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FEMA CAMPS & Disarming the public
Coded Road Signs
US Homeland Security
posse comitatus
2012 National  Defense Authorization Act
9/11 , The Partiot Act & Busting the Labor Unions

 Bernard Alvarez from the “Just Bernard Show” joined us as well !

*Please keep  in mind that Howard Stein, though late, did speak on the show!  Bernard Alvarez from The JUST Bernard Show joined us for the first 20 minutes of the show!



FEMA RELATED VIDEO regarding coded road signs .

The National Defense Authorization Act passed in the US Senate on December 1st and is on its’ way to the Conference Committee. This Senate version is known as S.1867. The Senate wants to establish a commission of study on the U.S. forces in East Asia and the Pacific region. (FYI, the House version-known as FY2012 NDAA, H.R. 1540-was passed in May 2011.It included the $33 million in funding for Guam infrastructure projects.)
However, that’s not the point here! The Senate’s section of this Act gives the military power to detain “suspected” Americans for any amount of time they choose and without a trial. It also mandates military detention for anyone they suspect is a terrorist. In this act, there will be no court hearing, no “Due Process” and no “Habius Corpus”. Our rights are being ripped away from us! This is unconstitutional and tyrannical! Anyway, as of now, the bill is about to be reviewed and reconciled by a conference committee of senators and has also been referred to the House of Armed Services, the Senate of Armed Services, and the House of Homeland Security. Click link to see the rest of the story:

Staffing FEMA  Camps    5 regions for FEMA CAMPS in the USA


Internment Camp Services BID, they are getting ready to staff FEMA CAMPS

Section 1031 of the NDAA Bill deems “ Whole United States as a battelfield and allows American citizens to be arrested on US soil & incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay”.


Roxy Lopez also announced on the show today that Howard Stein has joined the TRUTH DENIED MEDIA Team and will be appearing on weekly shows to give important political updates in the fist 10 minutes of the show.


Welcome Howard Stein!

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