It’s free and downloadable too! Get the Shopping Guide and The Shopping Tips here (They’re fee!): NON-GMO Shopping Guides and Tips

Even though some of you may already know what foods to avoid, I wrote a brief summary for you below. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you get this pdf.file as soon as possible. It lists a ton of brand names that are GMO-Free, also verified by the Non-GMO Project! The guide is very informative and it also lists the invisible GM ingredients!

Here’s a summary of how to avoid GM foods:

  • Buy organic foods-Organic produce has a five-digit number beginning with a 9. Furthermore, 100% Organic or Certified Organic means that all of the substances within are certified organic. However just Organic means that only 95% of the ingredients are organic.
  • Look for non-GMO project seals, also known as the Verified Non-GMO Project.
  • Avoid harmful ingredients, such as corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, most Hawaiian papaya and some zucchini, some yellow squash and some alfalfa. (Read the produce labels for these.)
  • Look for pure cane sugar and organic raw honey as sweeteners either for a baking product or within the ingredients of an item.
  • In dairy products, buy organic, or any labeled as having NO rbGH/rbST/artificial hormones.
  • Do NOT buy fruit juices that have high-fructose corn syrup- 100% juice blends are best.
  • Buy organic eggs; wild-caught fish, & 100% grass-fed meat.

Let it be known that if you cannot afford organic foods in your budget, you can at least avoid as much GM-ingredient foods as possible, and choose a few organic foods that you think you may be able to afford. The less GMO’s you consume; the better!

So, you just must download and read the guide! (After reading though the guide, I was happy when I found that popcorn is NOT a GM food!)

AGAIN-Get the Shopping Guide and The Shopping Tips here (They’re fee!): NON-GMO Shopping Guides and Tips

(The Non-GMO Shopping Guide is a joint effort of  The Institute for Responsible Technology  And The Non-GMO Project )

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