Just in!  David Wilcox  and Kerry Cassidy on the air, David Wilcock explains the death threat, as well a couple of interesting callers to the show.

This is Dennis Whitney’s observation of the entire  radio show that was aired December 14, 2011.



“Hello everyone,
I wanted to share what I feel is a very important element to the
recent Wilcock/Cassidy audio interview that’s going around. I only just got to
it last night, and wanted to share some brief thoughts and feelings about it.
As I send this, I realize that some of you have very strong
opinions of David’s work. And that’s OK. I’ve had mine as well. And I do have
very strong opinions of Kerry’s work, which I’ll keep to myself.
On a similar note, before I go any further, it’s important to
me that you realize, what few emails I send anymore, I send them from my
heart. I send them to those I think they will be meaningful to. There is no
hidden agenda with me, or secret message I’m trying to convey. What I send is
exactly what I mean to send. Nothing is meant to instigate or provoke. I do it
out of absolute love, and from a very blissful state of being.Although, my emails
don’t always hit the mark, and I don’t always get it right. That’s the 3D in me. But the intention is
genuine. So, if I’ve sent the wrong type of material to any of you, it’s alright to
let me know. I’d rather know, to be honest.

Moving on, this really only pertains to those who have not yet heard
the semi-lengthy 90 minute audio interview between Kerry Cassidy and David Wilcock.


This way, you can just skip to the good parts, as it is likely to

be some of the most fascinating radio I may have listened to in recent years.


Not because of the threats against him (and his association with Benjamin Fulford), but for a particular ‘Irish, anonymous caller’ that
spent a majority of the show with them all. The obvious implication being, he is an influential member of the Galactic Federation of Light, and is well aware of all the goings on that plague humanity right now.

The gist being, this ‘anonymous’, as he so claims, was calling from a “much further distance” than anyone can possibly fathom. That ‘his group’
is fully protecting David, and others like him, if only they speak the absolute  truth, with no embellishment, of such planetary matters. He goes on to say that he and his group (the GFL) will deal with the others who made the threat (as well as any such remaining trouble-makers, who continue to impede human evolution and the universal rights and happiness of all), promptly, and in their own way. He does not censor himself in just what  that would entail.


Kerry Cassidy seems a bit uncomfortable, and starts to giggle in a nervous kind of way, trying to re-route the tone of the conversation. He  curtly interrupts her…


He then states:

“Ma’am? Ma’am? I am not a PR agent. These are serious issues on your
planet, and I will speak to it in plain, clear terms. We know who they are. We
know where they live. And we will deal with them. And David is very much
protected. Keep also in mind, we have the ability to visit them in the next
world as well. So there is no hiding anywhere from us.”

Now, I never got the vibe that this was a prank. Not at all. A bit more harsh than I
would have suspected, with an underlying air of vendetta to it. That surprised
me. But it just sounded like his ‘group’ has had about enough of this nonsense
and oppression. This caller also elaborated on the more historical and technical
aspects of what David has shared. He certainly knew his stuff, and lived p to that ‘greater vantage point’ Kerry asserted earlier on. He stayed on until the  final 15 minutes of the show.

He reminded David that his group would be sending
someone to see how he’s doing in the coming week. No need for addresses, computer files, documents. None of it. They  have all they need, and they know where he is, and would meet him on a street somewhere in the next week, and
ask how he is doing. And he suggested that David be 100% honest and candid about his answer.

Fast forward to the last five minutes of the show

A phone call is received by Kerry that a clear message has been delivered to those who made the threats.
That David will not be touched, and is 100% safe. Guaranteed. Now that’s a big statement if this is all phony. Wouldn’t you agree?

David also goes on to talk about the ET involvement of taking down the recent
drones over Iran and the Seychelles.

It was their doing,  to avoid the  progression of the next great war. And it is said to be some of the highest technology our nation possesses. This bolsters my own personal theory, that never again will a nuclear device be allowed to detonate above the surface of this planet. It will be rendered inert from the get-go. I feel 100% assured in that notion! Malmstrom AFB, and many others around the globe are evidence enough of that fact.


Hope you get to listen. Just amazing if this is real.

UPDATE: VIDEO has been removed from you tube.

And for the record, for my previous thoughts about David’s… ego(?), I have to
say, this guy lays himself (out) pretty damn bare in this interview. Not easy stuff to
listen to in the first segment. I’ve never heard anyone break down like that on
a live show. I believe his heart is very much in the right place after listening
to this. And like him, we are all just trying to find our way, and do what’s
right in this incarnation of ours. Just my opinion.

A friend of mine wrote me this morning, loving the interview, and the potential of it all, and the protections that may exist off-planet. But he felt David ought to ‘man up’ a bit, and not be so emotional. I won’t slight David Wilcock for that, as this interview seems to have taken place only one hour after receiving the threat. It takes time to process what’s real, and what’s not when it comes to your life. Of that I can attest. And an hour is usually not within the time-frame it all happily sorts itself out.

This interview is also the catalyst for the trillion dollar lawsuit document  going around. This will explain that lawsuit in its

BTW, for those that read SaLuSa (A Sirian being of the GFL, channeled by Mike Quinsey), about a year ago, they mentioned David by
name as being protected, and having possibly the clearest picture of just about anyone, as to this reality, and the forces that align ‘The Dark Ones’, or the Illuminati. I had never heard this particular being mention
anyone by name before. So that’s two completely different sources stating that they
know who David is, and that he is being watched over, in order to get the truth
out. So if either source is genuine, are they both?

Hope you find time to listen!

****Anonymous is on from the :30 to 1:15 mark. David has his final words and
talks about the drones in the last 5.



Dennis  Whitney

The Truth Denied Team

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  1. David has been my favorite spirit in the world of those who seek to expose the truth. The time is here and now. Get ready because it is going to be a great ride. Not easy, but worth all the suffering once we are freed from this age of greed and corruption. Pass this lawsuit info on to all your friends, contacts, local media etc., the world needs to hear the truth..


  2. you’re awesome David- a true patriot and so much more : history in a nutshell that every single citizen NEEds to KNOw.

  3. david wilcock blessings to you… i feel so wonderful and loved that we are being loved and cared by beautiful spirits like the anomalous caller….

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