Which leads to the next question: “What did we really find on the moon?” According to many different sources, there were already structures found on the moon. See this video here:

Furthermore, in 2009, it was discovered that there were water molecules on the moon. Also, in October of 2010, the results of the mission for the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) determined that the soil of some of the lunar craters contains useful materials, has a water cycle, and is chemically active. That’s about all that NASA has informed us about this!
Here’s the link: LCROSS Mission Results

In reference to the question of why we haven’t seen the far side of the moon or if we have, are there images, well, in fact, we have and here is one of the distorted images! Granted, this was from 1959.

This picture seems to have some more detail, but after more research, I realized that this picture came from the Apollo 16 from 1972. So, they must have enhanced it to get this kind of detail, right? After all, it was an older picture. It must have been edited.
However, the question remains unanswered for the most part, except for only this picture I found from Japan’s global survey of the Moon by Kaguya, also known as SELENE. CREDIT~JAXA/Kaguya
Moreover, here’s what was discovered from Kaguya’s tour of the moon. A probable reason why NASA hardly gives clear pictures of the Moon.
I haven’t found a definite answer to the last question regarding NASA’s future plans for the moon, mainly because of the space agency’s cut-backs. The 2011 budget was no longer able to uphold our Constellation program, but the space exploration program, Orion Crew Module, and the James Webb Telescope will remain on track through 2018. It has also been said that the United States will hire out other counties to fly our satellites and fly our crews to the space station. On the other hand, two of some of the initial goals for the Space Exploration in 2004 by US President George W. Bush was to continue our moon exploration “expand Earth’s economic sphere and conduct lunar activities with benefits to life on the home planet and to extend human presence to the moon to enable eventual settlement”~from the The Moon Mission of 2004

Whatever happened to that before the budget cuts?! Do you remember hearing about the fact that  they wanted humans to eventually live on the moon?! Moreover, they wanted to “conduct activities” that would benefit life here on Earth?! Did this mean that we were going to mine the moon?  Additionally, according to National Geographic, in 2006, NASA had major plans for moon bases, and the construction was supposed to begin 2020. See the link here: NASA’s Plans for Moon Bases
Well, in summary, some questions have been addressed, but more questions remain. When will we know the truth? Please, do your own research and don’t let this article be the only answer to your questions, as the mysteries about our Moon remain unsolved. Your comments are welcome, this is only MY research. Let us know on what information you found.
♥Much Love To You♥~The Truth Denied Team & The Soft Oracle
Credits: Japan’s Space Agency (JAXA), NASA. & The National Geographic
Listen to the interview with Jose Escamilla or visit more color photos of the moon here:
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20 thoughts on “Why does NASA ONLY reveal B&W photos of the moon?”
  1. Disque347, Good question. The mainstream media has said that the United States went to the moon as a result of the Cold War with the Soviet Union to prove our superiority. We wanted to be the FIRST to the moon. However, I believe there were other motives, such as moon mining, the search for other alien life, etc. Not sure if I am correct, but just my opinion.

  2. The Nearist I Can Tell About All This Is In Our Past. The Nephelium Or Watchers From Before The Flood Or Ice Age. But Im Still Doing Research.

  3. I guess I ask that question cause I always here people asking why we haven’t been back. To the moon? But I never here people asking what or why we even. Decided to even go to the moon… or did we have a reason to go??? Can anybody Tell me?

  4. My Q: is does anybody know the real reason why we went to the moon in the frist place? & what made us even think about going there in the first place when we didn’t know anything about space at that time?

  5. I just re-read my post, sorry for all the poor grammar, guess I was more tired than I thought!!
    I think the real reason we haven’t been back might have to do with the public itself! People like you and I see the absurdity of not returning to the moon, however after the initail flight of Apollo 11, people was getting mad if their Soaps or Football games were interrupted….. also, President Nixon didn’t share Kennedy’s enthusiasm for manned space flight as he alone ended Apollo (and the 3 flights that were pretty much already paid for!).
    By the way, I am an engineer and I built parts for the space shuttles, I worked with the man who invented the tiles for re-entry and made some of the more difficult molds to cast them. I also made the ‘jets’ that were used in the noses of the shuttles to maneuver while in space. (I built 16, which was enough for 8 Shuttles).
    I was also involved with the failed Iridium satellite phones which I argued against from the start! (a little ‘inside’ info on how the most expensive failed space project started): One of our engineers was taking a vacation with his wife (who was a Realtor) and they were on holiday in a small island chain that cell phones or pagers (remember those?) wouldn’t work, she said “why don’t you guys come up with a phone that could be used anywhere on Earth?” The idea was to place super cheap (the satellites used off the shelf items where possible) it was named Iridium and element with Atomic number 77 as it was calculated it would take 77 satellites for global coverage, it was later found fewer could be used but the name stuck! The reason it failed is nobdy wanted to pay $3000 for a phone that you couldn’t use indoors! So, only a small clientele would find it useful! When it failed miserably we were told we were going to ‘de-orbit’ (I had never heard of that word LOL!) but at the last moment it was sold pennies on the dollar! (idiots!)
    Well, enough stroking my ego… LOL! Just thought since you were a ‘space person’ you might find that interesting.

  6. Okay, sorry.. I did see you corrected it.
    The people that try to say we are being lied to and there is an atmosphere, trees, etc. are the ones that really rub me the wrong way in as much as do the people that think we never went (like if it was hoaxed why did we send other missions? One flight to beat the Russians would have sufficed!
    Try one of my theories, during one of the earliest mapping missions there were signs of previous visitation. This was told to President Kennedy that proposed a deal with Khrushchev to have a joint moon trip which was turned down. Hence, a ‘space race’ started just in case we found some sort of “Super Weapon” left behind!
    As one that was alive and heard Kennedy (I was a small child but thought their was urgency for us to get to the moon). Even scientists thought he was crazy to propose such a thing within 10 years!
    I kew of people who worked on Apollo and they said, nothing mattered more than us getting there first, money or people was nothing, no matter what the cost! A friends dad was crucial to the mission and he was sleeping there and his wife threatened to leave him because she was alone all the time so he went to his boss who told him “No Way!” so he started packing up his stuff and they knew he would quit so they gave him a 3 week leave of absent and sent him and his family to Europe for a road trip! He even stated that there was a life-and-death motivation from the higher ups that seemed to be more than just a “space Race”!

  7. I like the videos. But they are still enhanced wheter by you or nasa….what I would like is a copy of the negatives and to develope them myself and see what I see. But that will never happen. Very intresting though and I will have to continue research on my own

    1. Mike, EXTENSIVE research was done on this article in November 2011, and still I have not see any REAL color photos of the moon. The links you gave me where black and white or “enhanced with color”. The title specifically said “Why does NASA ONLY reveal B&W photos of the moon?” Not whether or not the pictures showed the Apollo landing sites. READ before you become a critic, as a matter of fact, go ahead and write your own article. And if you do find any REAL COLOR photos of the moon, please share. I accept the fact that by now, there may actually be REAL COLOR photos of the moon.

    2. Furthermore, from the pictures you linked, NASA used LRO’s LOLA instruments with the highest elevations in red and the lowest areas in blue; LRO’s temperature instrument; and Spectrographic measurements (which measure light absorbed at different wavelengths, revealing different compounds) to reveal their color pictures.

  8. I’ve often wondered myself. I have also wondered why, after so many flights, exploration, etc., we only have some moon rocks??? Bottom line…they don’t want us to know what the truth really is because it would blow their whole Ponzi scheme!

  9. NASA claims they only had black & white and that their scientists color them in before release…as well as edit them! Why they’re claiming this is new IDK. My 2 cents from what I’ve read & searched.

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