In our Previous articles , we mentioned the benefits of the Zapper. There are many kinds of zappers. Each have their own benefits as well as there downside. They work based on different understanding on how zapper will cure people.

Have you ever tried a zapper?

For example:
– Hulda Clark follower will use square wave with positive offset
– Royal Rife follower will use sine wave with very precise frequency control
– Bob Beck follower will use square wave with -33V to +33V output (bipolar output).
– Personally I use Andrija Puharich influence, to use a spiked output.


Hulda Clark Zapper
The design of zapper is included in Dr. Hulda Clark book The Cure For All Diseases. It is like this:

Dr. Hulda Clark mentioned that the frequency (of the Zapper) does not matter, but it must have  a positive offset and must be battery operated. She also mention spesific kind of use, mainly be repeating zapping after 15 to 30 minutes of rest three times, 3 to 7 minutes for each zapping, for example:
5 minutes zap – 15 minutes of rest – 5 minutes zap – 15 minutes of rest – 5 minutes zap

Many have improved Dr. Hulda Clark’s original design by incorporating a “special frequency”. There are those who Earth’s  frequency of 7.5Hz, 8Hz or 15Hz. There are those who use digital signal like what used by Royal Rife’s student John Crane, who use spesific audio frequency for different kind of disease.

However, implentation with special frequency may not be as effective for cheap device since many cheap zapper implementations use cheap timer chip. Because of cheap timer chip characteristic, the frequency will never be accurate since the frequency will drop when the battery begins to loose power. Electronic component also may allow one implementation to the other to differ in frequency for more than 5% in the actual implementation. Some solve this by using an adaptor, using the power from the wall. This may produce another problem, because some people believe that wall electricity have many bad frequency interference than can reduce health.

Some other variations include a better ‘square wave’ shape when the device is in use, the square wave normally would be softened. That is done by adding a resistor and capacitor at the output. The circuit illustrated below also uses a higher duty cycle (longer ON than off), which said to improve the number of possible harmonic frequency.
Zapper Design



Robert “Bob” Beck Blood Electrifier
Dr. Robert Beck  has a  different requirement for his Zapper. The output voltage must have an inversing polarity during cycle and with voltage output between 27V to 33V. Most applications use three 9V battery to produce output voltage of -27V and +27V.

The diagram below is provided by Zapper Technologies,  which unfortunately now has a broken link.



Beck’s original design:

Beck’s modified design:

Zapper Technologies modification:

This link below has a good step by step and clear diagram, especially if you are unfamiliar with electronics:
I’ve built my own single 9V dc Beck’s blood cleaner



My Zapper
It has been my experience that voltage spikes can produce better results than square wave. We can obtain  voltage spike by suddenly turning off the  current that flows in a coil. The coil will then react by producing very high voltage.

The basic:

The power of this zapping  method is proportional to the source voltage and the inverse of the coil resistance. Using a  1.5 volt battery and coil with 1 ohm resistance, you may not feel anything, but the same coil with 12V power source will produce very  sharp or painfull zap.

To allow repeated spike, you need something that switch on and off continuously. You can use relay, but you may need to add a  resistor or capacitor in the output to reduce the level of shock.:


My personal zapper is this one:

I call it stingo zapper. The coil use ferrite toroid core. The variable resistor will allow you to change the power level and the frequency. To limit the output power to increase safety, it use two 1.5V battery as power source. At minimum power it can make people sleepy, at high power level you can feel painfull zapping. You don’t need to use painfull power level, you will see results even if you set this at pain less setting.

Suggestion from Stephan Carter:
Let the stingo zapper run itself without touching anything for a few minutes before using it to other people to prevent bad energy transfer.

The photo below illustrate the correct way to connect the transistor, click for bigger picture:

Here are the complete parts for my latest implementation:

The results:



Steady voltage version
Prevous article mention how ancient people use marine torpedo to cure headache. People had been repeatedly use electricity to cure themself. At 1930’s people used a  steady voltage to maintain their health. Here is a modern adaptation of it. It  requires a 12V battery, this is actually a  method to clean body before handling Joe Cell, a free energy device :
This process is similar to showering, bathing or sleeping – only in that it is not permanent! Therefore as often as you need to work on your Joe Cell to get it beyond Stage 1, you may need to follow this process. There is the  minimal equipment required:

1    compass or analogue watch/clock
1    12V battery, fully charged with clean terminals

 1   chair (non magnetic)
 1  four sided table (non magnetic)


Make sure  that your hands are clean. The steps for this simple process are:
Step 1  Use the compass or watch to determine the direction of North.
Step 2  Align the sides of the table to each of the cardinal compass directions.
Step 3  Place the chair on the North side of the table so that when you are sitting in it you are looking South over the table.
Step 4  Place the battery on the table with the + (positive) terminal to the West and the – (negative) terminal to the East.
Step 5  Sit in the chair facing the table.
Step 6  Lick your Thumb, Index and Middle fingers of your right hand.
Step 7  With your right hand reach across your body and using the digits moistened with your saliva grip the – (negative) terminal.
Step 8  Keep your left arm in your lap or by your left side and wait in that position for 30 seconds.
Step 9  Lick your Thumb, Index and Middle fingers of your left hand.
Step 10 With your left hand reach across your body under your right arm without touching it or your clothes and using the digits    moistened with your saliva grip the + (positive) terminal.
Step 11  If you feel any “buzzing” in your fingers or thumbs, then with one digit at a time, break contact with the terminal (ie lift it off but leave the rest in contact) and circle/move/rotate it in an anticlockwise direction seven times, then put it back on the terminal. Repeat this process as many times as necessary for each digit until you feel no “buzzing”.
Step 12  Once all “buzzing” has been eliminated then maintain your grip for at least five minutes but no more than seven minutes. Ensure that you keep an air gap between your arms during the whole time.
Step 13  Release your grip of the + (positive) terminal and move your left hand back across your body under your right armt without touching it or your clothes to the position it was in at Step 8.
Step 14  Release your grip of the – (negative) terminal and move your right hand back across your body.


You should now be temporally “polarized” in a form that is “good for getting the cells.


Try it and write us with your results!



 Caution and Disclosure

Please proceed with care. While many people have already testify positive results, never underestimate the power of the Zapper. Always start with a  limited time of use per day, 5 minutes a day for example. Then steadily increase up to 30 minutes a day.  If you don’t notice progress in a month, then it may not be effective for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Written and reported by Sucahyo


The Truth Denied Team

Staff Writter


If you have questions regarding this article, please contact Sucahyo at  subject line ZAPPER

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

35 thoughts on “How to make your own ZAPPER”
  1. Hi,

    Are you still giving advice on building zappers?

    I so far looked at Hulda Clark’s book on building a basic zapper, but would interested in your coil zapper.

    However, Hulda Clark says to use a 9 volt battery and never to use of the mains. Your is not 9 volts, could you explain why?

    I have insomnia, PLMD, RLS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, an underactive thyroid, sinus issues and the list goes on. It all started 10 years ago when I caught shingles, I didn’t recover and got the first label of CFS.

    Really want to turn my health around, as my life has become very limited.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello, sorry for this late reply. Stingo zapper do not need 9V because it is similar to voltage converter that can change voltage to any voltage. But because there is not limiter, then the output can reach voltage as high as 75V during use.

      Unlike hulda clark zapper, stingo zapper also guarantee to produce alternating current, which can be verified by using osciloscope during use. Hulda clark zapper usually produce direct current. Each have its own benefit but I believe alternating current is better.

      You should try cemenite too, since cemenite can help easy insomnia too and do not need battery.

  2. what is the frequency of the transistor type zapper. how can the transistor type zapper produce 100kHertz

    1. Fast transistor can produce high frequency. The frequency should depend on the illness if we refer to Royal Rife information. But from my experience, a sharp signal can be better than dull signal.

      Real royal rife device use pure sine wave which is very hard to achieve with just 555 chip. So we pursue sharp signal instead.

    1. sorry for the late reply, yes you can. But there can be different reaction depend on how the earth ground you use. Bad energy can travel via the grid too.

  3. Hi sucahyo!
    Your Zapper is great. I want find more information about your zapper. Please, give me more via email. I really excited about it. I want to make one zapper device for me. Thank you very much!

  4. I took the Clark zapper and made it easier to understand but I don’t know how to post it here.

    1. I can repost it here if you want. Where do you post it?

      I do not recommend clark zapper because most of the time the skin do not receive the frequency because the skin can act as capacitor. The voltage can build up and can cause the skin to be burned black.

      Beck zapper should be better. Personally I use stingo zapper, here is the scope reading:

  5. I have a question about Hulda Clark zappers. I read this comment:

    Q: What may happen if positive or negative only dc applied?

    A: There can be clutterings of molecules, macro molecules or blood impurities around the electrode application zones inside the veins. At that phase these may seem to be harmless but when these clutters dislocate with blood stream, if they find (and believe me they will) their way to any capillary veins they end up with blocking them. The small cellular zone around the blocking is destinct to die because of lack of logistics supplied by blood. That may happen near the skin, in the heart or brain anywhere, resembling a russian roulette.

    Is this a problem with Hulda Clark Zappers, or has this been addressed?

    Also have you any experience with ParaZapper:
    They also have a lot of frequenies in there top zappers such as the Rife.


    1. I think that refer to offset related to the device average voltage. When the pulse is in the same offset, then the voltage may build up because the skin act like a capacitor. So the actually applied waveform may be different than when the device is not in use. In the worst situation the voltage can be high enough to cause skin burn mark.

      DC waveform can cause electrolysis to the blood or bone, we can see it as powerfull corrosion, which can be harmfull to the body.

      AC wave form can cause electroporesis effect, where drug power multiplied, their side effect multiplied too.

      Unfortunately, we can not rely on meter to tell the effectivity / no effectivity. We can only do trial and error. We have to find out ourself if the circuit produce bad side effect or not.

      The link mention:
      “In electrics Positive charge means hungry for electrons and Negative charge means electron donors.”

      However, that link do not explain about floating voltage. It means that the device zero voltage may not be the same as our body zero voltage. So, it is possible that even if the device claim to have use positive and negative electricity, they all actually more positive than our body. We can find this out with a scope or meter, with one probe is at the device output, and the other at our body.

      Since all of that is complicated and not reliable, the best thing is to try for ourself or listen the testimony of someone we can trust.

      Personally, I use my own stingo zapper for my family. Proven to work better than off the self drug for light illness cases.

  6. Greetings: I am in a life death situation. I had brain surgery 6 years ago for vascular loops. After that the head aches went viral. Now they are almost 24/7 The only thing that helps is a quart of vodka a day. I think what is happening is I have strongloyds in my skull and the alcohol sedates them. I usually sleep ok as I go to bed at 7 and up at 4. In the morning I have a few hours where it is livable then it starts sometimes early but for sure at 3 in afternoon. It is unbearable and I am not a alcoholic it just is the only medicine I have that works. I am wondering if there is someone who gets this and can advise me how to have the best zapped built here in Puerto Princesa Palawan by the guys who repair cell phones. Not sure if the parts are available and what it should look like when finished. I will go this way first and then try ivermeltin as a second resort. Just goes to show ya you don’t get much for $300,000 in Sedar Sanai hospital in Bev Hills. The cost me everything then the phone went dead. Go figure….thanks sDs

    1. Hello,

      I believe your problem is bad orgone overdose. What you need is something that produce calming energy. You can read it more at this article:

      While stingo zapper can help, there are other alternative, Cemenite. Cemenite is something I have researched to overcome insomnia/headache/cold feet/hard to breath alike problem. I know first hand how they can be life threatening. Cemenite can ease the problem. Cemenite has also been replicated by many who has similar problem.

      I suggest you to build both stingo zapper and cemenite. Or you can try cemenite first because it is easier, I think you can make it yourself. Get the instruction here:

      Cemenite is device made of CAT5 network wire and ordinary portland cement / builder cement. Please make cemenite correctly, follow the instruction 100%.

      The component for stingo zapper should be easy to get / cheap. TIP31C/TIP32C should be available everywhere, alternative is TIP41C/TIP42C and TIP3055/TIP2955. The coil can be replaced with 12V transformer, with the 220V-0V part shorted for safety.

  7. Hey Sucahyo,

    You mentioned: “It has been my experience that voltage spikes can produce better results than square wave. We can obtain voltage spike by suddenly turning off the current that flows in a coil. The coil will then react by producing very high voltage.”

    This is very similar to the early zappers that were available in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. There is a page about Medical Electric Batteries which used a mechanical vibrator to induce electrical pulses through a coil. They were very popular until the AMA / FDA forced them off of the market.

    1. Thank you. that is a very interesting article. I am not sure if both use the same principle because the article mention induction current. Induction current usually refer to current from secondary coil. The method I mentioned only use one coil, without secondary.

      Mechanical switch produce the sharpest signal better than any transistor, but iron core may prevent the secondary from getting the same signal sharpness as the primary. The voltage spike can be much lower in the secondary coil. In a 9V/220V adaptor, getting 500V in the 9V part do not equated to 10000V in the secondary, it would be much less, maybe 1000V or so.

  8. Still using the smallest zapper I ever made cause it works better to heal the pain of Arthritis/lupus and Systemic Arthritis.
    Some of the other zappers I got on the market just make me sick to my stomach and don’t seem to help at all with the pain and stiffness. I have been making zappers for 15 years now and the latest one I made is the best. It also seems to clear up my facial skin when I take treatments.
    Dick Baublitz xpi – 389 Ruby Lane, Carson City, Nevada 89706

    1. I believe in two kind of energy from electricity. One have antibiotic property and can reduce pain, other have sleeping aid property and regenerate cell.

      What make people felt sick in stomach is the one that have antibiotic property. It would kill the bad germ with raw power (do not require precise frequency) but also may weaken the healthy cell. If restorative type do not applied after it, it may make people worse instead.

      Nice to know that you have the restoration type. I think clearing up facial skin is an understatement for that kind :).

      I use non battery powered too for restoration type. See my article for cemenite.

  9. I’ve tried building the ‘Beck’s Modified Design’ but come undone with Jack 1. There are three terminals, three connections, but this is a mono jack. When wired as looks right, the light flashes wonderfully – until I plug in the cable. Then nothing happens. Is there anywhere I can find out how to wire this jack correctly? The diagram seems straightforward, but perhaps an explanation of which two are ‘shorted’ when there is no plug in there, and which is disconnected when the plug is inserted. Also, which two connect to the terminals on the wrists…. I’m fairly capable with building circuits, but definitely not advanced.



    1. If I am not mistaken, the leg #2 will be open when the plug is inserted, will be shorted to the leg #1 when there is no plug. So the one connect to the wrist is #1 and #3.

      Here is the description, the link no longer work:

      “U1A, the second comparator, is used to invert the output of oscillator U1B. A ~54 Volt peak-to-peak signal will be generated between the op-amps due to their outputs being 180º out-of-phase. U1A’s current is limited by potentiometer R5 (100 k Ohm) and R7 (820 Ohm) and is set to individual user’s comfort.

      The power indicator circuit consists of a bicolor (Red-Green) LED (CR1) and the series combination of two 18 Volt Zener diodes, D1 & D2, with power limited by C2 (22 uF, 35 Volt). This section of the device is automatically disabled when the 3.5 mm plug is inserted into its jack. Therefore the LEDs flash only when batteries sum is over ~21 Volts. If LEDs are dim or extinguished, replace with three fresh 9 Volt Alkaline batteries. C2 used as a limiter allows the LED to flicker on at 1/8 second intervals only as the square wave output reverses polarity.”

  10. Sucahyo;
    I have the new Digital Zapper that runs from 0 to a Million Htz. It works fine except of I use it too much it will give me a headache.
    It seems to help with the Arthritis and Gout in my feet. I use the foot bath to send the signal through the electrodes by just dropping them in the water. I also used epsom salts and other meds to help with the skin problems caused by the Arthritis/Lupus. Thanks … Dick Baublitz xpi

    1. Thanks. Since my zapper is also a sleeping aid, I believe it can reduce headache. I use at high power level sometimes (from 3V source), it sting at high power level but I still get sleepy.

      I start to use at high power level more after I read that ancient people use torpedo fish to reduce headache at numbing power level:

      If you remove the bottom most diode of the bottom most diagram, the circuit will no longer function as sleeping aid and may produce headache at high power level. A single diode can change the behaviour of a circuit. If you replicate, please replicate exactly.

      For atheletes foot, I put the electrode directly to the injured part. The injured part will feel the zap more than healthy part. Once a 3cm wound become dry in a day when any topical / antibiotics treatment failed. Recently a 2cm wound cured in two days.

        1. Try to get coil resistance between 0.5 to 2 ohm. So, you can try to fill the toroid full with #22 or #24 wire. Some people use coil for “choke”. You can also usu coil from 120V/12V transformer. You use the 12V part. Try to short the 120V to prevent HVshock/spark.

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