So in part one, we walked you down the road of a tragic plane crash in the  Superstition Mountains of Arizona,& no one has yet been able to figure out how  not one,  but TWO experienced pilots on board could hit a 5,000 foot mountain.

In part two , we identify the pilots, there families, and the company that owned the plane which is Ponderosa Aviation Inc.We also found that one of the pilots on board that fatal night was Russell Hardy, part owner of  The Ponderosa with his brother Mikel Hardy, also FBO of the Safford Regional Airport.


In part 3, we are are taking a closer look at the Ponderosa Aviation. What and Who is Ponderosa Aviation?


Are you ready for this?

  • If you Google the name Ponderosa Aviation, you get a number of pages to chose from, all of which have limited information on the company. My gut said there had to be more to the company, so I started to dig deeper into one of the websites…2 pages in on Google. BINGO!

  • It opens to this, letting me know that I am having cookies placed on my computer . (nice of them, don’t you think?)


  • Shows me the cookies it is adding to my computer & from the federal agency involved.
  • NEXT, take a look at the flights , the costs of flights, who is on these UNSCHEDULED FLIGHTS, and most of all who is getting billed for the flights.






  • Now follow the next screen shot and click  VIEW, you will routed to another government page.



When you get to the next website, roll your mouse over all the states, this airline is not only in all 50 states, look at the money involved.

Here is the website address in case you got lost : 

and here :

So what does this all  have to do with the plane crash  on Thanksgiving Eve?  The question is really, WHY did the plane crash occur, who are the players, who were the pilots and did they know to much.


Come on people! It says it right on the billing DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR.    126K for one passenger with NO ROUTING or TRACKING number, and no name of the passengers.   We are also looking into the “nature” of the company, you ready for this?


Weather Surveillance, and who is picking up the millions of dollars in billing on all of these flights?


Take a wild guess. I’ll buy you a drink if you get it right.


Written by The Truth Denied Staff writer.



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By The Truth Denied

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24 thoughts on “Plot thickens with Plane Crash in Arizona! Look who’s involved now!”
  1. The pilot simply flew an extended down wind leg at the runway heading and for only a few seconds, and flying on a expired ferry permit he was hesitant to request flight following or other services to have eyes on him. He needed to stay under the Phoenix TRACON class bravo airspace at 5000 and below, so because of the slight extended down wind leg it took him just a little to far north and with the direct to SAD BAM!! they impacted the flatiron area of Superstition mtns. That’s it ! plain and simple, case closed . Ever watch ASI Unintended Consequences? its all explained right there

    1. Thanks for your insights. This was a strange one, as I spoke with the survivors (mainly the pilots wife) and got a completely different take. Had you heard he story, you would know where this article came from. We are always open to other views, information, details, facts, etc. Thanks for taking the time to write in. We appreciate it.

      TTD TEAM

  2. Actually, too, it’s Safford, not Stafford, for the headquarters. Being from there, we suffer from this common mistake. The company is primarily for Fire Fighting purposes, but does some other work. I read the article which interviewed at length the ex-wife, and it was an excruciating read given how much she had been through.

    However, accidents do not just happen for a single reason, other than sabotage. Again, being from Safford, I could not for the life of me think why in God’s good name would anyone sabotage anything / anyone from Safford–a community comprised mostly of good country folk working in farming, mining, or guarding prisoners.

    And what do you think happened–since we know the flight crashed into the mountain, and it wasn’t a bomb? Poison gas, planted by a government official upset that the pilot was asking why a government that calls itself responsible can rack up $20t in debt with nothing really to show for it? Or, did someone shoot the pilots and passengers after the auto-pilot was set and bail out by parachute, because the other pilot wanted to know how someone who had only been in public service could be worth over $11m?

    My personal opinion is that he was likely distracted, unfamiliar with the new aircraft, and was not able to avoid the mountain. It was distressing for the community–but again the ex-wife and all she’d been through it was much worse.

    There are conspiracies worth investigating–but not a rinky-dink fly-by-night (literally) outfit from nowheresville Safford, Arizona.

  3. I stumbled upon this website after needing information about the company. Because I was employed there. I can’t believe that you spend your time writing all of this.

    I thought that maybe “Conspiracy Theorists” have a point or might really be on to something, but in this case, you’re so wildly off base that it’s laughable.

    Ponderosa Aviation flies Air Attack pilots over forest fires in, mostly, the western United States. That’s our job. We fly the fire season (May-October), and provide air coordination over fires for tanker planes to drop retardant on the fires. That’s it.

    As far as the crash goes; The company was plagued by cowboy pilots and an owner who had/have a complete disregard for basic safety protocols and procedures in aviation. They’ve been involved in crashes because they think that all that is involved in flying is to get in and go. These two paid for it with their lives, and the rest of the family have been involved in multiple incidents. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s recklessness and carelessness on the part of the operators. Simply.

    1. You stated”As far as the crash goes; The company was plagued by cowboy pilots and an owner who had/have a complete disregard for basic safety protocols and procedures in aviation. They’ve been involved in crashes because they think that all that is involved in flying is to get in and go. These two paid for it with their lives, and the rest of the family have been involved in multiple incidents. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s recklessness and carelessness on the part of the operators. Simply.”

      I did speak with the wife who lost her husband and children in this incident I get a little different of a scenario. Needless to say, thank you for your comment.Many prayers have gone out to she and her family.

  4. We owned a 135 operation providing aircraft of the same makes and models as Ponderosa to the Department of Interior and others. The documents you found are simply business as usual. No shady dealings. They fly by the hour, and get paid by the hour for some very dangerous stuff.

    Imo, what happened the night of the crash is very simple. They were both used to flying AeroCommander 500S aircraft, or Shrikes. The company had just purchased (I think only a week earlier), a TurboCommander 690. Both pilots obviously had far more time in a Shrike than a 690. The performance differences are profound. The Shrike is smaller and much more responsive. The 690 (imo) is like flying a bathtub. It’s a bulky SUV as opposed to a snappy Subaru. No doubt they had taken off out of Scottsdale many times, but in Shrikes. When they got to the ridge, they pulled back just like they always did, but the 690 took longer to respond than they were used to and they didn’t clear the ridge. My guess is the NTSB will find low time in make and model a contributor to this tragedy. There may well have been some drama with picking up children for visitation that found its way into the cockpit and clouded thinking, but we will never the answer to that.

    That said, there is no conspiracy theory in those government forms. It’s convoluted and complicated, and not always fair, but it isn’t black ops, either.

  5. This Roxy person is an idiot—I’d love to meet her because I cannot believe anyone so stupid can breath on their own, much less communicate…..

  6. Well put PILOT – I agree.
    The map has NO signifiance –
    it is a map of ALL of the CONTRACTS $$$
    by State then by REGION.
    Ponderosa had a couple of contracts
    I checked them all out. Enough said.

  7. Mainstream media has reported that the company is an air tactical support platform, as does the Ponderosa Aviation official website. I find it interesting that you couldn’t find their official website, but have been able to manufacture speculation. One tends to forget the first paragraph of your story after reading the remaining paragraphs. This was a terrible accident that may not ever be explained fully, but there are no conspiracies. These are great, hard working, brave people we all could learn from.

  8. Ponderosa Aviation is part of the National Wildfire fighting team. They provide aerial support for wildfires and recon for dangerous fire starting thunderstorms. The passengers are employees of the BLM, Forest Service and other wildfire agencies. They are an invaluable resource for fighting wildfires, so perhaps, you should get your facts straight and allow these folks some time to grieve and maybe a little gratitude for doing a very dangerous job!

    1. Perhaps MIANSTREAM MEDIA should get there FACTS right! They have not reported wat you have just recently “PILOT”. And as to griening and the respect you mention, can you read or re-read the first paragraph of the article?

  9. Actually – the MAP referenced ABOVE is NOT about PONDEROSA.

    The map is of ALL of the CONTRACTS that the Office of Policy, Budget and Administration makes in EVERY COUNTY in the USA.

    LEARN MORE yourselves! If you click on VIEW and see the INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTS —- see if you think there is something happening behind the scenes – so far I cannot.

    1. Thanks for your insight for our investigation Lauren, well done. If you look at Ponderosa Invoice to the Department of The National Interior, you will find a VIEW, click it and it does take you to the MAP. So Ponderosa is INCLUDED in the state and National billing. So it is INCLUSIVE of the PONDEROSA billing, so this is actually CORRECT. Is the total $$$ for each state ONLY PONDEROSA BILLING? According to our further investigation on this story, no.

      But here is where it gets interesting. LOOK up PONDEROSA, and you will find its only LISTED physical address is in Stafford, AZ yet, there are listed PONDEROSA companies inside of hundreds of municipal and privately owned airports across the USA.

      This in itself is interesting, so could the map be significant to the amount of money billed to the Department of The Interior NATIONWIDE in the BILLIONS of dollars under the guise of WEATHER?

      Being that ALL of PONDEROSA’s flights are charted and very expensive, we must go back to this

      1. WHO is PONDEROSA?
      2. Why are the only public billing receipt (s) (Invoices) billed ONLY to the Department of Interior?
      3. Why very little record of the flights (and BILLING CODES that go to nowhere) or are not available to the general public?
      4. Charted nonscheduled flights, why?
      5. WHO are the PASSENGERS on this flights and what was there reason for being on the flight?
      6. And why do TAX $$$ pay for the flights?

      Answer these questions, and we have a story.


  10. Good work! Eyes wide open!! Seriously – excellent, now we need to figure out what you have uncovered. My guess is HAARP related. Be cautious, really – believe you have hit upon something that is way bigger than you know. This is BIG.

  11. Don’t drink, but like the occassional brownie – I have few vices. This is incredible to me Roxy – especially the non-news – if for no other reason than the video which clearly shows ‘something’ that any good news reporter should be sniffing out. So I guess this means you are that ‘good’ news reporter!!!
    Good articles and follow up – I apologize but I didn’t follow the links I just read it – My guess is Evergreen?

    1. I’m a former Air Tactical pilot for Ponderosa who was fired from the job, I have no love for the company and especially disliked Shawn Perry. The death of he and his children was a tragedy and an accident, pure and simple.
      That being said, I’ve got to say that what you have written is trash–I have no idea how you could possibly be so stupid as to think there is any government conspiracy involving Ponderosa or any other air attack contractor.
      These are companies that supply aircraft and crews to agencies like BLM, USFS, BIA, to oversee firefighting operations.
      I am dumbfounded that you could possibly come up with any “blackops scenario” involving them or any other similar company.
      You are obtuse-you are stupid-you are insane-you need to get a life!
      This is so inane that it leaves me breathless as I read it—you have uncovered NOTHING other than the fact that you are an idiot.
      Why not “investigate” me too? Hell, my grandparents came from Russia which probably means that I’m a deep cover assassin or at best a stooge for OWG. YIKES!! I cannot believe that morons like you exist!

      1. fyrflyr, curious as to your experience as a pilot and any insights you might have on the subject accident. shoot me an email/response back, please.

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