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A Zapper is an  electronic healing device.  Electricity has been known to cure certain types of ailments for centuries, so on this note, nothing new here.

We wish to thank one of Chemtrails Kill members, Ms. Suzanne Holmes for bringing to our attention   a  document that describes the use of an electric shock  to cure headaches. ” Effects of Galvanisme” {known to the Ancients (page 17) of the book “New-york Dissector, A quarterly Journal of medicine, surgery, magnetism, mesmerism and the collateral science” Vol I to IV, 1844 to 1848}   That states
“A headache, however inveterate and intolerable, is immediately removed, and permamnently cured, by placing a live black torpedo (an electric fist) on the painfull part till the pain cease and the part become benumbed. As soon as these effects have taken place, the remedy should be removed lest the sensibility of the part be destroyed. Several torpedos of this kind should be procured, because sometimes the cure scarcely responds to the action of two or three, that is, the torpor which is the sign of the cure”–(“Compositiones Medicae,” c.i. Apud Medicae Artis Principea, 1567.)



Electricity  was still a fairly new experimentation  at the time, but check this out regarding a ” torpedo” mentioned in the same document:
“in the case of the marine torpedo, the power of which is so great that when it is transmitted to the hand of the fisherman trough his spear, it suddenly renders the whole hand torpid.”

Wikipedia mention:
“The electrogenic properties of electric rays have been known since antiquity. The ancient Greeks used electric rays to numb the pain of childbirth and operations.[2] In his dialogue Meno, Plato has the character Meno accuse Socrates of “stunning” people with his puzzling questions, in a manner similar to the way the torpedo fish stuns with electricity.[5] Scribonius Largus, a Roman physician, recorded the use of torpedo fish for treatment of headaches and gout in his Compositiones Medicae of 46 AD.[6]”

What does electricity have to do with healing? Can we prove that electricity, and in this case for the purpose of this article, a ZAPPER in particular?


There is suffice documentation that  our own Benjamin Franklin used a form of  electric shock to reduce paralysis.
(From http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/2009/August1759/index.htm, as my post at Energetic Forum.) that quotes :
“Some years since, when the newspaper made mention of great cures performed in Italy or Germany, by means of electricity, a number of paralyticks were brought to me, from different parts of Pensylvania, and the neighbouring provinces, to be electrified; which I did for them at their request. My method was, to place the patient first in a chair, on an electrical stool, and draw a number of large strong spark from all parts of the affected limb or side. Then I fully charged to fix gallon glass jars, each of which had about three square feet of surface coated; and I sent the united shock of these through the afffected limb or limbs, repeating the stroke commonly three times each day. The first thing observed, was an immediate greater sensible warmth in the lame limbs, that had received the stroke, than in others; and the next morning the patients usually related that the had, in the night, felt a pricking sensastion in the flesh of the paralytick limbs; and would sometimes shew a number os small red spots, which the fuppoled we occasioned by those prickings. The limbs too we found more capable of voluntary motion, and seemed to receive strength. A man, for instance, sho could not the first day lift the lame hand from off his knee, would the next day raise it four and five inches, the third day higher, and on the fifth day was able, but with feeble languid motion, to take off his hat.”


More supporting evidence from Parapsychologist, Medical Researcher, and Inventor  Andrija Puharich’s , who claims that he used electricity to dissolve a tumor.
 “I have tested this possibility, in the late sixties, while doing safety and hazard studies on the TD system on dogs. I used old and sick dogs in some of my stuides, and some of them had surface malignant tumors. The procedure was follows; In running high voltage hazard studies on animals I observed in a very dark room (a Faraday Cage) that a bluish plasma glowed between the electrode face and the skin. I could smell ozone in the air. This effect occured at 1100 volts (p-p) and 11mA (rms) current. I found that I could tolerate this level of signal on myself without any discomfort, and the dogs could tolerate this signal after some training. I treated three dogs that had malignant tumors under the skin one hour a day for three weeks with this high voltage ozone-generating signal. There was no damage to the skin during the three weeks. Others have repeated this type of radio frequency treatment of malignant tumors, subsequently.


In a book entitled “The Body Electricity” by Robert O. Becker, MD, and Gary Selden :
“In preliminary tests we found that silver electrodes, when made electrically positive, would kill al types of bacterria in a zone abour a half an inch in diameter, apparently because of positive silver ions driven into the culture by the applied voltage. This was an exciting discobery, because no single antibiotic worked against all types of bacteria.”

The book contains  a fair amount of scientific information  regarding  the use of electricity in modern medication. In section “Minus for growth, Plus for infection”, Dr. Becker explains that:

“We’d used our eletrical generator on only thirteen patients by then. We were the only ones using silver electrodes. We used 100 to 200 nanoamps per centimeter of electrode. The low level approximated the natural current and also minimized the chances of a dangerous side effect. Brighton and Friedenberg had found a danger of infection and tissue irritation when running their high-current electrodes at more than 1 volt.

Sal and I operated through a hole in a cast. We removed a little scar tissue from the bone and implanted the electrode. The past in between the bone ends was bare wire; the rest, running through the muscles and out of the skin, was insulated so as to deliver the miniscule negative current only to the bone. Six weeks after surgery not only did the X ray show a lot of new bone, but when I examined the leg myself, I could no longer more the fracture.

We packed the fabric in place with saline-soaked gauze, wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit. By third day he was eating well, and the current was beginning to drop off, indicating more resistance at the surface of the wound. The next morning Sharon Chapin showed me the bacterial cultures. The number of bacteria had dropped dramatically. In two weeks, the whole base of the wound was covered with this friendly pink carpet. There was clearly some bone growth.

The funny things is that all three methods – low current, high current, and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) – seems to work equally well. Since the FDA approved them in the late 1979, success rates have stabilized at about 80 percent. PEMF, like high-current treatments, apprently does enhance cancer growth.

See more on Dr Becker reseach here: Robert O. Becker, MD: Research Bibliography


Modern medical use of  electricity to enhance the power of medicine.
“Electroporation, or electropermeabilization, is a significant increase in the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane caused by an externally applied electrical field. It is usually used in molecular biology as a way of introducing some substance into a cell, such as loading it with a molecular probe, a drug that can change the cell’s function, or a piece of coding DNA.[1]

“A higher voltage of electroporation was found in pigs to irreversibly destroy target cells within a narrow range while leaving neighboring cells unaffected, and thus represents a promising new treatment for cancer, heart disease and other disease states that require removal of tissue.[4]”

The role of electroporation in increasing the effectiveness of anticancer drugs
“By applying electric pulses to tumor the membrane of tumor cells undergoes destabilization that enables the drug molecules to enter into the cells more freely and selectivity of anticancer drugs increases. Thus, administering smaller doses of anticancer drugs it might be possible to achieve a better therapeutic effect and to reduce side effects of cytostatic therapy. Such combination of chemotherapy with electric pulses is called electrochemotherapy.”



The Zapper was introduced as a device that operate similarly (in principal) as Royal Rife’s high frequency claims of  curing cancer. Though there are similarities, there are  a couple of important differences. Rife was mentioned because he can very effectively cure cancer. Rife has a high success cure  rate with cancer patients.


These are some important differences between the Zapper and Royal Rife treament:
– Rife does not  use a pulse. Rife uses sine wave. The  Zapper uses digital pulse, square wave.
– Rife’s original device use Khz and MHz frequency. Most zappers use audible frequency range.
– Rife originally used light from hydrogen filled xray tube.  Zapper uses contact pad.


Sold as a medical device, the  zapper  can be costly. Some have  added expensive programmable chips to allow timing and change of frequency, a feature that seems to somehow  justify the price. The problem is, people based their conclusion or  results based on other peoples reports, not laboratory tests.

Some examples:

“- Works with super stable special frequency.” The problem with that statement is that  each component has a  high tolarance value and the battery / power source does not have stable voltage. The device frequency can differ for each device and can change during operation. The frequency is said to be special based on the testimonials of those who used the machines,  not laboratory tests. Rife knows the exact frequency by monitoring a dying bacteria on his super microscope, and he mentions that each bactery will be killed at different frequency. Rife also mentions that the frequency to kill the bacteria can change on different condition. Most zapper use one frequency generator to produce single frequency.

– Multiple frequency is better. The advantage of the use of  multiple frequency other then faster sweeping still is  not clear. Rife uses two frequencies, but one frequency is for carrier wave, which is different from multiple square wave frequency.

– Works better because it is battery operated. This statement denies  the fact that Rife can observe results using wall powered frequency generator or an ancient way of cure observed with marine torpedo.

– Automatic cycle, automatic timer. The advantage of the use of timer  is also unclear. However prolonged use of  the Zapper can produce voltage build up that can burn your skin.

– Perfect square wave output. The human body has the capacity  to  change the square wave into  rounder corner, as mentioned in this link http://www.bestzapper.com/zapper-comparison-chart/

– Positive offset. This is a confusing statement because the body doesn’t know the difference. Between the  two point of contact, how can the body possible know which point is  supposed to be negative or positive? What happens if you reverse the point of contact? Anyone know the answer to this?

– More harmonic. The advantage of the use of more harmonic has not been proven to be any better than not.



Some people have  reported that the  Zapper can not heal their illness.  Successful use of a zapper usually occurs  with  people who use it along with all sorts of healing techniques  such as complementary diet or medication. Maybe the zapper actually work as an electrical  device that enhances the current  diet or medication?

Other fans of the Zapper report a change in their body to the plus side. But then again they  may also notice some degradation of health. Some call this effect detoxification, caused by dying bacteria that needs to be purged from the body. Most claim that this happen because dying bacteria creates a more acidic state, there for many  users will add  some type of  herbal treatment to overcome the imbalance; see Hulda Clark’s explanation:

Hulda Clark’s Zapper – Contra-indications and usual precautions
“A part of this mass is either digested, or evacuated, creating sometimes a state of slight dizziness, nausea, foul-smelling flatulence, headache, itching or stiffness at the joints, irritated skin, tiredness and somnolence (as after a large meal) etc. After the first zapping session, immediate or delayed tiredness may occur for few minutes or hours. This state will disappear and be replaced by a fresh feeling of lightness and awakening, as after a few days of fast. To help this elimination it is advised to drink 1 to 2 pints of water every day, water of good quality, non-mineral and not gasified. A lack of liquid during an important elimination can lead to an increase in your blood pressure and to various irritations caused by a massive concentration of badly diluted “dead bodies” and their toxins. An exaggeration in the use of Zapping can also lead to intestinal problems (beginning of diarrhea). The work of elimination and the tiredness which accompanies it can be contraindicated, if you are already weakened.”


In my opinion this side effect is caused by the killing energy of electric medication. Electricity can kill bacteria but an  overdose can be damaging to the body  as well.  (i.e.) A headache is sign of killing energy overdose, explained more in my cemenite story article (see Health category).


Those folks who are taking medications should use caution when using a   Zapper . The  Zapper will boost the power of every drug from a sleeping pill to chemotherapy  because your bodies cells become more sensitive to electrical treatment. To be on the  safe side, I think you should hold off zapper for  at least  an hour after you take your medication.

People who use Zappers are advised to start with  short periods of time at first, that is  until the body has become used to to the treatment.

Since  the zapper works with an  electric pulse, it should not be used by people who wear pacemaker.



Home made zapper will be discussed in the next article.


Other sources for you to look into:
Hulda Clark – The Cure for all Diseases

The Beck Protocol



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  1. Basically a good article. Thanks.

    You posted: In his book entitled ”The Body Electricity”, Bob Beck states that :

    This is not correct. The Author of the book “Body Electric” is Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. He also wrote “Cross Currents” Bob Beck, shown in the picture is a completely different person.

    You posted: – Rife does not use a pulse. Rife uses sine wave.

    Yes, but every square wave is composed of multiple sine waves. It is actually composed of the base frequency sine wave combined with all of the odd harmonic frequency sine waves.

    Your note: Multiple frequency is better.

    Yes, this is explained at Hulda Clark Zapper Instructions from ParaZapper”

    You said: Maybe the zapper actually work as an electrical device that enhances the current diet or medication?

    The zapper does actually kill microbes provided that it is strong enough and that it is correctly used.

    Look for the Best Zapper from ParaZapper.

    1. Many thanks for the information and correction :).

      sinewave vs squarewave: Yes, but I wonder if the harmonic is from the pulse frequency. A pulse generator may end up producing same harmonic no matter what frequency (from transistor characteristic or something).

      Multiple frequency is not always better if they are at the wrong frequency. Single and precise frequency is much more effective than multiple of stray frequency harmonic.

      enhance medication: I worry for electroporation effect where drug power increase many times in its effectivity and unfortunately it’s side effect too. People who consume critical dose (too little won’t cure, too many can kill) may eperience lethal dose if they use zapper when they consume the drug.

      Bedini experiment show that microbe die instanly with RF, but only at the rigt frequency

      BTW, copper also kill germ in its surface in two hours.

      I use zapper for my family so I wish that everyone try it:

      My zapper mentioned here:

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