What is a cloud buster?

A Cloud buster refers to a device that was originally  invented by Wilhelm Reich. It’s name was given because of  its ability to make holes in the clouds, but the common use of cloud buster was invented to create rain, not to remove chemtrails.

What? Yes, to create rain.

The Cloud Buster consists of several copper pipes, with one end generally pointing towards the horizon and the other  end connected to flowing water.  Don Croft  later introduced another type of cloud buster which uses a mix of metal, resin and crystal instead of flowing water for the base of the pipe, and this one is pointed vertically.

Those who know about the cloud buster generally  consider it to be the only solution for the prevention of  droughts, but contrary to belief , some pretty serious if not dangerous side effects may occur.

Take a look.

Operator safety
There may be health and environmental risks associated with operating a cloud buster machine, in fact in some cases  may be so  severe especially if the operator is not in perfect mental and physical health.


Please read and take the necessary precautions  before attempting to build a cloud buster unit.

Also please  read the link below regarding  symptoms you need to be aware of, so that you will know if you are now in any danger with your health.
Cemenite Story 2: Od power


Research Summary and Interview on a ‘New’ Method for Drought-Abatement and Desert-Greening: Cloudbusting
Reich observed a working cloud buster could also have negative biological effects upon the operator


“Also, the operator can receive an overcharge, or dor contamination in their body which can bring on life-threatening sickness, or exacerbate latent or chronic aspects of existing characterological armoring. While therapy certainly reduces these tendencies, it is not an absolute guarantee either.”

Wilhelm REICH Cosmic Orgone Engineering ( CORE )
1) Several of Reich’s assistants were immobilized and greatly sickened by the field effects surrounding his laboratory during the oranur experiment. Later on, similar reactions occurred in the surroundings of operating cloudbusters, particularly during desert and drought operations.
2) A man using a cloudbuster in a California desert touched the pipes with his bare hands. He was paralyzed on one side of his body, and never completely recovered.
3) A cloudbuster operator developed a walnut-sized tumor one day after handling a cloudbuster during a drought. The tumor was eventually eliminated through orgonomic first-aid, involving therapy, use of the accumulator, dor-buster, and detoxification techniques.
4) A medical doctor in Germany used a medical dor-buster on his patients for many years. The apparatus resembles a minature cloudbuster, and functions similarly. He developed a paralysis in the arm he used to work the apparatus, which later spread to his shoulder and the side of his face, after which he died.
5) A man who used a manually operated cloudbuster for many years in droughty situations became quite ill, in spite of many precautions. He eventually developed scleroderma and cancer, which killed him.
6) A man with a history of high blood pressure and a stroke had another debilitating stroke a few days after working as an informal helper on a cloudbuster operation, where his exposure was limited to no more than 15 minutes per day over three days. All the usual precautions had been taken.
7) Other cloudbuster operators have been made very ill from standing too close to the instrument. The biological effects of overcharge, and of what Reich called dor-sickness, have included high fever, muscle cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. Severe skin rashes, hives, and “flu” symptoms have also been observed. Reich noted, the effects of the toxic field around the cloudbuster tends to hit a person at their weakest spot, causing old health problems to flare-up.



Water pollution
Some very  serious health risks need to be considered for the operator.

If  a cloud buster can cause illness, then it further begs the question ‘ How does it effect  the water, which is  required for its operation?’ What it will do to people who live near the cloud busting operation?”


Pay Attention:

The following is  my correspondence with Joel Carlinsky, a senior in orgonomy science , which is the  that study of  orgone energy, the theory behind of cloud buster.


I wrote:
“Judging from your pessimism, I am convinced that you don’t know how to prevent DOR infestation. Like how you don’t know how to halt rain after excessive cloud busting or how you don’t know how to reverse over charging of orgone. And just like how using flowing water is the only way to absorb DOR from sky. Judging from your previous post, I am convince that cloud busting activity POLLUTE the water with DOR energy. I never heard anyone in orgonomy mention how to clean the water for reuse in cloud busting. Everyone suggest to throw the water away and leave the nature to clean the DOR. I call that irresponsible.”    ~ Sucahyo


Joel Carlinsky answered:

You are correct: the water a DOR-buster is grounded into becomes saturated with DOR. It has been tested by using it to water plants and comparing their growth with the same kind of plants watered with water from the same source that had not been used to ground a DOR-buster. The water from the DOR-buster retarded the plant growth compared to the controls.

And you are also right about it not being environmentally responsible to dispose of the used water carelessly. There is a cloudbusting project in Algeria that has a cloudbuster grounded into a well. It is at an oasis in the desert. The 800 people who live there have no other water supply. That is not a safe place to live, if they have to drink water from a well that has a cloudbuster connected to it in a desert atmosphere where there is a high level of DOR. The health statistics in that village would be—- interesting.”  ~Joel Carlinsky

Joel Carlinsky explain more about this on his blog:


The cause of Disaster?
Another problem is a cloud busting operations can easily be overdone and result in natural disaster.
Research Summary and Interview on a ‘New’ Method for Drought-Abatement and Desert-Greening: Cloudbusting
“In Eritrea, we were looking at 3 decades of dryness and below-normal rains in an already dry region, where the Sahara Desert had been slowly spreading southward over that same time period. Even so, good saturating rains came quickly after our first operations, and most every other operation thereafter. And the rains in Eritrea were widespread and soaking, lasting all day into the evening, of a kind that older residents confirmed they had not seen since childhood.”

OROP ISRAEL 1991-1992: Cloudbusting Experiment
“Rains began falling in Israel on November 27, as the storm arrived at the coast, and rains continued for the next week. Good to heavy rains also fell across Lebanon, Cyprus, and Turkey, ending only around December 7th. A 50-year rainfall record was broken in Israel. It is significant to note this was the very same storm which was previously observed as a Mediterranean weather front near Italy on November 21

Israel, the West Bank territories, and northwest Jordan received the greatest portion of these rains, from 200 to 400 percent of normal. By December 7, some Israeli and Jordanian regions had received nearly 90% of the normal annual rainfall. The mountains in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon received unexpected heavy snows, and several rivers in the mountains of Cyprus were flowing with water for the first time in years.

By December 15, the level of Lake Kinneret was up 60 cm from the red line! Rains were also still progressing in Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. New storms pushed into the area with heavy snow after December 31st; Jerusalem received a record 16″ of snow, while 24″ fell in Amman Jordan.

From early newspaper reports, and from our own observations made later in February, flooded farm fields could be seen everywhere”


OROP ARIZONA 1989: Cloudbusting Experiment
“After one day of operations, a large complex of thunderstorms developed just to the east of our site.

A “mild” earthquake, magnitude 5.2 on the Richter scale, and some highly unusual “earthquake weather” occurred north of the San Francisco Bay area.

Yuma, Arizona, received two years’ rainfall in one week, and other Arizona and southern California stations likewise experienced heavy rains, and some flooding of low-lying desert topography was reported. More rains broke out across the entire Great Basin region in subsequent days and continued through the month. By the end of August, the region near to the cloudbusting site had received a whopping 500% of its normal summertime rainfall.”


This link contains many examples of cloud buster misuse, such as :

“At one point, while he boasted of having brought some rains to his dry region, the nearby areas of Tropical Africa were suffering under massive rainstorms and flooding which displaced hundreds of thousands of villagers, killing many hundreds.”

“His operations had merely pushed the dry Sahara air mass off to the Northeast, where it contaminated the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing drought and massive wildfires to Greece, where additional tens of thousands had to run for their lives, and additional hundreds were killed. “

“This predictably triggered a strong electrical storm, and six people were struck by lightning.”

“His actions with the cloudbuster triggered a massive storm system in the Mediterranean Sea which hit land and created massive flooding in his local region, killing ten people.”


Wilhelm REICH Cosmic Orgone Engineering ( CORE )
PINCER II demonstrated the anomalous diversion – 240 miles out of its normal path into Arizona – of rain that made July 86 the wettest July in 100 years. The attendant, anomalous thunder and lightning storm left 300,000 Los  Angeles residents without electricity.


What about larger regions?


Cloud buster may also  influence weather hundreds of miles away!

“It is therefore important to keep in mind that any kind of long-term desert-greening project runs the risk of long-distance and possibly long-term negative effects. “

“Several catastrophes along these lines have already been witnessed, from haphazard operations undertaken by inadequately trained individuals in Seattle (point #20, above) who merely wanted to cool down their vicinity and had not the wisdom to look how their operations were affecting other regions,”


The Cloudbuster of Wilham Reich
“The orgone energy envelope – the womb of the weather — is highly sensitive, continuous, and responsive on a vast and elastic scale to stimuli from cloudbusters. Because of continuity of this energy envelope, the effects of such stimuli can extend over millions of square miles. Billions of tons of atmosphere and atmospheric water vapor can be decisively affected in their concentration, distribution and general behavior.”



Cloud busting operation said to restore the health of nature. However, so far I still hear that in there is drought in   Arizona, USA  where cloud busting is in use, why? Evidence shows us that while the  cloud buster machine is indeed  an effective tool to invite a flood, it is not an effective tool to prevent drought.

Reich said that the cloud buster is used to  to restore the atmosphere’s health without creating rain. So far every cloud busting operation is only concerned creating rain. People  fail to realize  that they now have to rely on cloud buster to make rain, they don’t realize that their job  is supposed to allow rain with out their intervention.



Does it clear up Chemtrails?
Trevor Constable – Dangers Of Cloudbuster Technology
“Well, you know the energy that goes around the earth is in constant motion, its moving faster than the earth in a gigantic envelope and while you may get rid of the chemtrail that you see above you, you do not  know that it is  not going to have an effect within 24 or 36 hours over in Africa somewhere.”

“I wouldn’t try to get rid of them (chemtrails) with cloudbusters, that’s for sure.”  ~Trevor Constable


Slim Spurling Meets Trevor James Constable

“‘One of the biggest problems you encounter with a Cloudbuster is that they create such complex remote effects. I have worked with batteries of tubes out in the desert where we were impacting the weather patterns over eight or nine states — you could see it on the satellite weather reports. It makes you stop and think. Knowing how to pull the circumpolar vortex that goes around the Canadian border all the way down into the California interior, sounds like a whole lot of fun, and it isn’t that hard to do. But if the distance effects generate huge deluges of rain in Texas you need to be knowledgeable enough to get a handle on that or you shouldn’t be doing this kind of work.’

‘The energy that goes around the Earth is in constant motion, moving faster than the Earth in a gigantic envelope at the equator and in other energy flows in the temperate zones! It’s crazy to tinker with that force if you don’t know how it operates. What the part-time Cloudbuster jockeys don’t understand is that when you get rid of the chemtrails in the sky above you, or you make it rain in your back yard, you don’t know what kind of an effect this will create within 24 or 36 hours over in Africa somewhere. And what makes it more complicated is that conventional science is doing a lot of nefarious things with the atmosphere — most people don’t know this — and what they are doing conflicts with the type of energy we’re working with. You can’t just go around aiming a Cloudbuster anywhere you please without a great deal of study.'”


Amplify radioactive radiation
Reich device has history of amplifying radioactivity. Cloud busting operation should not be done in a radioactive polluted environment.
Panacea University cloud busting documnet (PDF)
“Under no conditions should you have any electrical wires, electrical instruments of any kind, or any radioactive material near a cloud buster during any operation. Severe health problems may result.”


The encounter of Reich with radioactive material resulted in disaster:
Wilhelm Reich Essay : Part Three
“Reich placed a one milligram radium needle in a one-ply accumulator. He then placed that into a 20-ply accumulator and left it in a laboratory room constructed out of accumulator materials:
“Reich paid close attention to the sensations he and many of his co-workers experienced, such as a salty taste on the tongue; a severe pressure in the depth of the cheekbone; nausea; loss of appetite; sensations of weakness; a ringlike pressure around the forehead; sensitivity in the diaphragmatic segment; pallor; and feelings of cold shivers alternating with hot flashes…”

“Reich rapidly conceptualized the first surprising results of the Oranur experiment: Contrary to expectations, orgone energy had not counteracted nuclear energy but rather nuclear energy had altered orgone energy”

“For the next six days he placed the experimental radium in the twenty-fold accumulator for an hour each day. On [the seventh day], it remained there for only half an hour. Soon after the radium was deposited, Reich and several persons with him noted that the atmosphere in the laboratory had become clouded. It showed a blue to purplish color through the glass windows. Reich felt sick to his stomach and dizzy…”


Also read this link bellow:
“While the radium was within the charging device, accurate measurement was not possible because the instrument, the SU-5 Survey Meter would either race right off the scale or go completely dead….The last time that the radium was placed inside the 20 layer Accumulator was to prove so dramatic that for fear of possible consequences, the experiment was stopped….It was noticed that reassembling even one Orgone charging device would immediately cause the background radiation measurements to approximately double….Basically, the presence of a strong concentration of Orgone Energy seems to amplify and magnify the radiation from a nuclear source.”

Note that the above article seems to consider only one type of orgone energy. In reality, there is orgone energy that neutralize radioactive. For more information, please read cemenite series article.
There is an  opposing opinion though:
The Ultimate Reality by Joseph H. Cater
“a Reich cloub-buster pointed at a radioactive material would cause it to lose its radioactivity! This has been proven to be the case. For example, a glowing piece of radium stops radiating when it is placed in front of a clouds-buster.”



Don Croft’s cloud buster can also be unhealthy:
Is Don Croft’s  cloud buster better than Reich’s Cloud Buster?

Some people still experience problems:
Orgone experiences and perspectives
“The last straw was the nonphysical attacks campaign began happening to me. These attacks ranged from unnatural negative thoughts being placed into my mind, my health deteriorating in various ways and other things.”

Heaven and Earth – A Sea Change, March and May of 2008
“Shortly after he built his first CB , Dan buried it in the yard by his house. After some days however, he and the other members of his household began to develop headaches and other discomfort. When the severity of these symptoms gradually increased over time, he removed the base of the CB from the ground, the symptoms disappearing almost immediately. He experimented again several times, burying other orgonite devices with pipes, always with similar unpleasant results.”

Even James Demeo give severe warning that only qualified people are allowed to do cloud busting:
“Cloudbusting requires more of the people who engage in it than the mere “desire” to “get involved”, or to “make rain”, or the mere mechanical ability to assemble a few pipes and wave them about in the air. For safe and effective operations to occur, the operator must firstly have a high degree of personal health, and secondly to know exactly what they are doing, and why. They must have a good working knowledge of the cloudbusting techniques and methods which have been worked out over the last 35 years. They must be educated in basic climatology and atmospheric dynamics. Additionally, and most importantly, the cloudbuster operator must not possess any significant degree of biophysical, emotional armoring. They must be emotionally fluid, with a capacity for full bioenergetic contact with the natural environment. They must possess the capability of perceptively understanding the unspoken language of the living, which is energetically expressed in the atmosphere and landscape. This is important both for the outcomes of cloudbusting operations, that they not produce erratic or damaging weather reactions, but also because biophysical armoring places the cloudbuster operator at great risk for their health.

It must always be kept in mind that the cloudbuster is a tool by which the atmosphere is restored to a state of self-regulated functioning. It is not a “weather modification” apparatus, like cloudseeding, where the atmosphere is forced to do this or that, or is “pushed about” to do something it normally would not do. Anyone wishing to work with a cloudbuster must therefore have an intuitive, gut-level grasp of the concept of atmospheric self-regulation.”
Backward thinking
I believe that to restore the condition of the environment, we must not use anything that make us feel bad. Unfortunately, some people think this is part of cleaning process. They think a protection device should make you more sensitive to bad energy, when it suppose to be the opposite. Here is an example:
“I drove into this area, letting myself be guided by the orgonite in my car. When its qi-emanation became strongest, I parked the car, and walked aways into the forest.

There I dug up some dirt, and placed over it a standard CB-stabilizer, in which the six holes had been bored just big enough so that I could easily pound the pipes through them, the pipes forming the vertices of a regular hexagon. Then I removed the stabilizer and hammered the pipes straight down, all the way into the ground, so that they seemed as if they were the pipes of a CB pointed down.Then I placed an ordinary TB on top of each pipe end, so that the six TBs formed a ring.

As soon as I had finished, I felt a strong queasiness, since the apparatus had immediately begun to attract DOR and transform it. I have had similar nauseous feelings before, in places filled with pain or DOR, at the time they were gifted with orgonite. I interpret such symptomatic of the first stage of clearing the place.

It takes a certain amount of time for the pain or queasiness to leave, and the atmosphere to clear itself. Therefor I went out of the forest somewhere else for awhile. About 15 minutes later I returned and found the feeling of the place to be already better. The air was now free of mist and the atmosphere both clear and pleasant.”


The article contain some weird statement.
1. “letting myself be guided by the orgonite in my car. When its qi-emanation became strongest”. If orgonite protect him, why would he became more sensitive to bad qi?

2. “As soon as I had finished, I felt a strong queasiness, since the apparatus had immediately begun to attract DOR and transform it”. Why would he had to feel “a strong queasiness”? That is strange logic for me. If his device convert bad energy to good energy, then what he should felt is feeling very comfortable instead of feeling uncomfortable.

3. “It takes a certain amount of time for the pain or queasiness to leave”. What would happen if this action is done in a hospital? Wouldn’t this can be very dangerous to the patient?

4. “The air was now free of mist”. Why free of mist is an indication of good action? Sacred place commonly have mist, is that a bad sign? In power engineering, places with more negative ion (good energy) usually have mist. I also notice more mist in my area every since I start to use cemenite, and I believe that my weather condition improved a lot than last year, even from media perspective.


With all considered and previously experimented with in regards to  the different types of  cloud busters,  do they actually work for the  benefit of  humans and the environment, and can augmenting the chemtrail pollution be done so safely by the common citizen?  This seems to be the big  question. At the very least, extreme caution should be taken . If you decide  to  construct a cloud buster  of your own, you should consider the risks involved, and  that you are not just modifying the weather but also impacting other peoples lives as well. With this in mind , please heed the warnings in this article, examine the facts of prior experiments and experiences of others laid out here.

As with anything else folks, take responsibility, heed the warnings implied, and by all means monitor all that you are doing. Do your homework! If in the end you actually cause more harm than good, you are ultimately the person who has to live with this decision. And your neighbor? Well they involuntarily become a victim of a scientific project gone bad. No matter what way you slice it, responsibility is key.

A large dose of responsibility is what one needs to consider before entering the realm of weather modification. After all , we the people have taken a stance AGAINST geoengineering and the likes! Let’s not be part of the ongoing problem.


If you need to reach me, please feel free to put the name of this article in the subject line of the email and drop me a line at



Written By,


Staff writer for   The Truth Denied





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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

13 thoughts on “The Dangers of Cloud Busting”
  1. Lots of claims being made here that orgone is BAD.

    If you all know better then can someone please provide detailed instructions on how to make orgone (or whatever else) that is actually GOOD and beneficial for health and environment? If one also needs to be equipped with knowledge on how to use these devices then please provide information on how to do that and dispel DOR etc.

    Lots of comments made here about bodies of water accumulating DOR when cloud busters are grounded in them but not a single comment on how to properly cleanse/dispel DOR.

    What is the point of this blog if there is no instructions on how to properly do things?

    1. Good point.

      There a couple of problem that make people use bad orgone.

      – because of disinformation, people now think that low clouds is bad. So they now trying to bust low clouds, and no longer care about the clouds made by jet trails. When it is clear that the rain happen more gentle and periodic when the low clouds dominate the sky. Weather become more violent when high clouds dominate the sky.
      – they use the DOR sickness symptom as if they are a good effect so they make their device produce DOR sickness
      – They use pendulum/psychic sense/ dowsing/ bovis reading to measure the device. But unfortunately, their device only have good psychic effect but bad physical effect. So people felt nice using them but they get sick, tired easily when not using the device, can not sleep, etc. Such illness cause them felt like targetted individual. Lack of sleep make them delusional. They start to hear whisper, some even start to see unknown being.
      – People actually think that bad weather is a nice reaction.

      We have to think that a good orgone reaction will produce gentle weather. Weather that do not kill people. Good orgone make people sleep better. Make people concentrate beter, have clear mind and have healthy body.

      We must think that orgone can influence not just people, but also weather, plants, animal, any fluid including blood, fuel or drink water.

      In my experiment I found that orgone energy can change water freeze temperature. Bad orgone make water stay frozen even in room temperature. What do this mean? This mean hailstorm, clogged blood, bad fuel burning, etc. If we freeze bad orgone device in water, then the water will turn into white exploded ice.

      Good orgone device produce the opposite effect, the water will turn into flat ice with transparent part in the middle/device. Water often stay liquid longer and harder to freeze.

      So, to make a good orgone, we should have the correct mindset first. Then not relying on dowsing to measure the device but instead relying on physical test like water freezing, observing how it change engine power, etc.

      I use cemenite. But there are many other way to produce good energy as long as we use the correct measurement method.

  2. –[ Does it clear up Chemtrails? ]– You can clear up chemtrails (why write this horror with cap-C for Gerorge´s sake) all by yourself, by sheer own will and unerring control of your gaze. MIND POWER!
    How to do?
    Just gaze at the chemtrail, and keep gazing, ever at the same spot . Mentally or audibly repeat “dissolve / dissolve, you cloud / disappear / it is my will that you dissolve”
    Do this for some ten minutes, without any interruption, and LO! you will see that chemtrail no more.
    You can do it with clouds also, but after I had had that experience two or three times, I wondered ´why should I do t h i s to those beautiful clouds overhead?´
    But with chemtrails I do not have any mercy!
    I did it several times, and -initially to my utter surprise- the mess disappeared .. Compared to a natural cloud, -trails have hardly any resistance.
    Good luck, don´t waste your money, do it yourself!
    L. Rijklof

    1. Good and bad orgone can clear chemtrails, but with different end result.

      Bad orgone will make chemtrails gone but the sky still white, cirrus high clouds will still dominate the sky. Rain still rare, flood still happen.

      Good orgone will make chemtrails gone and the sky will be more bright blue. Sky will be filled with nimbus low clouds. birds flying around. Rain will be periodic and not excessive.

      The important part is not dissolving the chemtrails but to reduce their effect. I don’t know if this can be achieve with only gazing. I use cemenite.

  3. -..A “stillness” and “bleakness” spread over the landscape, –] ….. [–the sparkle of Life that went out of the landscape. ..- is obviously a DOR/Organur reaction in nature .. studying Dr. James DeMeo´s (PHD) book the Orgonite Accumulator Handbook, will make us well-informed.
    L. Rijklof, Colombia

    1. As long as you do not use his method because Demeo’s method resulted in the opposite result of Wilhelm Reich. The result supposed to produce gentle weather, but all cloud busting today produce violent weather. The same as chemtrails or global warming etc.

      Not just stillness, violent wind is also sign of DOR. good orgone is neither still nor violent.

  4. Evaluating continuous cloud busting operation, dissapointing results.

    Thanks for Michael Engel for sharing this link. The website is about an effort to green the desert. They also use cloud buster rain engineering that has been run for years.

    The effort is very commendable. They use many alternative method including the implementation of Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich. However, I consider the results on weather to be sub standard. I am dissapointed with the results on the sky and weather.

    For me, lack of nimbus / low clouds is a bad results, cloud less blue sky is not a good results, so sky like this bellow should be avoided

    Maybe not failed, But I do not consider it succeed yet. Considering the amount of years the project run, it is a bad results. As comparison, this bellow at 2009:

    The article may claim that the treatment is needed less and less, why the cloud buster is still there after more than 5 years? Do they still need to operate cloud buster to make rain?

    Why only small plants grew up near the cloud buster? Plants seems to avoid cloud buster? Do they still failed to make cloud buster harmless?

    I also consider lightning as a bad sign. Based on the website description the operation produce lightning:
    “Madjid baute einen Cloudbuster, und einige andere Dinge, die er in Berlin kennengelernt hatte. Die Wetteroperation gelang. Schon nach zweieinhalb Stunden bildeten sich die ersten Wolken, nach fünf Stunden war der Himmel schwarz und von Wetterleuchten durchzogen. Eine halbsie Stunde später regnete es.

    Madjid built a cloud buster, and some other things that he had met in Berlin. The weather operation succeeded. After two and a half hours, were the first clouds, after five hours the sky was black and crossed by lightning. A halbsie hour later it rained.”

    Another thing is lack of birds. Core mention about how birds react to the orgone.

    Wilhelm Reich ~ CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering) OROP Desert
    Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought
    ( Publications of the Orgone Institute, Vol. VI, Nos. 14, July 1954 )

    (1) “Stillness & “Bleakness” ~
    A “stillness” and “bleakness” spread over the landscape, rather well delineated against unaffected surrounding regions. The stillness is expressed in a real cessation of life expressions in the atmosphere. The birds stop singing: the frogs stop croaking. There’s no sound of life anywhere. The birds fly low or hide in the trees. Animals crawl over the ground with greatly reduced motility. The leaves of the trees and the needles of the evergreens look very “sad”; they droop, lose turgor and erectility. Every bit of sparkle or luster disappears from the lakes and the air. The trees look black, as though dying. The impression is actually that of blackness, or better, bleakness. It is not something that “came into the landscape”. It is, rather, the sparkle of Life that went out of the landscape.

    I don’t see any photo with birds fly high, maybe I miss it, if you can help spot it, then please share. Looking for vogel (birds) produce zero search results in that website.

    The explanation from the CORE document mention about the tree look black, all the tree in those website look dark. I compare it with mine:

    I have tried to contact them or Mr. Madjid via personal message or website but still get no reply yet. I believe they are doing it in the wrong way.

  5. I would add that besides the effects on the atmosphere, a cloudbuster also directly affects the physiological functioning of all living organisms within a rather long range, up to several hundred kilometers. When a cloudbuster starts to operate, there is a change in the electrical potential difference between two electrodes inserted into the bark of a living tree. This shows that biological parameters are directly affected by the changes in the orgone energy field of the earth, not just indirectly, through the amount of water available. Check my blog, for more information.

    1. Thanks for the information Joel. I believe that what you mention also influence people psychological health too.

      You mention that cloud buster energy make water more acid. This may contribute to the increase of voltage potential in a tree during cloud busting operation.

      1. That is correct. The greater charge of the body can cause many different types of both physical and emotional traits to become intensified and exagerated, including any latent illnesses or emotional problems. In many people this can go as far as a psychotic break if they have any tendencies in that direction, even if those latent tendencies have never before manifested.

        I just posted an artixcle on the need for care in using or disposing of water that has had a cloudbuster or medical DOR-buster grounded into it on my blog, and I will post another one soon dealing with this issue. Thank you for suggesting it.

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